FCC Commissioner urges Google and Apple to ban TikTok

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A long long long long long list of Republican pedophiles in response to the LGBT being labeled as groomers

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  1. Shaq is simultaneously the coolest and uncoolest ex-nba player

  2. I think it's more that he has very good PR image, to the point that most people assume he's a happy-go-lucky guy that really likes Icy Hot.

  3. Because it's a patch mostly of broken-down plastic particles, not a billion Coke bottles that have melded into a giant floating island.

  4. It's not really odd when you consider that other countries are supposed to be freer.

  5. Right, "it's odd that this highly-authoritarian country has more strict rules than my less-authoritarian country" is not a profound statement.

  6. so every politician that makes an assertion to get into office is open to impeachment?

  7. Those political ads aren't under oath, buddy. Confirmation hearings take place under oath.

  8. Gotta say, a lot of the "new" generation of top players seem really unlikable.

  9. Oh wow 😳 good catch! It’s the same way you commented too! How much privilege are you using up surrounded by modernity? The most I use is internet via phone, modest propane, and gas when needed. Doubt you live simply boomer.

  10. The difference is I never patted myself on the back for not using modern conveniences, so I'm not being a hypocrite like someone who did claim that, such as you.

  11. That’s entirely based off your opinion on what it means to live offgrid, simply, or using modern conveniences. Imo (boomers have a hard time with this) living simply would be to reduce consumption and provide as many supply lines as possible for yourself. I have solar for my electric, hand dug well for water (with rainwater) grow a lot of my own food and so on. Yes I do believe what I’m doing is good and many others should too. It’s so much fun to give back to nature, our community, and reduce as much as possible the incessant need to always take. Boomers have a challenging time with this and their anger shows us what demons were threatened by our viewpoints.

  12. You deserve a gold medal in mental gymnastics if you believe a cell phone with internet isn't a "modern convenience," of which you said you had "none."

  13. https://thehill.com/changing-america/respect/diversity-inclusion/521709-wnba-star-says-womens-basketball-isnt-popular/

  14. The guy announces he's the only out gay NBA executive, on the day after a Supreme Court justice called to ban same-sex marriage and same-sex sexual relations, and all this sub can do is call him a corporate stooge. I fucking love the internet.

  15. I don't think it was any one thing. It seems like their personalities may have clashed on Season 40. He made some off-handed comments about Nick on his podcast and livestreams.

  16. Anything you can recommend on it?

  17. Do you nephews really not know what "acrimonious" means?

  18. Lmao seriously. The age of this sub shows itself in times like this.

  19. Part of that is also on the teams to not let their pick leak and tell woj every little thing they do.

  20. He knows every pick 20 seconds before they're announced. I'm guessing he has a source directly at league HQ feeding him the picks as they come in. Teams can't do anything about that.

  21. Not necessarily true. There’s a ton of great players that have been drafted at or after 14.

  22. Right. And all of them were considered worse than 13 other players at the time of the draft.

  23. If you use public spaces, expect to deal with the public. That's how it works.

  24. While Dan Synder is a certified POS, not sure that statement is particularly coherent.

  25. He received an advance notice to appear before the United States Congress to defend his workplace treatment of women and instead went on vacation while claiming he had an unbreakable business meeting.

  26. I would disagree and say the phrasing of the question is asking what is the name of the planet, not what is the name of the book. But if arrakis and dune are both acceptable as the name of the planet then I guess both work

  27. It says the books are titled after the planet, so giving the version of the planet name that the books aren't titled after would be wrong.

  28. You realize YouTube isn't a government entity, right? Does a retail corporation have to allow someone to yell obscenities in the middle of their store for hours on end because of free speech? Or are they allowed to set rules in their privately-owned space?

  29. Why did Wimbledon crumble under the pressure and go to tiebreaker in the last set? And not only that but from 12/12 even. Also when does the Tim henman statue get build on his hill and will kate bush perform there as she runs up it?

  30. Plenty of players go to arbitration, but many teams avoid it at all costs. The Indians/Guardians went to arbitration with Bauer (who we all know wanted to do that no matter what) but haven't with any other players in many years.

  31. Those cities cheer for OSU more than any other team, too. You're almost proving his point.

  32. As others already mentioned, UC wasn't an option in the survey so it's total garbage

  33. A. It wasn't a survey. They did an analysis based on Facebook likes.

  34. Same, not saying it is a bad thing but civil cases are all about money. If they really wanted to punish Watson it needed to be criminal

  35. Well, civilians can't file criminal charges against somebody. Their only option is filing a civil case and testifying to grand juries in criminal investigations.

  36. As a principled leftist I have no choice but to fund and arm a Nazi militia and pump billions of dollars into the military industrial complex

  37. By Nazi militia, I assume your referring to the far-right Russian regime?

  38. And OP didn't list some of the obvious ones, unless I missed them.

  39. its because theres a massive list with atleast 825 names

  40. Well, yes, but Hastert was the most powerful person in Congress not that long ago.

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