1. Whenever you try and defend something Republicans do by using logic and scientific evidence, just know you're wrong and whatever you think they won't do is exactly what they want to do.

  2. If Democratic leadership didn't suck at messaging they'd be comparing Texas GOP to Iran right now and holding up Iran's penal code that cites sharia law as reason for sodomy being punishable by death.

  3. LoL because politicians and the legal system have honored this nations promises to native Americans in the past? They're going to rule on tribal adoption law to fuck over tribal children just so evangelicals can adopt tribal children this year!

  4. What the hell is this bullshit that they just did? Since the literal dawn of this country, it's been understood, by the Supreme Court no less, that tribes are dependent-yet-sovereign nations of the federal government and that states have no jurisdiction. The Supreme Court can go fuck itself.

  5. Tribes should start suing states then for withheld infrastructure and municipal funds.

  6. FBI statistics shows that the murder clearance rate — the share of cases each year that are solved, meaning police make an arrest or close the case due to other reasons — has fallen to its lowest point in more than half a century.

  7. In general, law enforcement only successfully close less than half of all crimes. They're like the only profession where failing more than you succeed is totally acceptable and there are no consequences.

  8. The actual numbers are significantly less than that, because police will do everything they can to prevent you from filing a report for a minor crime. Someone broke into your car? They do not care, will not investigate, and do not want you to file a police report. There are a bunch of crimes that simply don't get reported, because there's zero chance that reporting the crime will actually do any good...

  9. Same for clearance rates. They can clear a case and it not be solved.

  10. So I do all my shopping July 2nd, to make sure I have gas and groceries July 3rd-5th.

  11. It's a dumb concept. For 3 days people will just buy before and after.

  12. Run for office. Help others run for office. Help nonprofits that deal with this. Donate to nonprofits that deal with this.

  13. TX AG immediately said they'd be happy to take Lawrence v. Texas back to SCOTUS.

  14. Texas AG is under indictment for felony securities fraud.

  15. And? You're saying he has a chance at being POTUS?

  16. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/volokh-conspiracy/wp/2014/11/19/atheists-and-secular-humanists-are-protected-by-the-constitution-regardless-of-whether-their-belief-systems-should-be-considered-religions-or-not/

  17. "We the people" are being robbed by the courts. Ohio had the same thing happen. And Florida too.

  18. Build it back bigger, better, and with wireless cameras.

  19. Hey is this a private message or is this in a thread?

  20. On mobile click the three little dots on one of their comments and a menu pops up which includes block.

  21. In today's age? Nope. That shit gets put out onto the internet then it becomes publicly available. Can't get rid of it...it's out there.

  22. Friendly reminder for everyone that MLK would have accomplished nothing without Malcolm X to demonstrate what the alternative was.

  23. I mean, that's a simplification. MLK would have accomplished lots because his protests were anything but peaceful...his side was just non-violent. MLK worked because he and his protests were on the receiving end of nationally televised state violence and then he was publicly assassinated. MLK intentionally put women and children at the front of the crowd so hoses and dogs and police were used on women and children first for the sympathy.

  24. One problem with this analysis is that we've seen everything since and virtually nothing has changed. Occupy had dozens of incidents of police brutality, nobody cared. BLM had constant incidents of police brutality against women and young teens, nothing actually changed. The Women's March was literally the largest protest in US history, and now women have lost bodily autonomy.

  25. MLKs marches were the first time those kinds of things were broadcast nationally on television. Now you can watch a man on the other side of the world behead another man or choke a black man to death on the street in under 10 seconds on a computer in your pocket.

  26. Gotta make as many felons unable to vote as possible!

  27. The women and children your conservative overlords dropped stinger missiles on in the desert? I'd say my empathy is high while yours is absent.

  28. Nepotism is more than just giving them jobs. It's giving them favorable things and outcomes. Mike DeWine being a part of redistricting while his son oversaw that shit show and not recusing himself even when contempt of the court was brought up is pure nepotism. It's incredibly unethical how much his son has been a part of his father's court cases.

  29. The fee is for the club card which gets you discounts. You can buy credits without one

  30. Ohh ok. I thought it was like the D&B card you load chips and tickets to. That makes more sense, thanks.

  31. Looks like a store that forgot to remove that. They used to be $5, went up to $6, and are back at $5 again (unless something changed in the few hours I’ve been off…)

  32. But..."annual fee"? That's shitty. How do they assess that fee?

  33. There are a lot less regulations on the Kansas side, outside of the coin pushers. Many cities on the Missouri side require each machine to be licensed and tagged yearly. Independence is the one that comes to mind as a specific example.

  34. This. It's like Claw Machines. People don't think of them as regulated gambling machines, but the states do thanks to antiquated laws from the turn of the 20th century.

  35. The Supreme Court was not voted in and we can't vote them out.

  36. The number of people who think voting solves the problem is hilarious. "Just vote harder! It's your fault politicians you pick can't get anything done! Give them more of your paycheck to paycheck income so they can take millions in lobbying and PAC money to enrich themselves and their cohorts!"

  37. I know. It’s like they’re trying to kickoff a spike in suicides now.

  38. As if tens of thousands of people don't do it and a million more don't try every year in the US?

  39. Or, we could expand the court to deal with all of the backlog by creating an unbiased assignment system to a larger 27 person SCOTUS.

  40. If that's the case, then Thomas should be in my yard picking my crops not wearing a black robe and marrying a white woman.

  41. Just drop all unwanted newborns off at the Shapiro doorstep.

  42. So then why do we have state sponsored murder? The US should immediately withdraw all military forces and rewrite all laws so the killing of humans is immediately a crime punishable by life in prison because all life begins at conception and therefore the death penalty is also in violation of that belief.

  43. I like your optimism, but thanks to gerrymandering and further gerrymandering for this election...Republicans have and will likely retain a veto proof majority. By all means, we should vote for someone other than DeWine, but be prepared to be disappointed by what can be done just at governor level.

  44. So if I get a pope hat and make the Pope hat a pope that would mean there's a pope on my pope head or that I'm a pope inside a pope hat? Please clarify.

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