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  1. The buybull says nothing about opposing abortions but has criteria to get abortion

  2. This is gross. GOP is so obsessed with people private parts. Wow! Grooming? Perverts

  3. It’s completely bizarre to me that grown people believe this nonsense. Prayer is mental masturbation first of all, it’s only satisfying for the person doing the praying. Second, when you die, don’t you go to heaven? If that’s where your boy is, I hate to be the bear of bad news, but… third, why is it all christian folks can’t get their story straight? Even the buybull has massive amounts of contradictions.

  4. Careful, you might cut yourself with that edge there.

  5. First of all, how old are you? 2nd, what god? 3rd why would a nothing, love?

  6. minor, Christian, I believe a God is out there.

  7. Batshit crazy religious freaks need to just go hide from the scary thing we call reality.

  8. No, not necessarily a moron at all. More likely a person who has been raised from early childhood believing that the Bible is the only source of Truth, to be taken literally no matter the evidence to the contrary, so that you view anything you learn through that lens, upon threat of Hell or isolation from God or family, or any number of consequences on Earth.

  9. No doubt indoctrination has a lot to do with it, willful ignorance in today’s world is moronic, with the amount of information at the tip of your finger that’s available. I have no tolerance for religious ignorance.

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