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  1. Can someone explain to me, why Ertrata is so good with this? Do both effects stack? I dont get it. Would have thought they dont work that good together because Etrata exiles creatures and Mari needs creatures to die.

  2. Because you need an opponent to have 3 (or more) creatures exiled with hit counters on them when Etrata's ability triggers to make a player lose. It's very hard to accumulate three creatures for each opponent and win. This will speed that up. A board wipe and then anyone is in risk of dying to one hit from Etrata.

  3. Taso's. Downtown on George just north of King. Greek and Italian food. Everything on the menu is absolutely delicious. The take out is great. We switched our wedding reception to there at last minute and they did a fantastic job.

  4. That's sweet. Loving the Sun Sword effects!

  5. I think, aside from apple pickers not eating, you're missing that your apples would have been full in 20mins. A villager without a job doesn't eat either.

  6. When FCG is all grey like that, they remind me of Clank from Ratchet and Clank!

  7. Signed up a few weeks ago and my players are going to see them for the first time next week!

  8. Thank you for this! I took this and went running with some new creatures, and will be placing it in my game for the PCs to find!

  9. I am literally in the process of collecting patches to do something very similar!

  10. That looks great! Yet again, wishing I had it a few weeks ago!

  11. Maybe some Strahd Must Die Tonight runs in the future, but I doubt a full run will happen again, at least in 5e.

  12. As if that will ever come to be. Been running this one since fall of 2019....

  13. These are fantastic. I wish my Curse of Strahd game had a monk in it.....

  14. This is amazing Dragna. Thank you so much for all the time and effort that went into this. This will make it much easier to balance Strahd for my party of 6 who will likely be lvl 12 or 13 at the climax.

  15. I've been following Wyrm Lyfe and have been very excited about this project. It's fantastic that you're finally getting to collaborate on something together. This system is elegant in its simplicity, and brings the ease of online based spells slot, HP tracking, and other info back to a practical analog table top feel, which is sorely needed.

  16. Wishing your group luck in the temple. Chapter 5 was a favorite of mine to write, and it's my group's next chapter as well.

  17. Thank you! They are really enjoying the depth the Interactive Tome has added. You've done Strahd's work in adding something so incredible to the module, and for that you have my gratitude.

  18. “Scarecrow bomber” was not on my bingo card for today, but I’m 110% going to steal that for when my party gets down to Berez. That’s beautiful. Truly a work of art.

  19. You have just made my day. The thought that someone who's content I added to my game is adding even one of my ideas to their own is humbling.

  20. You know your group much better than anyone here, so that my advice with a grain of salt.

  21. Good! I can tell from both your response and your questionnaire that you have a strong vision for your campaign. Just hope any of my suggestions can be a bit of help. Olladra smile on you and your party!

  22. So I just bought Eberron Confidential. It's an amazingly interesting resource that my players are already excited to try. I tweaked and edited the questionnaire and turned it into a google form. Thank you so much for your feedback.

  23. Just give a wide variety of encounter types, but always have a plan for everything to become a combat encounter.

  24. As already mentioned, Auditory Processing disorder often causes this for me, and I drive my husband crazy always saying “what?”

  25. No specific layout but the Explore Fairhaven articles give us this

  26. Thanks, although I had found this already. Ok, into Inkarnate and GIMP to do what I can!

  27. My party is just preparing to return to Wachter-Vallaki after delivering wine to Krezk, the timing of this is wonderful. Definitely going to add some of this to what I've already prepared. Thanks!

  28. Shaun here (guitarist is Eighty Eight!). Hobbs (bassist) just sent me this thread! Wild times those days were. All of us are still involved w music - Hobbs is teaching, Craig is in LA, Kyle and I are still playing together -

  29. The album is one that I've held onto and often kept in my car to listen to regularly, especially with most music services switching to streaming models. It's always brought back great memories of the years I spent at MDHS. (04-08)

  30. Hey! 03/04 sounds right. I was in grade 9 at the time.

  31. A year later and out of the blue comes the answer I was seeking! Thank you so much!

  32. If you have Pro access, go to the Stage menu. The menu there has changed; click on the DNA symbol to add a second character.

  33. Stalker, My Warforged skirmisher Scout Rogue, at lvl 20. Body made of Mithril and Wood, mostly.

  34. For a character that I've played so much, I never felt that I was able to do right by him in a mini. So thanks for having a go at him!

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