Wear a mask in dispensaries!

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  1. If I'm gonna gonfor cheaper, i go to pure ohio. They have OZ fur under $200 every week. Once you get to know their strains, they have some gems, and a lot of duds. But the new grower is doing pretty decent

  2. Yeah sucks I can’t drive I’m pretty much stuck going to one place because I’m not able to drive

  3. Yeah sucks makes it harder for sure I’m normally happy if a half is under 150 which is idk no point in complaining about the prices really I won’t change hopefully one day

  4. I'm happy to help. I just love donating to charities. I just want to help people.

  5. I use an IH. Which is part of what makes it more enjoyable to me. Using a torch was ok, but I love having a consistency of a dynavap.

  6. Yeah I think if I went that route I might of enjoyed it a lot better I really want to find the right one for me I’m basically stupid after I got hurt I have a lot of different problems now and one day I’ll be fine one day I won’t be so I definitely need a more easy set up just don’t have 350 to drop on a mighty been wondering if a cheap table top would do the trick

  7. Biggest upgrade to my dynavap that makes it amazing is my recycler. Its a predator v3 and its amazing. For 75 I was able to get a 14 to 10mm female adapter too.

  8. Nice I’ll have to look into it for sure need something but first things first I gotta replace my stupid ps5 controller first though

  9. I have some. It's pretty decent. Definitely not no SLH but still a good citrusy scent and a decent high. It's not covered in kief like lots of POW bud and I feel it has a superior high than most POW buds do.

  10. Wouldn’t mind trying one out I’m all about flower and concentrate I just have yet to find a vaporizer for either I have tried the dynavap but with my motor skills it didn’t work out

  11. I’m guessing my controller is broken kid spilled a little pop on mine and it bricked it when I go to charge it now I get the flash of orange then that stops and I get two white lights one on the left side and one on the right side of the controller what’s crazy is the little amount of liquid that touched it crazy compared to other controllers I guess I get it because everything it can do just sucks cuz I only had one controller lol

  12. Toothe pick or paper clip. Run down the tube lightly and run it around and clear it out. Common issue and why i don't buy them anymore

  13. Yeah I’ve only tried one luster pod and two carts since joining the program in July and I’m kinda glad because seems like every other week I get a recall email from the Ohio pharmacy and it’s always about carts and pods

  14. Nice does anyone recommend any that aren’t like 300 I bought a dynavap and honestly if that’s vaping I may pass

  15. Solo2 arizer is an all glass pathway and they are on sale for 150$ right now on the website if you Google it

  16. Mine is to I also picked up super lemon haze and I’m so glad with my picks this week

  17. They have this in flower but its really dry. Not sure why its so dry. Lady at the dispensary warned me about it being dry when I was picking up my order. Kinda wish I hadn't ordered it. Its not terrible but isn't my cup of tea for a tier 2 that I wouldn't normally buy. I wanted to try it due to it having great genetics but them allowing it to dry out as much as it has either before packaging or in the package itself, is disappointing.

  18. Yeah I bought a luster pod from klutzy that did this sucks because I like my concentrate but hate all luster pods and carts don’t understand them they all seem bunk I’ve only bought three figure three bad attempts leads to sticking to flower and wax

  19. Yeah when was it packaged because if it’s anywhere near the summer months there’s no way that came from the factory stink bugs are harder to find until it gets cold out

  20. I know a lot of bugs can survive with minimal things like the only reason why we see these bugs now is there trying to find warm spots once the weather breaks there back to gone again but not sure how happy id be to buy a stink bug lol I’ve been really wanting to try this strain to dang

  21. I got some hikers blend smalls for 88 a half and honestly it’s some nice stuff I wish my camera wasn’t crap

  22. Not sure why my words aren’t on the review good strain for me obviously not everything works for everybody can’t wait to make a mix of this with my triple chocolate chip but works good for pain and doesn’t make you tired only wish it was stronger but for the price I’m glad I picked it up along with my butterfly effect triple chocolate chip and I have a high tolerance so this may be even more helpful to others happy holidays

  23. I was struggling with this decision also. I just bought the straw last night and used it. I bought a Yocan and tried awhile back and didn’t like it.I like the straw better than the Yocan. I would like to try a puffco peak someday

  24. I was going to buy a puffcoo was told from the dispensary there a pain in the butt because you gotta try and get your wax down in some little ceramic coil idk I’m new to concentrate I just got my second gram this week of some headband strain by a company called vapebrand idk but was actually pretty good was also told shatter is normally more potent but with Ohio law it’s all about the same from what I’ve Hurd for strength max is 70 percent on any concentrate idk just what I was told this last time I got a gram

  25. Nice I went digital and I’m glad I switched to the PlayStation this gen having a lot of fun looking for a group to play some coop games with or some kind of shooter looter my tag is GoDMeetTheReaper

  26. The Heavy Metal influence is amazing. Best Gerald episode

  27. Was such a good episode they even use Gerald’s entrance while he’s flying the plane on fractured but whole

  28. Yes I could see how using the lighter and rotating could be tough. Definitely the way to go with the Dynavap is to use an induction heater instead of a flame. It looks like a small box with a hole in the top that you put the tip in. You press down and it heats up the tip super fast. No flames to mess with as it is all electric. Uses the same technology as an induction stovetop. They come in battery models or ones that plug in. Way more convenient and safe than the flame. Only trick is remembering to listen for the click. I think I might have an extra one I could mail you for free if you are interested in trying it. I just need to dig through my gear.

  29. Nice yeah that would probably be a lot better i love the taste and normally if I don’t burn it I end up enjoying it lol thank you so much and heck I could probably throw you a few bucks to if need be thank you so much

  30. Sorry about your injury I hope you continue to improve. Maybe you aren't taking as many hits as you could of with the Dynavap? The bud should be a really dark brown when it is cached out. That is the only thing I can think of. Vaping for me has made ounces last way longer. My girlfriend still smokes and she blows through the weed but I vape all day long compared to her smoking intermittently. Maybe try a vape you can smoke through a bong.

  31. Thank you for being so nice to me yeah I need to try that maybe I think my biggest problem is I can’t get my brain to turn the vape and us the lighter at the same time so I guess I need to go another route but once you go electric they all seem way out of what I can afford

  32. If I ever go back to herbology I’ll make sure not to wear one because that whole dispo has no care for medical patients one bit but I won’t be going there anyway so being someone who just got diagnosed with lupus and stomach cancer with a splash of brain damage so I have never not worn my mask for me and my fellow human I have compassion for people until they show they don’t deserve it so I’ll keep going where it’s a little more expensive in price but you get treated like a patient not everyone has a caregiver on there medical card one day maybe so if your working at a dispo remember some of the people coming in to your place are actually sick and don’t need extras or even extra stress crap it’s already hard enough for people so respect one another I’m glad I’m getting older and I’m sick people are crazy anymore

  33. I give it my humble best singleplayer experience of all time award, previously awarded to GTA IV, Tomb Raider (2013), GTA V, Half-Life Alyx.

  34. Sweet thanks I just got a phone so I couldn’t say thank you but I may need to try it I found my gaming bone again I thought I was just done gaming lucky for me I’m getting back into it almost done with Ratchet and clank rift apart now I want to try other ones crazy to think all the games I’ve missed by not ever really owing a PlayStation 3 or 4

  35. I love herbology, I always go to their Newark location to pick up bulk. It’s a 2 hour drive but the prices make it worth it

  36. Yeah it took me over a hr to get there between walking a little bit and a bus I can’t do it anymore plus this last time I went through all that got there and I have brain damage I forgot my pin they wouldn’t let me outside to get the numbers from my wife to then come back in pull the cash and get my order now mind you it was at 6:50 so ten till seven when they close I walked out got the pin turned around door locked got the guard to come out told him let him now about my ailments and how long it takes me and my wife even had to call of to go with me so I could make it home but the guard said sorry come back tomorrow when we are open I said it’s 6:52 they have my product at the register I’ll be gone before seven which is your hr to close he then said well I locked the door so technically we are closed it’s close enough to seven come back tomorrow yeah I hope that man ends up one day having issues this place don’t care about patients they care for there money and that’s great if I want to go to a dealer I would so for now on I’ll go to the other dispo there more hip to the laws so won’t recommend burning anything but honestly that’s the law so idk they need to put there closing time at 6:45 if you want to treat your dispo like the drug board or community health then let people know they he headaches and bs makes any sale not worth it I actually saved more by not going this past time

  37. No one should be giving you crap about your grammar that's not cool, and I'm not trying to give you crap either I just am trying to figure out this program I'm new to and need to see what flower looks best.

  38. Oh ok I’m sorry if my camera was better I would I’ve been in the program for like 4 months now if my phone didn’t break this iphone7 sucks for pictures now but honestly tripple chocolate chip is my new favorite that and norther lights are my top two indices for pain and to chill out my brain and it helps me eat I normally do a sativa during the day so I can stay on my toes with my son but I need to find something different I need to find a uplifting strain that helps with pain sucks normally if it helps for pain it makes me sleepy that’s not good for me crap im so so sorry I went left field again I’ve stopped coming on here because I’m getting bad again I’m so sorry if I wasted your time

  39. Yes, just remove the cotton from your coils, heat up your rda for a second or two to melt the wax in, and then rip!

  40. Nice thanks in my state technically combusting is illegal and really don’t want any issues but I’ll be honest I’m having a hard time finding something for flower I have only tried the Dynavape though

  41. I probably won’t get a answer but I just had to switch because my wife broke her phone I gave her my Motorola 2021 stylus I loved my camera says it’s 48 megapixel but compared to the iphone7 the camera is way better but the iPhone 7 is old as crap now I’m impressed by this phone and really want to get into there network what would be a good iPhone to get with out buying the 13 only thing on this seven I wish it had was a bigger screen and a better camera other then that there is no way a android would be running this well seven years later so I’m glad I gave my wife my phone other then my phone is seven years old but it’s just about as fast crazy

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