My half sister wanted to show up in a wedding dress to my engagement party, so I changed the party theme so she would fit right in!

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  1. Damn me and my French Canadian roots!!! English is my 2nd language and some words are similar but slightly different between the 2.

  2. Maybe we should create one that more adheres to the other deal subreddit names.

  3. I mean that's only like .. 6 minutes

  4. What is the approximate scale of the minis?

  5. I just beat this game! While the actual gameplay was a bit rough and grindy, I was emotional at the end.

  6. This is going to be tough. Normally you will need a soap of some sort to do this. You could try an oil which might do the trick. A little oil and then after it's clean you can remove the oil with alcohol.

  7. It's the exact same drive so you're not "swapping." They may not have known this is just a rebadged S70

  8. I changed my GPU today and had black screen on loading lotro and could only get it to work in 32 bit legacy. After much messing I found this solution and now I can again play in 64 Bit:

  9. Oops sorry didn't see your answer before posting. That will teach me to read more.

  10. It's didn't click with me either. I was bored out of my mind.

  11. Yeah but do you have a fax machine in your house?

  12. I can't imagine that's true at all. In all the houses I've been to, none have had a dedicated fax machine.

  13. That's strange, because I just tested this and it didn't autofill anything regardless of what names I entered.

  14. Does it have you fill the names all in the beginning all at once?

  15. Man I thought you were going to switch it to dumpy casual. Like sweat pants and pajamas or something. That would have been a hoot. It's the opposite of the type of stand out those type of people want.

  16. You're the gamer equivalent of an annoying kid who will only eat hotdogs.

  17. Makes me feel a little dumb for buying the 6900xt for 1037 a few months ago

  18. Unfortunately, the only way to get this physically is from overseas so far, and/or you can pay the markup from a third party seller on Amazon.

  19. Yea, not enough ways to involve crypto and nfts

  20. yeah, its about 27ish (i order for two) but they always talk so fast. i always have the exact amount of money ready though so i know how much itll be haha

  21. Where is this magic Chinese restaurant that only costs $27 for two people!?

  22. Cute that Reddit thinks HR isn’t just recruiting and lawsuit prevention.

  23. Never met an HR team that DIDN'T work like this. Guys, HR is NOT your friend.

  24. I like getting a year subscription of Apple TV+ for free. That was a pretty nice one.

  25. Not being f2p is a very bad barrier. Most big spenders spend a lot on f2p compared to p2p games.

  26. F2P and P2W aren't mutually exclusive ideas. Do you mean buy 2 play?

  27. I also felt like True Colors was unfinished. I liked where it was headed in so many aspects but it finishes where it just started to pick up. Should have been a few more episodes to flesh it all out really.

  28. Don't get me started on that! FireWire was awesome and I wish it had stuck around longer. To me it seemed the main problem was timing. USB 2.0 had just come out at 480mbps and FireWire was 400mbps (yes, I know there was FW800 but it wasn't the majority of FireWire devices) and so people just thought "why would I go with FireWire when I can use USB and have faster speeds?" When functionally FireWire 400 was actually faster than USB 2.0 despite the "ratings" being different. Can you tell I miss FireWire? Lol

  29. It was those consistent speeds that made FireWire so good. Really sucked for me because as soon as I adopted FireWire with a Mac I could finally afford, they came out with USB 3.0 and SSDs started picking up steam.

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