1. Not having a window, or at least something to look out over, would bother me.

  2. So Lafayette Lane and Wesley will be removed, and the frontage road will be widened? It seems the Frontage Rd interested should be signalized?

  3. Separate…my sister is a dermatologist. I’d hate to get my contacts crossed up and send a contractor a picture of a mole on my arm. You get the idea.

  4. If you are not in the habit of using an iron I’d recommend keeping it that way. If it doesn’t work no harm but if you like what the iron does for you then you have to contend with the heat damage. Took me several years but I finally don’t use it anymore.

  5. It looks like you may gave some “frizziness” at the top caused by new growth, new growth is always a good sign so just do what you can to control that until it gets longer and will lay down.

  6. I’m not sure what the hairdresser did. I came in to just get a regular haircut since it was about 2 months since my previous one. I know she cut my split ends and possibly thinned it because my hair can get puffy like Pom Poms right before a cut. I don’t take hair growth vitamins but I am on pre natals (looking to get preggo haha)

  7. I'm also a woman in STEM, and my experience has been that overtly offensive sexism is the least of my problems. Yes, it's awful when a colleague makes a gross sex joke, or when I go to a job site and the client refuses to talk to me in favor of a male subordinate.

  8. It’s easier to say “that sex joke was gross and offensive” than it is to say “I noticed you introduced everyone on the team but me”.

  9. I am a woman in stem and totally get this. I mean its ok to tell me my outfit looks cute every once in a while but when a big deal is made about it every day its kind of like whats this really about? Another one is needing jokes in order to communicate with women.

  10. People used to speculate that attractive women were promoted more often than average women but it seems to be the other way around at my POE. It’s as if they don’t want to have to take an attractive female seriously so they don’t promote them. I consider myself very average, btw:

  11. I don’t want to steal the thread, and I don’t think I will, but…it seems to me that each year the atmosphere in our office and in our meetings gets less professional (polite, goal oriented, taking pride in work etc) and more silly/social (jokes that aren’t even funny, weekend stories, subpar grammar/punctuation, quick assumptions without fully analyzing data). As much as I love remote meetings, iPhones, and the other comforts of 2022 I often miss the old days when we were more focused on getting work done and acting like professionals. I’m an older millennial btw.

  12. One really hot day I bought a pair of cheap nylon joggers and changed out of my jeans at the gas station - so much cooler

  13. For hot weather main thing is to avoid cotton (including jeans). Once sweat touches cotton it will stay damp all day. Synthetic stuff that wicks moisture is far more comfortable.

  14. This! Ppl tend to think cotton is cooler but its really not. Need something moisture wicking and flowy.

  15. I hear you, but many buyers are not sophisticated. They may not like "that" carpet and paint, but if it looks newer, fresher, cleaner, and brighter, it will likely yield a better offer, even if the buyer intends to replace it.

  16. I expect my townhouse to be a market for young couples, singles, or possibly buyers looking to rent it out which there’s been some renting restrictions in the covenants. I expect most buyers would be ok with an up to date neutral that matches the walls.

  17. Maybe weird question that’s a little related, what’s the protocol on adding coworkers on social media? I like people I work with and spend much of my life around them, but it’s also separate from personal lives. Don’t know if it feels like an intrusion or if most welcome it. Definitely overthinking but I just don’t know.

  18. On things like Facebook, I’ll friend them…but add them to a list I specifically created for work colleagues. The default postings I do do not include them, so it’s a active choice to let them see a post.

  19. Ha ha, I do the work people list too, they mostly only see whats made public

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