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  1. How is the Mac and cheese pod? I love the flowerbeds . Does it taste the same?

  2. Loved the wild fire episode. I wanna be seeing fire not hearing you lol

  3. Northern lights, lemon dosidos, Mac1,garlic cookies so many sleepy strains

  4. I had Covid and I’m a bigtime user. Although I heard it is sativa and I don’t do them that often what I watched said more studies needed to be done

  5. Look at who their new candidates they put up to put him out...even worse.

  6. Almost every fucker from this state a dumbass redneck so doesn’t surprise me in least I been talking about moving to Michigan for a long time

  7. Oh and let’s not forget terrorists that won’t let me get my meds

  8. Loved this episode that’s my purse it’s how Bobby learned how to defend hisself

  9. Love second breakfast tho and grape diamonds two of my favorite in program

  10. Yeah I have some now from them not bad but not there best

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