1. I found it and it's so good. Close to 5g, I've chipped away at it a bit. Prob the best run I've had of it too, it's so ripe.

  2. I managed to snag one from the most recent drop (blueberry cheesecake) and it was literally 1 beefy ass nug and another smaller (still chonk) nug. This most recent batch was special af.

  3. Simple rule of thumb, most citrus strains like orange or lemon is a sativa and berries or grape is typically indica.

  4. Its Grape pie × Lemon Jack, there actually is grape flavor, but for the most part, your statement is true!

  5. It's very minimal. lemon slushee has almost the same genetics. It's lemon g instead if I'm not mistaking.

  6. Yup! Very similar lineage. But very different nuggies. In effects, taste, appearance. Both stellar sativa's!

  7. i bet it transforms into something at the end, like the dragon saga.

  8. 1000%, Saga Creatures will be one of this set's "things". like the enchantment/creatures from vow

  9. So what is the difference in the artifact containers I've seen and the bags of galenas my dispo has?

  10. Also artifact nugs are hand trimmed, therefore they retain waaaay more trichomes.

  11. Can’t wait for my playset of the new gravecrawlers. They look absolutely awesome on the previews. Hopefully there will also be a cool extra card

  12. Hyped for it as well! I only got one of each, but I'm excited to see all the "secret" cards. Hopefully no more foil JMP lands ... almost feels worse than an uncommon PW for the 5th time.

  13. Literally just scooped the exact same thing yesterday. I do think its mis-labeled as an indica leaning hybrid. The onset is definitely Sativa, no raciness or anxiety though. After an hour or so, THEN the Indica effects step into the foreground. It would be better labeled as a Hybrid.

  14. I see some dispo's listing Zkittlez AND Zkittlez Mintz, curious if it's just typo's or if POW is running both strains?

  15. They are using both names it's the same flower just the locally grown is pure Ohio wellness in-store brand. Every one of their flower has two different names they're the same batch numbers same harvest everything's the same but the name. If you have the means to get to a pure Ohio wellness dispensary the locally grown is a whole hell of a lot cheaper most of the time. But if you don't have access to one it's some pretty solid flower. If you were thinking about picking some up

  16. I scooped a half of smalls, and it seems you're 100% correct! Same harvest dates, package date is 1 day later (probably because its smalls). Smells great, will try it and check back in later, thanks for the help! You da true MVP! I am still shocked at Ohio's lack of (true) Zkittlez considering the HUGE popularity out West and influence the strain has had on everything these past few years!

  17. snap any pictures? i'm curious to see what it looks like & if the lineage is printed anywhere.

  18. I know what shark shock is, I bought it.

  19. Lolololol, do you also buy delta 8!? You could've saved some $$$. Since you got butthurt for no reason lemme say it again - I APPRECIATE YOUR POST - I was trying to be friendly. The only people I know of who actually got shark shock was because it helped with their epilepsy. I would sooner light 40 dollars on fire before I ever purchase it, or any cbd bud for that matter.

  20. This is the type of guy that thinks THC percentage matters more than terpenes.

  21. What are terpenes!? Lmfao, bruh, I've literally been posting about not paying attention to THC percentages, and praising the benefits of "entourage effects" for over two years. For the final time, if CBD works for you, fantastic. CBD does nothing for me, or my symptoms. I will continue to avoid CBD focused products, just the same as I avoid Botanical terps, or any concentrate with any added terps, Cannabis-derived or otherwise. Hope y'all have a good year.

  22. I managed to snag the flower ONCE, it was lil baby nugs , which was disappointing because a big part of MAC is its "bag appeal." But, effects were good, like you said though, I'd rather just grab more sherbhead.

  23. To much cbd.. if they wouldn’t use so much cbd they would bomb.. they didn’t really use it at first and the carts were amazing.. not they put to much and it negates the effects.. grow Ohio is still king

  24. You realize they don't add CBD right? Cbd exists naturally in MOST flower. You see a higher rate in concentrates for the obvious reason that its concentrated. Edit: removed an unnecessary "a"

  25. Weird, id say de-sync was your issue, its visibly in enemy Spartan's knee, but also looks like it hit the ground right by his foot?

  26. Why the 6.5? Not being an ass, just genuinely curious. GDP is one of my favorite strains, so I was thinking about picking this up ( I won't be now, thanks!). GDP normally tastes incredible with a very stoney, heavy indica couch lock, and nice euphoria.

  27. Its rare but I have w bud still hanging on from a cpl months ago

  28. I have exactly .7 left, the very tip of the one big ass spear in the jar. At this point I basically pull it out just to sniff it and throw it back in the safe, lmfao!!!

  29. Lmfaoooo, you gonna get everyone fired up! I literally just posted something along these lines (tl;dr - stems weigh almost nothing.) People hating on nice big buds from WW and Artifact Jars cuz they jelly, the best they can come up with is "omg that stem must weigh so much!!!"

  30. Lol, seems like a shitpost, but OP is totally correct. There's Lemon G in the Electric Gorilla Butter. just FYI EPBC's lineage is SF Cookie Cut x Electric Gorilla Butter.

  31. People killin me with the whole "DAT STEM DOE!" stems weigh ALMOST nothing, and I've yet to pickup a jar of Artifact that wasn't at LEAST 5.9 to compensate for the ONE stem in the jar. OT though, super bummed my area didn't get any of these. This is the one strain offered in Artifact that I've yet to get my hands on (Artifact of it anyway). Hyped I got some of the 2nd Brekky though!

  32. Has to be the Brand, I've literally NEVER had that issue, and i've had at least 25 Luster Pod's throughout the last year, and only had ONE from Hon. They will ALL get some sticky resin/reclaim/pocket lint on the mouth piece, but i've never had product leak out.

  33. So glad I managed to scoop one this round! And Blueberry Cookies. I want some artifact of the Dual OG!

  34. I got this and blueberry cookies and snowball. Snowball is really good too

  35. Hell yeah it is! I actually still have a teeny nug left from the last snowball artifact drop!

  36. How's the zkittlez!? Been dying for zkittlez in the program, didn't know we had some!

  37. I personally LOVED the Robots. It IS a bit fucked up that THE "top shelf" brand is so expensive, but I'm hoping this changes. I may be wrong but I remember reading an email from the OMM Board saying they were thinking of getting rid of the "tier" system, which would be great, because all the "tier 2" growers could start producing MUCH more bud, and wouldn't be able to charge insane prices for it. Guess i'll just sit here with my fingers crossed. BUT, back OT. I personally, would be thrilled about finding a single solitary seed. but to each their own. And grinding a seed is not the same as finding a seed lol.

  38. Downside: all the money you'll be spending on fantastic flower. Downside: snacks will tremble in your presence, and fear for their lives. That's bout it lolol. Honestly, the only downside I can honestly think of, is the money you have to put up just to get your card. and some backward ass people are still pretty judgy and may treat you some type of way. Other than that, welcome to the club, friend.

  39. SO BUMMED that this hasn't made an appearance in SE at all! I've been on the lookout, but also, refuse to drive anywhere other than my two "local" dispo's.

  40. Off topic but, OP. did you opt to pay for Head's I Win already? Or was the pre-order enough to get the code for the sleeves?

  41. Ayyyy!! Congrats man! I remember you posting when you had just had your outline session done! Loved watching your progress, and it came out incredible! I've been slacking on my progress pics, but I have a session coming up soon so, I will post a new picture after then!

  42. For everyone complaining about lack of options for cosmetics and Playlists: the game is STILL IN BETA. More playlists, maps, and armor pieces are coming!

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