1. I don't know anything about the QC but those look good my man.

  2. I like their electric peanut butter

  3. I was going to get that's it was 30% . But I liked the terps on this .

  4. The electric peanut butter cookies his legit gas tho it has some serious choke and is nice and terpy smells just like real lemon G

  5. I'm down to one day but I just bought this jungle mac by buckeye and it's insane.

  6. Just got some smalls super impressed. And I by Woodward,Gro,. I know it's supposed to be as sativa but is definitely a hybrid high. Everything from buckeye relief will be on sale 20% off tomorrow at g-leaf and Warren if anyone sees this. And they just got a huge drop of everything including stuff that's not even listed on this Reddit thread. I'm down to one day so I just bought this and some buckle. Smoke good my friends.

  7. Just got back with my jar. One hit in the bong 🚀. They did they thing with this. Yes it cost to damn much but quality smoke for sure. 9.5./10

  8. Absolutely they did! Definitely the heaviest hitter I’ve gotten from them. I can’t remember any other Woodward that was 35%…not that I’m a percentage chaser. I value terps more but damn!

  9. This true recently became a fan of burkle low thc% 19-19 Great high though and it's delicious. Grabbing a jar of this again today

  10. It's okay.Ive had the pen but CertifiedS carts are better.

  11. Buckeye relief flower has been in a constant rotation for me as I only purchase from 3-4 different cultivar. I hesitate to buy bulk on new strains I haven’t tried but I am extremely impressed with the rainbow grease. Perfectly dried , dense and rather large nugs filled my half oz bag. Good spicy smells and flavors were enchanted by a great boost is creativity , followed by a state of relaxation. Helps with appetite. I would buy this again even if some of my other favorite strains are available. I now would like to try the other two sneak peak strains. Overall this is great hybrid for our program

  12. I just picked up some rainbow Grease at 8.49. (I know I know) but hella good before that I picked up some 92 cookies. I bought some Woodward sunset sherbert and honestly the rainbow grease is better. I usually buy Woodward Farkas but the last buckeye strings including King's mustache have been pretty damn good. They're consistent as hell. By the way on a side note if you can find it Butterfly Effect true OG is out of this damn world.

  13. Damn just found a half of this stuff online at Rise in Toledo! It’s testing at 30.3% it says and they want $220 for it! 😳😳

  14. It seems that they put smalls into their 5.66's and larger buds into the 2.83's.

  15. I bought certified a couple times and never had a larger butt is always like this 🔥 but small

  16. That was my first time buying them and only got a couple 5.66's. I'll probably get a couple more varieties soon. I don't care too much about how big the buds are, in fact I'd prefer smaller ones if the alternative is fat stems in big buds.

  17. I'm on my way to get a half of Kings mustache. I hope it's good

  18. They used let bring our system to school sometimes and play in the classroom . Goodtimes

  19. People were raving about some tally Mon of theirs it was pretty mid.

  20. I just seen this on the menu for the first time so of course has to come to Reddit to read soem reviews. How did you like it ? Especially compared to the garlic cookies ? I feel like the garlic cookies is good but it’s over hyped Snd it doesn’t ever seem as strong as it is Snd it’s always trimmed wrong

  21. I literally just did about 30 seconds ago I've been up for about 2 hours. Is it nice head high but on a heavy smoker so if you're not this might be a little too much for you during the daytime. But if you want your face numb this is strain for you. Full disclosure I'm not a fan of the garlic cookie taste but I do like the high,but even still this is a better smoke and bud is not try at all.

  22. Damn I'm high. That whole paragraph is messed up 🤣🤦🏿‍♂️

  23. As you can see this is straight gas. It should be priced around 40 though imo

  24. Then you’d probably dig these certified carts since they’ll probably last you for a bit. I can go through a luster in 2-3 days unfortunately so these just won’t cut it. Even bought a battery to go down to 2.4v hoping I wouldn’t burn it up and still went way too quick haha

  25. Man, when we stocked that and the Goudaberry I was a little miffed about that. It's kinda confusing looking at the packaging, but I get that they're trying to show off how they've played with the Rainbow Chip genetics. That stuff sold out tonight. Hope you like it! Cheers, mate.

  26. That shits straight 🔥 bro my plug who sells them to me for 60 says hes seen the lab tests and they came from cali so I know they're real

  27. Yeah I'm pretty sure your plug gets lab test regularly.😂

  28. Damn the cakes of dirt in your nails . 🤢

  29. Yup. Just got 5 full gram carts for $100 last week in Detroit. 200mg gummies for $18 each. Also an oz of fire for $160. Worth the drive.

  30. Why the fuck do people always say Michigan? When most live way to far away unless your in northwest Ohio besides that it's not worth driving 5+ hours round trip and I live in northeast ohio so down south that's even way longer lol quit saying go to Michigan when only 20% maybe live close enough,would cost me 70-$80 atleast just in gas lol..Another thing yall don't seem to want to remember is all .5 carts are $40-50 and it's distalite which is crap compare to live rosin but regardless those prices are still to high but is what it is right now but I think I rather pay 100 for a live rosin cart then 80 or 100 for two .5 distalite carts..One day supply with be far greater then demand and then maybe we get fair prices or atleast better deals but until then it is what it is

  31. But to each his own bro whatever floats your boat I'm not knocking it

  32. That should be easy...let's get this shit done

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