1. Hi - can I ask how long on Claritin before you felt relief? Thanks

  2. Hi, I think it was pretty immediate. My symptoms are at night and the evening I took Claritin before dinner and felt better that night. I'll add, that it hasn't completely cured the symptoms, but probably 80-90%, which has allowed me to sleep through the night and made all the difference for how I feel both at night and the following day (not sleep deprived).

  3. I asked my doctor about that and he wrote, "As far as how long it's ok to take, people are on allergy pills their whole lives without major issues, so I do think it's likely safer long term than acid medications like pantoprazole." Of course, I don't like the idea of being on it long term. I may try a low histamine diet now that I know that's a thing.

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