1. I live in Columbus so I go to verdant and Bloom a lot . Verdant always has good deals on Hon luster pods and a good deal basically everyday. But they stay busy. Bloom has good deals all the time and a good selection. They have a really good system and usually goes really fast when it’s super busy

  2. Theres a Bloom in Akron about a half hour away from me (Canton) and whenever I look they almost always have good deals, Ive meant to go check them out just havent yet. Ive read a ton of good stuff about Verdant, I wish they would open one up my way. Isnt there a whole bunch of shops in Columbus?? I heard there was like 10

  3. Yeah I could pick from like strawberry fields, verdant, bloom, botanist, terrasanna , and pure Ohio wellness in London. I stick with verdant and bloom mostly

  4. I'm really in the air about getting this luster really that dank?!

  5. I stopped buying 510’s once I got a luster pod. Luster pod’s are top tier . I’m only problem I have is when it gets low it does the regular clogging like any other cart but it sucks getting it going

  6. I here ya or one side is full and the other empty. I've figured a way to get bot sides going again. Blow out then breath harder helps otherside become unclothed lol

  7. Now the name of his dispensary is going to bug me until I remember lol Cherry Pie or some shit

  8. It was funny, this bud honestly didn’t smell good when I first opened it . I put it in a different jar and totally changed smells and better

  9. Yeah, the packaging it came with didn’t have one . And I moved it to a jar that did have one and it made it ten times better

  10. I just picked up some yesterday I’m in love I’ve been smoking on apricot gelato this was definitely a nice alternative I was definitely happy with the purchase and would purchase again

  11. I definitely want to get some of that next. I couldn’t pick between the two

  12. Sorry honey, I got a half so it was in a bag. I transferred it to a jar

  13. they could easily set up the texting "wait in line" system that bloom uses. so ridiculous for the elderly and ill to be in the rain

  14. Yeah, the way bloom has that texts thing is cool. I rather sit in my car if I have to wait

  15. You have to do curbside pick up if they offer it . It smells like weed in there . Plus no one without the card can come in

  16. I don’t offer shit to anyone because I’m more worried about my own stash.

  17. Don’t charge the battery with the luster pod inside. Learned the hard way…

  18. Idk why , but I’ve always taken the pod out to charge it because I don’t like my pod’s and 510’s to hang upside down . But damn that sucks . Butterfly effect sells kits with the battery and pod

  19. Oh man I’m so sorry. I bought one yesterday, I would have cried if mine was empty

  20. It’s a glass blunt . You put some weed at the end and lite it and hit it at the other end

  21. Oh yeah, you already know our program is all about the money. Every dispensary sells the same shit but different prices every day. It makes no fucking sense what so ever

  22. What about when they got it but take it off of Iheartjane so they can bait people to come in at a later date…. You literally have to ask for it by name…. Like I woulda already been in and bought that bitch it’s my medicine of choice, it was on the menu yesterday but it sold out I guess…

  23. Don’t buy that delta 8 weed . I’ve seen smoke shops have fucking delta 8 dabs /terp sauce . Like are you kidding me ??

  24. I got a half of the white 99 by Chizle. I love the jar they give you . Really good strain btw

  25. I own a Arizer Extreme Q for a desktop. I’ve been super happy with these devices . Until one breaks I’m not planning on buying anymore any time soon 🤙🤙

  26. Honestly haven’t cleaned my tubes since I bought them. So not bad . They had a good clean after this photo was taken . I had to smoke first because they need to air dry

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