SpaceX Paid $250,000 to a Flight Attendant Who Accused Elon Musk of Sexual Misconduct

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Dems Worried Biden Student Loan Inaction Will Dampen Youth Turnout in Midterms

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  1. No one can be as solid as Carl!, Tucker it’s super solid though! If Jake can just get in good with Tucker maybe Jill with take him back

  2. I don’t think Jake would do that to Tucker and Jill. They’re so happy together

  3. Get a grip bud, this is genuinely delusional. The burgeoning labor movement has equal vitriol for Musk and Bezos, you’re literally making up a guy to be mad at

  4. Yeah, you’re imagining a person who isn’t real and then going “I hate this person!” Literally all you have to do is stop playing make believe and your problem goes away

  5. I thought Murph’s performance as Beatrix was amazing. One of his more immediately interesting NPCs.

  6. She’s definitely not stable enough for them to trust but the outcome of this fight will probably determine whether they have an in with her long term or not. I am loving that Murph has set them up for a pretty autonomous choice of next destination here, each of these Mothership HQ2s could be a good target as well as the Living Wood itself. And it seems like that decision is fully on the party.

  7. It literally doesn’t. We’re not talking in a mathematical sense, we’re just using numbers to give an example of how infinity can exist without every possible option not still existing.

  8. You are completely missing the entire point of the discussion though.

  9. Lol my friend, YOU are. The person you replied to asked if mathematically speaking, 2.9 repeating is the same number as 3. You said no. That is wrong. It’s ok to admit you were mistaken and want to talk about something else, but instead you just insisted you were right. It’s fine and normal to be wrong but doubling down without any thought is weird

  10. No. His dad at some point bought a share of an emerald mine in Namibia. Musk had to take out student loans. He was not the heir to anything. Musk and his brother send their dad money because he ended up broke.

  11. “You hear heavy metal music…”

  12. A One shot of them playing Farquaad (Murph), Prince Charming (Jake), and fairy godmother (Emily), DM’d by Duncle Caldwell would be either horrendous or amazing, and either way I’d love to listen to it.

  13. When Caldwell volunteered to be the band (club)’s groupie, I realized he reminds me so much of Young Neil in Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

  14. So… that 8BBC ep on the schedule has to be the Alternamorphs book Caldwell got in the PO Box. I’d love for it to be Murph’s original work but this seems like the next best thing

  15. I really didn’t expect the Go Go Team ‘Tection! encounter to happen so soon, but I’m glad it did. It really established that these guys are not to be fucked with.

  16. Jake struggling to remember the word for ice skates destroyed me. Been there man

  17. Holy shit Taylor, the WSH/Firework swells in the fight were unreal. Amazing job

  18. The number of lies and half truths in this post is disappointing, this just isn’t true. Nobody knows what the independent inquiry found because it was not released.

  19. I think anyone using their brain knows the report isn’t being released because it said Biden can unilaterally forgive student loan debt. Its complete redaction makes no sense unless it unequivocally supports that point.

  20. Honestly, the real answer is that no one knows until the administrative branch of government does it, and it's either checked by the courts and passes, or doesn't. Personally my guess is that if the admin announced dissolving student debt there would immediately be too much public support to stop it either way, so it would get done.

  21. This is the correct answer. Opinion letters from DoJ or the OLC only matter to the extent Biden / the Secretary of Education does or does not act on them. If they decide to act (I believe the mechanism is something like resetting all student loan balances to $1) it becomes practically impossible for that decision to be reversed. Any court’s attempt to reverse will be hampered by its inability to enforce an appropriate remedy.

  22. Most importantly, check out these buds. I’m irrationally annoyed hearing how upset they were by the Finale criticism and needless defense of Sol. People who like this show are bound to be weird, but it sucks when they’re weird in a bad way

  23. Okay... i agree with everything you just said. But none of it adds up to "therefore anyone from those countries who openly supports Ukraine is a hypocrite." Which is what you're doing in this thread.

  24. I don’t think I am - I haven’t called anyone here a hypocrite. I do think when someone fails to acknowledge their country’s past invasions in condemning Putin’s, they’re dabbling in hypocrisy and it’s ok to call them out for it. But I’m not saying that to you or saying that about the people pictured at the Wailing Wall. I don’t have enough information about your or their past statements to call anyone a hypocrite. Just saying this is a very sad situation and that hawkish American reactions are terrifying to me, especially when those reactions seem to be baby steps down the nuclear warpath. But it sounds like we agree on this!

  25. Lol, omg then wtf did you start arguing with me for man?! Ffs.

  26. ... where did I argue with you? Seems like you assumed I was arguing and decided to be hostile

  27. "This cliff is giving off weird vibes, try jumping off it?" - my brain whenever near a cliff

  28. I just reached a new era and unlocked the ability to add a new cultural tradition but... how do I do that? On the culture screen, it says 7/8 traditions, but there's not button to add a new tradition. Do I have to wait some number of years after I reach the new era? Or is it bugged?

  29. R5: John's life is a storied one, beginning even before his birth. The king of England, John I, great-grandson of William the Conqueror and son of Richard the Anointed, wanted to end his constant struggle with the fairweather queen of Wales. This conflict between houses of the Fitzwilliam dynasty comes to be known as the War of Lions. Her heir happened to be the Duke of Kent, a distant relative and vassal of John I's, so a few well placed daggers later John I's heir is married to the Duchess of Kent. A year later, they have a son: the John seen above, destined to unite the Welsh and English once and for all.

  30. R5: You also get the cognomen "The (King/Emperor/Etc.) of Fashion." Now to destroy my other titles and make the British Isles de jure Fashion

  31. R5: A "noble" appears in town, sings a Disney song, and asks to marry your child. A vizier tells you not to, warning that the noble is actually a street rat. Bonus: if you grant the noble's wish, they'll marry your child regardless of their status as a member of a holy or monastic order.

  32. The episode title is Frostwind's Mandatory Celebration of Maximum Luminosity: A Somber Festival (Holiday Special w/ Amir Blumenfeld). It came out December 19th, 2019.

  33. I’ve laughed so much listening to this show but never as hard as I did during this episode. It’s another level

  34. Can’t believe I had to go down so far to find the Farseer Trilogy / RoTE. I just finished Assassin’s Quest and you’re in for a ride

  35. I suppose I'm the only one who doesn't play the intrigue game. Build up a strong demesne, switch to martial and use the money to get men at arms. Then imprison everyone who tries to revolt. Replace all vassals every few decades and everyone just sings along

  36. I love this game, have thousands of hours in CK2 and have unlocked every achievement in III. I do not get or enjoy intrigue at all, aside from murdering the occasional human obstacle to an inheritance. Having the Murderer / Kinslayer trait permanently is just too big a blow to how I look at my own characters for me to risk it

  37. Oh, I must’ve missed that! Do you know if they said that would change, or is the expectation going forward that ad free eps will drop later?

  38. Thanks so much! I don’t usually read the newsletter so this is helpful. I’ll save the show for my ride home rather than to work now!

  39. The Netflix version also gets rid of the song he sings in the pub. Instead it's just a high pitch whine. Sucks...

  40. I weirdly think the warble that replace the song is a million times funnier because everyone in the pub acts like it’s normal

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