1. 4 of 8, your dish has great foundations. Flavor profiles sound great but the lack of color is not appetizing. I would reccoment adding some vegetables lightly seared

  2. 8 of 8, beautiful use of color and garnish. A nice clean plate ready for any 4 star table

  3. 7 of 8, beautiful rice and the curry looks delicious. Garnishing the cilantro across the dish is a great idea, giving the flavors some symmetry. Be sure to clean up the edges of your plate

  4. 7 of 8, beautiful usage of color and flavor profiles. I think the baked beans being hidden is a bit of a mistake but overall a gorgeous dish

  5. The sauce was a bit thinner then I would of liked. My off the hip measurements have suffered from my break in cooking

  6. Looks great, though a bit too much salt for my tastes. My best steaks are always in a cast iron pan with some of the fat trimmed off and melted with some vegetable oil. I use a grinder from about 12 inches about and just go for a light coating.

  7. 8 of 8, beautiful use of color and great flavor profiles. The color of the plate makes a great contrast. I would like to see more of the rice but over all beautiful presentation.

  8. Plate looks good, steak is great, good searing and beautiful color.

  9. Facts, but I grill in the rain and snow too! I guess I meant outdoor dining season! Cheers!

  10. You're better then me, I don't like being wet.

  11. Starting off your doing fine. Some things to consider when plating. We see before we taste.

  12. Happy to help my freind. I would try finishing with some fresh parmesan and mint or cilantro. Experimentation is the path to inspiration

  13. Not a criticism, I'm just saying send me a sample so I can run some tests

  14. Oh yeah dude, If I'd had it in at the time, there would 100% have been parmesan on this. I love it. I actually made this about a month ago now so I can't quite remember the details of it, but you're spot on. Could do with a bit of green.

  15. Light house brand freeze dried herbs are a great backup. Stable and the steam of a hot dish rehydrates them

  16. I see everything. Except little people who like to snack

  17. I think it looks pretty cool actually lol

  18. I'm hoping for a dope scar. Glad I didn't get a tattoo yet.

  19. I don't know, I think I'll need a plate or 4 to be sure if it is good

  20. Looks amazing, what did you use for the meatballs?

  21. Just popping into this sub for fun. Did you try just adding food coloring to Elmer's glue?

  22. Not charcuterie for sure, but a great selection of items for a for apperitif. 8 of 10 for choices of food, but you taste with the eyes first organize that into a tasting pattern and you have an impressive platter there

  23. I always imagined if the Dark tower animated it would look a lot like Vampire Hunter D. With great expanses with ancient rust machines.

  24. 9 of 10, beautiful usage of the voids i the plate to accentuate the colors and contrast. My only suggestion would be to hide the mashed potatoes a little less, though it looks like you had some limits on space

  25. Beautiful presentation food sounds delicious 9 of 10. The only thing it is missing is something to fill the void in the plate

  26. The turkey looks beautifully roasted and the seasoning detracts from that without really seasoning the turkey. Maybe use those flavors for your gravy.

  27. I roasted it sealed tightly with foil with chicken broth and apple juice in the pan. There was a decent amount of flavor transferred into the meat from cooking it without letting any moisture escape. I think though in the future I'll season the base more and finish uncovered a little shorter. 30 minutes was too long to crisp the skin. I appreciate the input, I'm still learning so compliments and criticism are both greatly appreciated

  28. Old bay, turmeric, Chipotle pepper, paprika and black pepper. With chicken broth and apple juice in the pan

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