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  1. this 5 sec clips got this movie banned in my country. is the kiss even related to the story?

  2. Only to show a child raised by a loving family.

  3. The top picture is from a recent movie and briefly shows a lesbian couple. The caricature is telling those who would have an issue with lesbian couples that it's just a cartoon and to essentially calm down.

  4. Somehow I don't think anyone is going to be pulled over for playing Sweet Home Alabama at any volume, but I can guess what kinds of music the cops will target.

  5. Is she making changing Ohio’s abortion law a priority for her campaign?

  6. Yes but it's irrelevant because dems won't take the legislative branch of ohios gov't. She can influence the enforcement a bit but it's law and that won't change. I think the best she can do is stop further injury. Please let me know if I'm wrong here.

  7. Doubt it.. They would lose money from "collectors".

  8. It's actually a barrier for me because I'm not paying twice to play the game. So I'm not buying the more expensive collectors edition to just buy the digital game.

  9. Then why have you bought the Digital only PS5?

  10. I mean they could do like apex fortnite. They do have physical copies but there is no disc in it its just a code. They wont give you disc and code together.

  11. That's a great solution. Maybe just put an unloaded disc in with the disc art in the box.

  12. They do this with a lot of movies these days. I would like to see it. I think the problem comes in where you buy a game, redeem the digital code, then sell the physical media essentially getting the game for free or at a steep discount.

  13. Yeah that is a thinker. I'm sure there are ways they could verify one code with one disc but then it gets into the hairy issue of game ownership or requiring internet connection for offline games. Both are pretty bad options.

  14. Alternatively if they registered to vote and then did it they wouldn't have these problems.

  15. Well luckily with the new concealed carrying law and the stand your ground murder for funsies law that won't be a problem for long. /s

  16. Everytime Kristen Wiig came out with that tiny hand character. It wasn't funny in the slightest.

  17. ESH except your new wife. Your brother obviously, but you for opening your wedding with a joke about infidelity. That will always be the memory your wife keeps of how her wedding began.she deserved a good wedding and it's not her fault your previous wife was unfaithful.

  18. Watching this makes me feel better than I'm not the only one.

  19. Why was the van Gogh a scam? I didn’t go to the Columbus one, but I did go to the one in Florida when I was there on vacation in spring I enjoyed it

  20. I went to the one while visiting Denver and paid a lot to see like 4 paper mache sunflowers in a room then a PowerPoint with slightly wavy pictures and Wikipedia level info tidbits. Not special or revealing about him and way overpriced. If the one here in cbus was anything similar then it was a huge scam.

  21. i don’t know what this means can someone explain

  22. Malcolm Butler picked off Russell Wilson in SB 49 ensuring victory.

  23. They are the class nark. If you document things with evidence and follow the letter of the law, they may side with you.

  24. May is the key term. They're there to protect the business not you. They will only support you if they know you have an extremely legitimate claim that may hurt the business later in the court system.

  25. Vader should have recognized C-3P0 in the adjoining scene.


  27. But they were very happy with their due diligence.

  28. B is the more important variable here. Many people try to hang themselves but suffocation is painful causing people to not follow thru, jumping off a bridge may just break your bones but not kill you and is in public so someone else may step in to save or talk you down. Pulling a trigger into your brain is painless, fast, and nearly always succeeds. Many successful gun suicides are 1st time attempts.

  29. I think some people forget for prevalent cigarettes smoke and smell actually was. Yeah I get a whiff of skunk from time to time if I'm on a patio and a car drives by, but not nearly was ciggs used to be.

  30. Mine are helmet off in noncombat, doesn't seem to matter.

  31. Just opened my warlock for the 1st time since reset and am still having issue

  32. sash weight, curtain weight, scroll through previous posts and you'll find heaps of people posting similar. I think it might be in the frequently asked topics too.

  33. Likely solved because it is not magnetic as others have suggested.

  34. Title describes object, approx same weight as the pen. Found one of these split in half last week on my back porch and another today. We do have birds nesting in the soffets we can't remove and cover until they naturally leave due to laws but we think they are bringing these from somewhere.

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