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  1. "To keep yourself safe from hurricanes you need to get vaccinated."

  2. This is a rec program disguised as a medical program. Once you can accept it, you'll be fine.

  3. Well it is where it originated with fauchis help and our money lol.

  4. So fridge and tap are different. The fridge usually has a filter lol.

  5. Still he was the producer, wasn't he? He would probably be partially responsible even if he weren't the one who took the shot

  6. He should and will be held fully responsible.

  7. Bro! He was in charge! It was ALL his fault.

  8. Why has this become an everyday theme with me.

  9. Well, we all know it will never be biden. Let's go brandon!

  10. Looks good, no insults to cannibis, just lazy pussies

  11. Unfortunately it is not funny to read people commenting bullshit like this.

  12. You must be a shit eating liberal or democrat, in that case thanks for helping ruin our country.

  13. I'm pretty sure I just triggered your whole thread. Not the other way around lmao.Get fucked buddy.

  14. All of it looks terrible. I'd also never buy mids.

  15. You are correct sir. Mids at best and before anyone comments no I’m not jealous of your mids

  16. Honestly that stinks if any of that came from a dispo

  17. Yeah fuck all the pussies. Life is life . If words offend you, then get fucked.

  18. Glad ohio still has some morals left. I'm starting to think all reddit is anymore is an lgbtq whatever the fuck leftist platform. Terrible...yall need to find another country to TRY and fuck up.

  19. Can't beat that, I love this strain. Great for daytime , taste is always on point.

  20. Where are all of these jobs? No one is hiring...they say they are...but they are not. Inflated numbers

  21. Not true, the business I run is desperately trying to hire and I have talked to many others in the same boat. Our challenge is we are a music school and the required skillset is pretty fine to be onboarded. We have strict COVID protocols and the pay is competitive. We would love to add jobs to the market.

  22. So you are trying to hire what, 5 people or less? Your business is not what I'm getting at. Im talking bigger companies, government work, hospital, blue collar work etc..

  23. Gay folks don’t choose to be gay, but you chose to be an ignorant buffoon and type out this drivel in the hopes that someone would take it seriously. You are pitiful.

  24. I'll suck a dick, but I'm not choosing to be gay.

  25. Blah blah blah, Its a fucking choice. Your are born equal to everybody...then you choose your path.

  26. I’ve always been told by employees to go late rather than early.

  27. Of course the employees would tell you that lol..

  28. Go live in one of those countries then if you have a problem with the way things are done here.

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