Paul Mooney Dies: Writing Partner Of Richard Pryor Was 79

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  1. Not disagreeing with you but each State has some really good growers. The ones that you are seeing in Michigan now if they are still growing in another 5-10 years will have started to really get to know each strain they grow and the quality will improve. That said Ohio tends to have more farmers and farm land, so once Ohio goes rec it's going to be a new ball game.

  2. Didn’t specify but i’m only talking about dispensaries, independent Michigan growers and genetics are on par with Cali rn hands down, they have us completely beat there, some of Galenas best strain are Michigan genetics. Also wasn’t dissing on one over the other, they are both great, but I used to go up there more than i bought from Ohio, but the prices and quality are pretty even now so i don’t see the need for the constant trips like I used too, and flower wise Ohio is absolutely killing it rn.

  3. Make a drive to High level Health up north. Every one of their strains is top notch and grown organic. 125$ Oz smalls. 210 an Oz otherwise and can mix and match. I only say this bc I thought with all the high thc% and terpene numbers listed here that we got it going on but we don't. This place is outta Denver originally, win awards for their flower and extracts year after year. I love them bc they taught me thc% is BS. They know how to grow and I'd bet you can't find any better flower from a dispo, especially with their prices. I don't have any allegiance to them other than they have the best I've ever gotten in Michigan or Ohio time after time, no bad batches. We all think we smoke the best lol, this place will humble you! The Blue Skunk is legendary!

  4. I’ll have to look into that, this post definitely wasn’t a diss to Michigan at all, I was saying idk if it was worth the trip anymore because there prices are about the same per gram now and the quality isn’t different, and for flower I think we have them beat at the moment when it comes to the overall dispensaries, I haven’t been to very many place up north tho aside from Green Pharm in Traverse City so i’ll have to check out that place you talkin about

  5. Cool to see an Ohio poster on here, that Lemon Slushee was soo fire

  6. One of my new favorites, smells and tastes so good, and the terps are off the charts

  7. Just picked up the unicorn cake and ghost OG and they look better than anything else in the program so if you have time to finish curing it you have yourself some really high-quality bud 😂

  8. Did the Ghost OG have that kush/gassy smell that i’m expecting or did was it lacking smell like a lot of Farkas ? and what was the lineage on that Unicorn Cake ? (If it’s on the pack, I couldn’t find it online)

  9. The weed didn't help me at all though. That would be ideal.

  10. I mean tbh what helps me the most is that I have a therapist who actually wrote a recommendation to help me get my medical marijuana card, and i’m able to be very open with him, your psychiatrist sounded like a jackass and maybe it’s gonna be better to find a therapist instead of a psychiatrist who is gonna push prescriptions on you. This is also all from my own personal experience with panic disorder and PTSD, some things may work for me that don’t work for others, but my acceptance and commitment therapy went a lot smoother when i found someone who i was able to be open with about my cannabis use and about how it helps me.

  11. I am hoping to start fresh with new providers and find what works best ❤

  12. This is a hard one for me, because an Instagram for kids sound fucking horrible, but kids are already on Instagram and they see a lot of messed up shit, so why not separate it and keep them away from the bullshit? I think the problems start comin in when you have people advertising to kids, but that’s already the problem with kids tv, youtube, social media, etc.

  13. How exactly did they cross lemon g? I only saw it in clones...

  14. I have to assume they have a lot of good relationships with some of these breeders, and they probably get genetics that regular growers are not gonna be able to get their hands on. If that’s not the case though we will see.

  15. I just hope they're not blowing smoke in order for marketing.

  16. Harsh is subjective and the black ash myth is just that, a myth. There is absolutely nothing wrong with bud burning black.

  17. The initial cost of cryo cure is expensive, but the whole point in investing into it is that it saves you money in the long run, i don’t really see how any of it is superior to regular curing, that’s my biggest problem with this program is that shit is either really dry or it’s wet, and this was absolutely wet there is no hyperbole behind that, i said it because that what it is, if you want to smoke undercured bud go ahead, but any serious grower would know when the moisture content is too high and this is absolutely the case here, and most people who have smoked actual good clean weed know that clean bud does not burn black and harsh, I guarantee you i’m not alone in that, you are actually the only person who has said opposite.

  18. No, that's not the point of cryo curing. The point of it is to minimize terpene loss and preserve the flower as close to its original state as possible. And there is no possible way for it to save anyone money. Running cryo machines costs money that traditional curing does not. End of story.

  19. What makes it cheaper is that you are able to get it on the market faster, which is absolutely saving money in the long run, if you cryo cure bud that is not properly flushed you absolutely can get something that is too high in moisture content and filled with residual nutrients that burn harsh just like the link you just showed me says, which is the case here, and i’ve never heard anyone say they can tell if bud is wet or not from a bad quality video 😂

  20. Man i felt this to my soul, lost my favorite piece and I got it at a custom shop in Canada so it’s not something I can even order again, gotta wait till borders open back up 😭

  21. THC can degrade into CBN this is correct. But that takes many months to happen naturally. This is well studied.

  22. Monoterpenes like Myrcene have a higher evaporation rate and can be lost during curing, you are correct about that, but there is research that shows that terpenes like Humulene and Caryophyllene can actually double after curing, my statement about fresh tested bud having a lower terpene level was mostly wrong though after doing more research bc Monoterpenes are at their highest level after harvesting, but that doesn’t go for all of the terpenes.

  23. Not just Myrcene. As your article states, it's Myrcene, limonene, terpinolene, alpha-pinene, beta-pinene, linalool...so a lot of likely terp losses

  24. Those are all monoterpenes like I just said, which is why i said like Myrcene, i wasn’t going to list every one, but outright saying that every terpene doesn’t increase is wrong, so again I already agreed that my statement was wrong but you are just going out of your way now to try to make me look uneducated, because you also said that THC doesn’t increase which was also wrong because cannabinoids can absolutely convert to THC during curing and there is evidence to back that claim as well, you said i was “100%” wrong which is false, only statement that i made that was somewhat wrong was that terpenes are lower at harvest, because that is when monoterpenes are at their highest point, that was the only thing you were right about.

  25. And gorilla nut, gorilla puff, snowball, terpish delight, cake crasher, etc all gas galenas been coming with some fire

  26. Was a little disappointed with the cure times, my batch of snowball and terpish delight were harvested and packaged in the same month, that should never happen, aside from that they were pretty good

  27. When you’re running a facility as big as theirs there are gonna be a couple plants that may get a little stressed and some of us will get unlucky and get that batch, Klutch and Buckeye Relief have seriously improved, i would put Galenas up there too but i just got 2 different strains that were cured for under a month

  28. Just saw this on there instagram, cool to run across it on here.

  29. Delta-8, CBD, and Vapes are where big tobacco is bringing there money too

  30. Yeah i see mixed reviews on this batch, for me I definitely got some strawberry notes and got no seeds at all, but everything else you said is pretty spot on, i also mentioned that i got more of that cookies smell as well, only reason i’d buy it again is for bag appeal and it also has relaxing light effects so it’s nice to start out your day with or if you have shit to do but not for medicating, for 26% i was pretty underwhelmed forsure and wish i picked up the Banana Glue i saw lol

  31. I found 1 seed in my batch I'm smoking on now. It's not a bad strain but I recommend the youforia. So good.

  32. Finally a review on this, i’m gonna have to go pick some up tmrw, let me know how that Rainbow reserve is too

  33. I mean it sort of looks like an Odal Rune, but this is definitely reaching, they maybe should’ve been more careful when making it but i doubt a single person there even realized what it looked like, this is really not what this sub is about.

  34. orange 43 vs blueberry cheesecake... clash of the titans but blueberry cheesecake is my favorite strain. How is animal face eliminated?

  35. Not enough people tried it, Animal Face was by far Woodwards best

  36. See my response above, and yes it was 20% off at POW London recently.

  37. Got you, and yeah I’ve definitely done that before where i thought i was gonna like a strain so i bought it in bulk to save days then got stuck with some bullshit, so now when I want to try something new, i’ll get it in 2.83 first and if I like it i’ll go back and get more, which is a privilege for me because i live 5 minutes from my dispensary but that’s just how I avoid wasting money now.

  38. With Ohio it’s always a balance between wasting money and wasting days 😒

  39. And the ironic thing is if they fixed the day system, it would make things cheaper too because products would sell faster, only reason people don’t buy more than what they do now is because they are afraid to go over on days

  40. Nice review looks good. I had this bud back around August 2020 and it looked completely different... very purple lol. Right around 25 or 26% like your batch

  41. You can really get buy with just a good light and genetics. You can get a variable ballast/hood/light 400w-1000w setup for 200$-300$. LED even cheaper most the time. Alot of the new technology is alot pricier but you never know what will even stick around. Alot of growers are still using older techniques and technology. Some of the best flower I've ever smoked was grown by hillbilly and guerilla growers. It def does take some techniques though but most people could get on par with alot of the stuff in our program within a few harvests. Especially if they're willing to put the time into to learning and getting the right equipment/genetics.

  42. I think it’s little more than just lights and genetics but I definitely agree with what you’re saying, it’s really all about your methods and your environment, my point is a novice grower walking into a hydroponic store is not coming out with a cheap setup lol.

  43. That's not the only equipment you need but I do think you can get away without alot of the technology. Especially if your only growing a few personal plants. I'd love to share some of the stuff I've seen or even grown personally without much start up costs. I've seen more seeds in a few months in our program than I did in years on the BM. Not counting all the rushed and stressed flower we see. If some of us had the same resources we could grow just as good if not better. Growing on a commercial scale is alot tougher though

  44. Definitely, well said, i’m actually in a horticulture program rn learning about all of this myself, would love if you could DM me some tips about what to avoid and things i should know before i start. I want to eventually do an organic grow with leds and a hand-water system, and i know the genetics i want to get as well, just don’t know where to start lol.

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