1. I agree, the only reason I would ever buy shake is to cook with. Hard for me to understand why people buy shake/trim to smoke or vape.

  2. Really?!? I tried 3 in the sleeping bear dune area and none would take my caregiver card. Hm might have to check again when in the area again.

  3. I have done a couple in Ann Arbor and a bunch in Detroit/8 mile area with no problems. It might be up to each dispensary but is legal.

  4. 90 minutes yesterday..this was at noon, went to the Botanist and in and out in 5 minutes. Done with Bloom. Get more help.

  5. I agree, so much quicker at the Botanist. Worth spending the little extra money than wait an hour.

  6. I have been a daily Grow Ohio pod smoker for over a year now and I have noticed they are burning quicker and quicker. Seems like they have messed with the formula. I still think Grow Ohio oil is better than Klutch oil.

  7. I feel for ya, they did a bad job of spreading them out. I have three dispensary's within 10 minutes of me here in Summit County.

  8. I just want the original video, why cover the best part 🤷🏻‍♂️

  9. Wish Herbology Cuyahoga Falls had deals like this. Seems the other Herbology always has a bigger menu.

  10. I actually got this at cfalls today! They had icc and Sherbhead half ounces in the menu

  11. Lucky because I have been checking the menu since 9 this morning and haven't seen one half with the Klutch sale. The menu in Newark is always better than the Cuyahoga Falls menu.

  12. Really appreciate self testing and you posting it, but seriously BE CAREFUL. Isn't it illegal to do this? There's BIG money in testing right now, especially in Ohio. No more tiers so cultivators will be hungry for more money.

  13. Buckeye Relief already got approved to have one in Kent i am pretty sure. Near all the car lots towards Stow.

  14. White Truffle is fire, looking forward to seeing how they do.

  15. Thank you. I have both mesh and paper tape, but because it's a but joint I was thinking I should use mesh?

  16. The only time mesh is used for me are flats and Durabond only. Never use mesh on butt joints, ever. It will crack for sure. Mesh is the devil really.

  17. Looks good! At 21 just make sure you are getting what you are worth. This an art and not everyone can do what we do.

  18. Yes, it is legit. They are not strict and will give you your money back if you do not get it. I went through

  19. No...not your skin tone. This happens at every dispo in Ohio with people of all colors at that time.🤦🏻‍♂️

  20. Quite a bit. The relevant parts for this case being that it tastes like garbage, is harsh on the throat, and is easily and cheaply available from numerous fully legal sources.

  21. He was seen at a bar with no mask after the loss Monday. Wonder how he got...

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