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  1. Right. I started looking for a counselor last year. Nobody had appointments, nobody was taking new patients, It took months to find and get into one. The one I found cost $400 a session and wasn't even that great. Anyone who has experienced the process of moving from "I should probably go talk to someone" to actually GETTING help recognizes how massively different these are

  2. I was able to get an appointment for the next week ONLY because I was at my wits end, drove my ass to Netcare and stayed a few days. If it were not for a referral from Netcare, I would have been waiting months. It’s a mother fucking sad situation we have ourselves in.

  3. So fitting with your username. Bolivar here.

  4. One time I was about to miss the school bus. My dad ran out of the house and toward the corner in his tightie whities and flagged down the bus to keep it from leaving. I didn't miss the bus.

  5. Nice. When I was in high school, my dad broke up a fight between two teenage boys on our front porch in his tightie whities. Dads and their tightie whities 😆

  6. My dad also once broke up a fight between two teen boys in his tightie whities. Late, after he came home to find the remnants of a house party senior year and was trying to go to sleep.

  7. Same. I’m unsure why it was so normal for him to wander around the house and watch tv with the fam in them. I’m going to stop thinking about it now…🤣

  8. If you're a woman or even a smaller looking man and you're going to go on a walk by yourself in some semi-secluded area I'd highly recommend getting a knife or at least a stun gun to take along with you. Sounds like she got pretty lucky.

  9. Or use your phone to call a friend, a spouse, a family member, anyone. Maybe even a non emergency police number. Or just pretend you’re talking on the phone…something. Doing that could have possibly deterred the crime from happening.

  10. Calling someone on the phone just takes your focus off the present moment. If you find yourself with a bad feeling in a sketchy area, the absolute last thing you should do is call someone to have a conversation. You need your attention and ears focused on your surroundings. You think an attacker is going to think “oh they’re on the phone, never mind,” or will they think, “oh good, they’re on the phone, distracted”?

  11. Cool. If you call a friend or police, how is the criminal going to know as long as you loudly announce where you are at, etc? My main point was distraction and to let the criminal know that you are aware of them. When you actually do what I’ve recommended and it fails, then you can tell me how wrong I am. You’re speculating. You can’t be in the mind of a criminal to say what they will or won’t do in response to something you do. Every situation is going to be different. You can’t push a button on your phone while still being aware of your surroundings? If you can’t do that, you sound like a walking target.

  12. Phone?? No, I want a written record. Filled out a report, firm, etc

  13. Hello? Can you help us out? You indicated you filed a complaint but none of us can seem to find where to do that. It specifically says to call and they would send you the form. We are wondering how you filed the complaint without calling.

  14. I’m running into the same thing you are. Hopefully, someone can provide a little more help other than telling us to follow the link 🤷🏼‍♀️

  15. Green Runtz has become one of my favorites. THC is usually in the low 20s but I’ve enjoyed it so much more than some of the higher THCs…only proving that you shouldn’t go by the THC only when buying. FS does not disappoint with their smalls and rough cut. Winner winner chicken dinner.

  16. You just created this sub yourself didn’t you, lmao. You’re such a troll but I totally respect the hustle. Take my upvote.

  17. This is my favorite Reddit interaction from the last 201 days. Who creates a sub to back up their lie?!?!?! This is beyond fantastic. Thank you.

  18. Your analogy doesn't even work here. This would be like Nissan making their own car that closely resembles a Honda.

  19. JFC…I’m talking about removing the Honda emblems from my car that’s currently in my garage and replacing them with Audi emblems from the junkyard. Taking something that already exists and putting your “twist” on it doesn’t negate the fact you just dyed an American flag different colors and smacked a new name on it.

  20. Discounted medical marijuana evaluations. . . I highly (see what I did there?) doubt that the pay-to-play cartel that is OH Medical is going to allow someone to go get a medical card for less than $200! If so, I will be there.

  21. Did someone piss in your soup? My bad…the price for the soup fest was too much for you to comprehend. Is there anything held in Columbus you’d actually go to?

  22. Whatever event that isn't over-publicized and, now a days, likely to get shot up? I would attend the "snarky assholes of reddit" conference. Because, I would be a keynote speaker.

  23. 💪 I don’t even know what that means but there ya go. Never said you couldn’t afford it, toolbag.

  24. Whichever one you choose, know that refrigerated pickles are never in the same spot of the store. I felt like an idiot at the Georgesville Kroger when I asked where I could find Grillo’s pickles. My response to “have you checked the pickle aisle?” was a no considering none of the other Krogers I’ve been to have a refrigerated area in the pickle aisle. Always check the pickle aisle!

  25. Just put more cats in the wall

  26. You’re funny. Thank you for the laugh.

  27. Still sucking lemons? When you appreciate the small things in life, you’ll get it. It’s amazing.

  28. Guess I should have said "anyone else appreciating this?"

  29. Yes. We’re now talking about the Garth Brooks phases we went through back in the day…and the thunder rolls.

  30. Mate, science says the tumor isn't a baby until wasaaaaaaay after conception. It's the religious nuts who claim otherwise. You can't murder a tumor.

  31. To the guy who posted about Ohana’s: a thoughtful redditor sent my husband and I to Ohana’s. It wasn’t open so I can’t help with the details but that redditor was very familiar with Ohana’s. Let me see if I can find the user name….

  32. My guy (before the State became “my guy”) has been selling that strain forever. It was always reliable…a consistent effect.

  33. Need some tips on where to park. Any info is appreciated.

  34. This is going to be a massive protest. I highly recommend taking a Uber/Lyft/bus or walking because parking will be a clusterfuck.

  35. Hmmm…ok. We are game for walking to the Statehouse but not doable from home.

  36. Why waste your money when you can get amazing locally grown peaches? Check out branstool orchard when the peaches are ripe. They also have the most amazing apple selection I've ever seen :D

  37. These peaches are amazing. Find someone to split a box with. This will be our fourth year getting them. I’ve done a cobbler and a bread with them in the past. If anyone has any amazing peach recipes, please share 🍑

  38. If they only understood that abortions happen for reasons other than unwanted pregnancies.

  39. There are absolutely statistics around the items you mentioned above, but be wary of what sources you’re using to make sure they aren’t biased.

  40. Can you go ahead and print that out and mail it to me? I’d like to take a picture of it to save on my phone.

  41. Sounds like some shit my mom would do. After she printed off the Mapquest directions to use along with the GPS.

  42. Let’s go! See you there! What will you be wearing? What time you thinking? Want to make sure I’m yelling the loudest at your dumb ass.

  43. Has anyone ever actually pm’ d you noodle dishes? Inquiring mind. Thanks.

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