1. Awesome thanks for the heads up. Haven’t seen it at my dispo but will def stock up if I see some

  2. I had some blue dream flower that I got at a rise dispensary in Cleveland area a couple months ago. I enjoyed it a lot. I haven’t seen it around much since then though!

  3. Always thought they were so dry, had some DStar Kush (Jedi Kush) and Banana Puddintain in the past, crumbled instantly, and the buds looked soo good.

  4. Totally agree!! It’s super well-cured. Nice and sticky. I haven’t had any OCL In the past but it this is great so far

  5. Damn they charging for it though. Had Larry and Dstar beginning of program at Bloom Painesville . Thought it was some of the best. Totally jealous right now, enjoy!

  6. Yeah for sure a bit pricey. I normally wouldn’t pay that much for it but I’ve never had it and heard it was fire so here I am 😅

  7. How did you enjoy the WW LA Kush Cake? I loved it and think it was better than Meigs County’s LA Kush Cake.

  8. The LA kush cake is great so far! I haven’t finished it yet. Definitely one of my favorites I’ve had in a while. Too bad it doesn’t come around that often

  9. Miracle Alien Cookies (MAC) is a favorite of mine. This is the first time I have purchased it from Klutch and I am not disappointed! I normally get it from Standard Wellness. Perfect hybrid strain for me. The jar came with four very dense nugs that look super Kiefy! The effects to me are very comparable to SW MAC.

  10. I’ve never had it but I’ve read on here that it’s better for dipping bread in (or similar) rather than cooking with. I saw some on sale and thought about picking it up too, but didn’t end up pulling the trigger

  11. Agreed! I was pleasantly surprised at how nice it looks. Smaller nuggets but still looks and smells great. Purchased from rise dispensary at $68 for 5.66g. Can’t wait to try it - it’s been several years since I’ve had blue dream

  12. That looks great! I love the grow Ohio half oz’s. Can usually get a great deal on them. I’ve had triple chocolate chip several times and some Ohio-47 (great sativa, absolutely loved the smell. It took me back quite a few years). Still haven’t tried stardawg

  13. Where did you get your Rosin because mine was crumbling and didn’t look like that ?Guess it’s a hit or miss

  14. I got this at Rise. Also sorry to hear that yours was crumbly. I haven’t had much rosin from FS, all have been around this consistency. However I did get some shatter once that was more like melted goop

  15. Klutch ice cream cake 2.83g 24% THC. I haven’t had this since it was branded under calyx peak. The smell is a lot better this time around. It looks really nice - well trimmed, colorful, crystally, etc. I was hesitant about klutch because last time I bought some triangle mints it was super dry. This doesn’t seem nearly as bad. Vaped some with pax 3 and had great effects. Would get some more in the future!

  16. Nice review looks good. I had this bud back around August 2020 and it looked completely different... very purple lol. Right around 25 or 26% like your batch

  17. Sunshine lime from BR had the strongest citrus taste IMO. It was almost too much for me to handle lol

  18. Triple OG is one of my favorite strains. If this is anything like it I'm sure it's fire. The Triple is one of the stinkiest strains I've ever gotten

  19. Agreed. I think that’s why I love triple chocolate chip so much! Favorite strain in Ohio program

  20. I take T breaks from time to time. Best advice is to come back Into THC a bit slower. Do less than what you were doing before and see how it affects you. Usually when I come back from a T break I get significantly stronger effects at first so I usually take it a bit slower!! As for the CBD part of the question — I’m not totally sure. I don’t have much experience with CBD only products except for a couple times I had some flower. But I mixed it with normal flower so I can’t really help there

  21. Super strong taste. The effects is pretty good, was very mellowed out, happy, laughing, but then again I don't know it could've been the bud I had as well lol

  22. Gotcha. Interesting lol I want to try some because it’s different than the typical gummies/edibles

  23. Commenting to follow post. Mac is one of my favorites! Curious on how Cresco is too. I’ve never seen this on a menu

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