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  1. Great response, thanks a lot for the help! Incredible community we've built here!

  2. Hi everyone! Wanted to cast a vote today but when going on to the governance website it says "connect wallet" in the too where it usually displayed my wallet address. Now it says I'm still eligible when I check algostats, but I am afraid if I reconnect to the website it'll count as if I'm only just connecting now and so make me ineligible. Am I just being paranoid?

  3. https://youtu.be/iMu47raqbcc

  4. Acquisitions are almost always funded via debt financing, so it'll be a syndication loan making up the bulk of the acquisition financing. Maybe there is a small element of cash but surely not a lot.

  5. This is the last governance period I will commit to. The payout is simply too low.

  6. When I try to vote with the old official wallet connected, I get an error saying "Please review and sign the transaction using the Pera Algo Wallet". I'm just so afraid of being made ineligible.

  7. While your overall notion of the presence of whales in all sectors of finance is true, it's not always linked to the largest amounts of initial risk, and their goals and exit/re-entry strategies are often very different from that of retail and small time investors.

  8. Dealing with Greenland is dealing with Denmark and Denmark can't negotiate more or less favourable terms than what it's allowed to enter into by its EU commitments. So yeah won't be a landmark deal by any means.

  9. When buying frames, wheel size is less important as almost all bikes will be running 700cc. More important things to look at are; especially if you want to reuse components:

  10. That is great advice and very informative, thank you! Clearly a lot more points to consider than I had initially thought. No such things as a straight forward frame swap it seems like ;).

  11. A bit worrying the CEO and founder has never held a real job of any kind?

  12. Du er ikke bagude, men det gør ikke noget at lægge en plan, der flugter med dine drømme og fremtidige ambitioner.

  13. I see a pelagos, I upvote. Nice on the LHD as well. Are those pieces more rare?

  14. The more Algos committed, the less float there is to be dumped, meaning the price will remain even more stable for the next quarter even when other coins fluctuate.

  15. Not really because option A won the vote. Had option B won, selling after a price spike would have been disincentivized.

  16. But under option B, non-governors would be able to dump huge bags leaving governors trapped as they wouldn't want to incur 8% penalties. What am I misunderstanding 🤔

  17. Good thing is that with more institutional algo investors committing large bags to governance, the risk of someone dumping large bags while the rest of us are holding, drops.

  18. @sweaty_camel_118 fortune favours the brave! 😄

  19. May the entire algo community be blessed with plenty of Christmas miracles! 🎄

  20. Mate same just happened to me and I was freaking out thinking I made a mistake in the receiver address. But double checked on algo explorer and there the transaction checks out. Seems to just be the algorand wallet being a bit slow. So I wouldn't worry if I were you 😊

  21. Merry Christmas everyone, may there be some great gifts under the tree from either Algogrand parents, Algodads and Algomoms, or even the occasional Algoholic uncle. Stay educated! Oh and don't Algorant about how crypto is down these days, it'll turn soon!

  22. Paying the good vibes forward, hoping you guys get great rewards. Actually quite a neat app for crypto and a good interfaces. I might just hold on to the extra crypto on there and take for the 28% spy!

  23. Funny.. Somehow a high net worth entity swinging the vote doesn't seem decentralised at all...

  24. Are you talking about per-year, or per-round? Also, are you talking about percentage points, or percent increase from option A's rewards? Those are two very different things.

  25. Thanks for the response, this is exactly the kind of information and critique I was looking for! Just trying to way both sides of the argument best I can. Thanks again.

  26. I don't know. Publish your calculations, show the work, then we can argue about it.

  27. With calculation I meant percentage sum of 20m into 1.8bn which comes out to 0,111%. What I think I may have missed is that the penalised Algo from retracting too soon goes back into the governance pool, which could potentially give higher rewards if enough governors break the ranks. However, I would never trade an 8% personal loss for that few extra Algos per quarter. Also, in my opinion, option B makes everyone vulnerable to institutional players that can sell out and tank the price and lock us in if we don't want to be penalised 8%.

  28. Option B only gives you marginally higher rewards.. Less than 1% per governance period.

  29. Because I don't trust the traditional financial system and the people that "regulate" it.

  30. Added - do you need me to send you my address to receive?

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