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  1. There's a location in the High Forest called Shadowtop Cathedral - apparently the massive Sequoia-like trees are called Shadowtops. There's no particular description of them being magical but the fact that they're ancient massive trees means they could be homebrewed easily.

  2. Fun watch. How did you get the game log to pop out and overlay transparent?? I would love to do the same!

  3. Hey! Thanks for letting me know it was helpful! Makes the time worthwhile haha. Really happy you're happy with your setup. Anything you can share?

  4. Quick Q: do you have any restrictions for people using these in games streamed online?

  5. It might actually be better to be more vague with them so they can be universally applied? You know how the default Owlbear Rodeo tokens look, where it'll just be something like a star or a sword or whatever - that might be pretty good so they can "represent" different stuff. Maybe some sort of horse-like symbol(s), an insectoid-type thing, maybe a serpent/worm thing...and definitely an abomination/horror one.

  6. Different creature types from D&D seem like good token ideas. Aberration, Monstrosity, Giant, etc. In your odd shapes, of course.

  7. We use Owlbear Rodeo for our live games, and we love it! If you've ever wanted to see how others use it in live games, here's your opportunity!

  8. Lol full disclosure... Not any Owlbear to see tonight! Was a roleplay heavy game, and we didn't go into combat. Sometimes, that's just the way it goes!

  9. I can't answer your question so I'll offer an alternative option: make a specific item for manual attacks with the bonus you want it to have. Have the player use that item to attack only when they're in the situation where they should be using it.

  10. Hey! Here's how I just set it up - it's working for a dwarf PC that usually has 25ft of movement.

  11. what module are you using to get the drop down menu to select the attribute ?

  12. Geez you know what, I'm not sure. It's been there for a long time... Something a module added that I didn't intend, but was happy to have. Sorry I can't be more help.

  13. Same issue here. Unfortunately I thought mine was caused by some other power issues and network changes, so I ended up resetting my hub in an attempt to get it running again. Alas, now the hub beeps twice per second forever, non stop.

  14. For safety reasons I made some folders off limit for the program. It would be bad to run it on systems or modules for example. I guess I went overboard by adding worlds to that list. I make a new version tomorrow without that limitation.

  15. If your players haven't met Harshnag yet you could foreshadow him by having a few slain fire giants.

  16. So, i'm playing paladin and just got to level 2, and have absolutely no idea what to take for spells lol

  17. I was playing a tattoo artist, a level 1 rogue, who happened to touch a magical orb, essentially giving him one level of warlock.

  18. I know, that's not really answering your question, and hopefully someone else will have a better answer for you.

  19. Hmmmmm..... Are you actively streaming to YouTube while also trying to hook YouTube into owlbear on the game computer? I could see how the API might get a little confused unless the streamer is on a different device and account than the audio hook. Kenku might be what the owlbear team focuses their audio efforts as they work on owlbear 2.0, but I'm not sure. It might have different API hooks, so maybe still check it out? It might offer a reasonable "go-between" to help separate the hooks from cross-mojinating, kinda like using two different browsers to access the same site with two different accounts. It might "keep the streams from crossing" to quote Ghostbusters.

  20. Does this set of images help with understanding? Tried to show everything in the images themselves:

  21. Do you have any Spotify links to ambient music? I for some reason can never find any..

  22. No way! Thank you so much, I would never expect such a wide collection of ambience and music, but here we are. That link is incredible, thank you so much!!

  23. Like others have said, I also used Easy Table. I recently converted a bunch of "100 magic items" tables into a module of rollable tables.

  24. Hey! We'll that's a crazy experience... Seeing one of my videos linked by someone else. Thanks for that! :)

  25. Thank you for your video, I found it helpful!

  26. Weird to go through the effort of making a table for Foundry and a module for the tables but not making them actual items in a compendium in the module. I mean I appreciate the effort but why stop half way?

  27. Haha I think you'll find I stopped maybe 5% of the way to the module you're suggesting.

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