1. Limonene 3.81 mg Caryophyllene 3.44 mg Linalool 2.69 mg Humulene 1.05 mg Pinene 0.60 mg Bisabolol 0.45 mg Myrcene 0.36 mg In my opinion with the flavor as you'd figure the limonene definitely shines out the most with a nice citrus flavor coming from it.

  2. I'd also love to go to their actual shop eventually, usually at Ohio Provisions there is only about 3 maybe 4 if we're lucky different pow options and they are all usually of the half variety.

  3. Their flower used to have little to no effects on a pretty consistent basis but everyone says they changed now. I remember about a year ago they gave some blueberry flower for Hon to turn into concentrate. Probably top 3 purchase I’ve made in the program. Wish they would do that again

  4. I bet that was an absolutely amazing purchase, and honestly having the strain after a full 24 hours I do have to say I'm very disappointed on how it's went, I had mentioned in a previous reply on this post that the buds were more on the moister side which normally isn't a big deal but it's made a 2.83 that I could usually make extend to 3 days maybe 4 if I'm stretching it only last what will likely only be two days due to the inconsistency in the way the bud would grind up/ burn, other than that the effects were very good, helped alot with my back pain as well as my insomnia.

  5. Good to know. Still a couple other brands I want to try that are higher on my list

  6. I love it. Taste is unbelievable & it’s a real heavy hitter. The perfect night time strain

  7. I absolutely agree with you, I'm gonna be picking up the crumble version of it come Monday and I'm super stoked to try it after my experience with the flower.

  8. They just had 30% off Klutch again today I believe lol. They def have some of the best prices in our program. They're pretty disorganized but seem to be getting better lately. I'm not positive where they all are but go to the one in dayton usually. But there's also one in Monroe. I'm pretty sure there one in London also and I think one more location but I can't remember where

  9. How are you enjoying it so far? I picked up a 2.83 jar and really like this strain so far.

  10. You got some solid choices. Try out sherbtane from Columbia care next time they have a sale. Pretty fire nugs in the 5.6 jars

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