My mom lost her 14 year old cat in October. Yesterday she decided to bring home Cheddar, the cat as big as she is.

For an especially amazing showing.

I'm catching the vibration

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  1. Hey OP just seen this post as I’m having a pedal flex aswell do you know if the strengthening kit helps with the pedals in formula position? Do the extra brackets reach high enough on the plate deck to support the top?

  2. I’m in this same kinda wave rn just made a post myself asking about this very thing I’m so consistent in my practice idk where to make up the time it’ll take weeks to perfect the track/car so I’m at the point of do I just start racing and hope to improve or stick it out and really learn a track thatsgoing to change next week anyways it’s rough man

  3. Just go until you are consistent and safe, then join a race. Thanks to irating most people will be around your pace, and the ones that are much faster most likely will be pointed the wrong direction at some point as they can't maintain their pace.

  4. Ya know I forgot about the irating does that take lap times into effect or just your SoF I’m confident I’m safe/consistent enough I just don’t want to be that guy slowing all the cars down I want to be competitive and learn more of the blocking/overtaking side of racing I don’t get from practicing

  5. Don't be worrying about the top guys, worry about yourself.

  6. I feel pretty good about my entry/exits I’m at the point I need to push the car/boundaries to make anymore time but that’s will take awhile to make perfect and with how iracing works and the time I get to play the series moves to a new track by time I’m hitting those lap times consistently and you’re right I shouldn’t be looking at the top guys but I’m a competitive dude and know I can hit those times myself

  7. For AC most people use RSR LiveTiming:

  8. I came across that site earlier today how do you find cars/tracks I see the hot laps for today and nothing else


  10. Yo this is perfect thank you 🙏 May all your races end in dubs today

  11. Yo mate delete this ugly ass clip you talk about them missing but you either are cheating or some funky ass aim assist helped you hit those shoots you were shooting the fucking ground and snapped back onto them

  12. What the heck is the shelter feeding these guys not just your kitty the guy in the cage behind him looks massive aswell

  13. I’m all for this as long as it data like what position or what type of tires the driver is running

  14. Idk wtf the guy above is talking about, he doesn’t speed paint in his episodes he takes the time he needs to paint, which I’m sure would be hard to keep up with for someone with add like yourself.

  15. Bob actually made 3 painting every episode one for reference the one he makes on the the show (speedy 26min painting) and then finally a flawless version for his books that he made in his spare time that probably took hours

  16. If it indeed is lost and they send me another one and they ask me to pay shipping for it, I'm returning everything I bought from them and ordering simagic.

  17. My guy I’ve seen you say this in every thread for the past week just send your shit back already

  18. tried reducing ur mouse's sensitivity? (i forgot what's exactly called but it's the mouse's refresh rate, reduce it and check). It would reduce the number of packets sent as you reduced the number of times it had updated the mouse movement.

  19. Polling rate and it’s def not that this is a hitch in the game more or so either computer bottlenecking or internet problems ect packet loss/ fps stutters OP needs to run HWmontior or even the in game stats to figure out what’s causing it

  20. was tempted to get this but the red bull edition . Do you only drive open wheels ? How’s this feel when driving gt3 cars

  21. It LOOKS like the whole thing rides on curved rails to get upright...

  22. That would actually be a solid build idea but it’s not how playseat made it the seat can’t be reclined upright the only cockpit I’ve found to do both is the NLR fgt and fgt elite

  23. There should be an option to add serial number in your fanatec account if you go to “my products” tab add serial number and if it doesn’t change try contacting them If I remember correctly that’s what I did and my warranty started that day even though it said it was going for the 2+ months while I waited to receive it

  24. Can’t add the serial number if I didn’t even receive tracking number yet hope it’s a bug in there system

  25. I know but what I’m saying is once you do get it that’s all you got to do and it should fix itself no need to worry about it rn

  26. It’s the same with any company mate you can either order and wait for the shipment or pay expedited shipping and the company ships same day literally even Amazon has that feature you pay more for next day shipping it’s just called something different

  27. I seen a guy a week ago at my local Walmart buying 5 switches pissed me off I yelled across the store we got a scalper on our hands and everybody around starting calling him names I felt bad but fuck that guy ruining others Christmas to upmarket them fucking shameful man

  28. My mum brought 6 xbox 360s when they first came out bc she had just came into some money and decided all the nephews and my brother and I were getting 360s

  29. Lmao y’all tripping you really tryna defend that guy he was a scalper the first thing I did was joke around with him about buying so many as it’s close to Christmas for all I know he was donating and I was gonna give him props but instead he got aggressive and tried to hide his face so I raised my voice and said we got a scalper so after he left in shame I asked the clerk in electronics if he thought he was a scalper and sure enough what he responded with blew my mind dude cleared all switches from the back and was there a day before asking for ps5 inventory and to be placed on a waiting list while buying all switches from the floor the employee was probably more upset then anyone having to let that man walk out with 10+ switches in 2 days he told him the day before this that they had no more switches and when he came back the employee couldn’t refuse to give him the rest as it’s not in his right to deny a customer so FYI even the store said they won’t be letting him purchase anymore until after the holidays y’all crazy thinking I attacked some dad buying gifts

  30. Dudes rich and wearing jeans tighter then his wife’s all I take from this is homie just lost another painting of his boat in 2years time

  31. Relax atleast we got confirmation the warehouse has sorted our package which means the next pick up day they will be loaded on the truck my peddles took exactly one week from the email so I’m hoping it’s the same with the base and rim

  32. Hey OP what’s the date next to the rim in your fanatec account ? Imma be upset if after receiving my warehouse processing it goes even further then the original delay of Jan 3

  33. I don’t think we can go on order numbers I was on this thread a few weeks ago and someone had the same order number as me but said he cancelled so I’m not sure what’s going on with fanatec shipping

  34. Yo I fell in love with this game back on GameCube forced me into buying a PlayStation and never looked back awesome that it’s going to be playable again good stuff man I was just in a thread couple weeks ago talking about this game!!!

  35. I was giving my opinion that there are better options for not much more money, and that the fgt is not the best option. From your reaction I'd guess even if I had suggested getting a tr80 you would've spat your dummy out. You want 2 positions ok, if you're one of the tiny amount of people who change seating positions then whatever, crack on, but most people find one comfortable position and stick with it. The fact that you think someone near 50 would struggle to get in and out of a seat suggests you come from a country where most people that age are fat as fuck and totally unfit, and that you yourself don't have much experience in life. PS my rig is posted if you can deal with being incorrect about me owning one

  36. Funny you say that I assumed you were a bigger guy with how you talk about sweating and the seat being uncomfortable but aye I guess not right ? You’re one spicy fella you said heavy modified all I see is a new seat and your own diy peddle plate to make it sturdy it actually looks good like that but yeah you made the wrong choice in a rig and think others don’t know what they want you could have gotten any rig that sits gt and you went with the worse option for that sorry but don’t say there are better options and proceed to not mention them I mainly race open wheels so sitting f1 is what I like but gt3 is the most popular in any sim and as for you thinking I just pulled this out my ass go look at your first comment it was smart remark whether you acknowledge it or not get of the internet old man you’re grandkids would be embarrassed and wife would probably leave you talking like that even I know better I called you a doofus and you out stressing on Reddit

  37. Seriously, you need to calm down. My guess is you're butthurt because somebody doesn't love your setup, and you spend too much time on the internet looking for fake news. Maybe you're a kid, literally or emotionally, and can't interpret messages in any other way than your first reaction? Firstly, the rig I posted was a temporary setup whilst on assignment in Poland, posted in response of all these 'it ain't much...' posts featuring 3k rigs. Next, feel free to look up Antony Gaskin on iRacing and you see I've raced plenty, if you're on Xbox you can check onetime73 on PC2 records and you'll see plenty there as well. And you really need me to send you the receipts for the 2 Silverstone single seater days I've done? Lastly I've raced BMX, MTB and MX for most of my adult life and I'm nearly 50, so there's that as well. Also, interested to know how you've got zero flex in your pedal plate when you haven't even built it yet? Lastly, incoming post featuring my heavily modded fgt that I regret buying, and would advise people to avoid because there are better options out there for only slightly more money.

  38. I have built it mate that was the whole point of the second comment I waited until I put it together to prove you wrong I didn’t buy it before knowing the pros and cons but I wanted to be sure I wasn’t talking out my ass like you as for your age is probably a big reason you don’t like the rig I’m younger guy being near my 50s there’s no way in hell I’m going in and out of that seat it practically sits on the floor and I didn’t mean sim racing you said something about sweating in your sim setup like you’re not in a controlled environment AC exist in my country buddy but being behind the wheel of a real car in full race gear you sweat bad the pedals are the most important thing in sim racing that’s the first thing I looked at on the fgt or any rig the older models didn’t come with those extra bolts you had to request them from NLR so yes they use to be horrible but buy one today and it’s a solid ass rig . As for better options you should have just responded with what you think is a better option not try and say it’s bad based on your shitty experience the next best rig that has f1 and gt is 500 dollars more without a seat so please tell me what rig you’d go with

  39. I just think it’s wrong to interrupt you three times to say “Hey you should stay on my browser!” before letting you install and launch said browser.

  40. True I’m never a fan of companies doing that but when I downloaded chrome I never got that but it might be because I’ve had cortana turned off from day one

  41. That’s fortunate. I think I downloaded Firefox before microsoft could tell me not to also

  42. You started on the right browser I was using IE before edge and only made the switch to chrome/edge when win10 came out lmao

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