1. Unit 103? You don't need to confirm for privacy, I imagine every unit on that floor is as bad.

  2. One year lease, she's five months in. I was going to try and kindly ask the landlord to let her out of it or try to find a sublet for her. Or alternatively find something that makes her lease invalid, which I know is a long shot

  3. Did the player need to sign in to your DNDBeyond as a consequence?

  4. Nope! Dndbeyond allows you to have campaigns where the content of the DM is shared. While a player is in that campaign they can access the books the DM owns as if they themselves owned it. No accounting sharing or information sharing required.

  5. i did the same. i am unable to logout on pc. it keeps forcing/automatically logging me into the wrong account. i might have to uninstall and reinstall.

  6. That sadly didn't work for me. I ended up giving up.

  7. Sadly no. Nothing I've been able to do has fixed it sadly

  8. Love the hard work and content you've been providing the community

  9. Wait you can buy the modules in digital format?

  10. Foundry currently doesn't have a way to buy official setup campaign books (or any dnd books at the moment) But you can purchase from roll20 and use a converter module.

  11. Not me, but one of my players had the most amazingly embarrassing deaths.

  12. I'd wager you won't get many people on the foundry subreddit not willing to endorse foundry.

  13. Hey! A new location on upper James call dark Fox just opened up. The owner is a big fan of Pokemon and is mainly dealing with Pokemon trades and sales.

  14. My player is an owl, using the Aarakocra star block, but small. While the chardalyn dragon was on its way towards Bryn-shander. The cheeky bastard and his party formed a plan.

  15. If I'm not mistaken, your homebrew unique items can be toggled to be ignored by the importer.

  16. I'd be careful with it, the book raw is already quiet deadly. I've had a few issues at the start of my campaign where my party went on a death / losing spiral due to my ignorance or some really bad strings of luck. It's totally killed their moral.

  17. How would he do it? Animate Dead? Doesn’t that have a number cap on the amount of dead raised?

  18. My players are smarter than I am. Army might be a bit dramatic but from what I understand he is currently brainstorming a cast rotation of reapplying and raising over the course of several days.

  19. I would advise to let him do some of it to an extent but have there be consequences for their actions. The ten towns are already distrusting of outsiders, so how would you react if some rando came in, saved some of you, but then started using your dead friends and neighbors as undead slaves. So at bare minimum have them at least be wary of that player. And at most, have the towns get pissed and refuse to help them any more. It’s one of those grey areas of dnd that goes “yes you can do that. But that’s still pretty fucked up in universe.” And people would not rationally have a good reaction to that. If that makes sense.

  20. Exactly, this. It's pretty messed up. I imagine the people praising them as heroes leaving the town but if he returns with the dead following him I was thinking that I'd have a little event of someone recognizing a dead family member.

  21. Speaking with your wallet will get you further. May I suggest foundry? It's a fantastic VTT and I've found the community is more what you're looking for.

  22. Problem is, that he want's to have his second level as hexblade, after 1 level of rogue. So the sword is too late for that.

  23. This is exactly what my player did. He was a paladin going into hexblade.

  24. I just started on the site this month and was going to buy some books, but players can't share and only the Dungeon Master can share and that's stupid. Now, seeing all these problems, don't think I'm going to buy anything. Who knows if they will even be a thing a few years from now..

  25. I use foundry after being a long time user of roll20. Cannot recommend it enough.

  26. I am obessed with this art style and tokens. Cheers

  27. This is beyond cool. Very well done, I want to do this for my icewind Dale game now damn

  28. I have it to a strong roleplayer in my group. When he targets enemies with the fireball he understands that sometimes the shield can "accidently" explode a little too early and hit his party members.

  29. Your gut instincts are correct. Tying your PCs to Elturel makes the story a lot stronger.

  30. I gave one of my players the option to be a hellrider. That choice in if itself has driven the story so strongly. Every reveal of the story has personally been connected to him.

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