1. Hey guys- I’ve got a V5 on a wismec releaux 3, the resistance is off the charts and I’ve tried just about everything I can think of to sort this out with no luck including:

  2. The mod is new as well or just the V5? Cause if the mod is new, you've got a bad mod. You'll be able to use it for wattage mode but just about anything temp control will be an issue.

  3. Just the V5, the mod is a bit older. I think you’re right, ima try another mod to test it out + look into some settings for wattage mode. Appreciate the reply, cheers🙌🙌

  4. I haven’t been to any appointments since June and still get reminders to renew my prescription. As far as I’m aware, I haven’t been discharged.

  5. If it was good and didn’t cost you anything then it’s a win-I agree with the other comment that it looks great.

  6. Thank you😭 4 ingredients including olive oil, not exactly restaurant quality but was a strong contender against rolled oats and veggie stock with tomatoes on top which was the only alternative

  7. I was proud of myself for the cost-effectiveness of the meal, shared this in a group chat & people started asking me if everything’s okay😭

  8. Your bedroom cupboard will probably do fine. I like the metal bakers racks with led lighting. Easy to mount lights and air moves freely around the tubs.

  9. Amazing, thanks for confirming! I have 2 wooden shelves + enough space for some metal racks so I’ll definitely get a few, the air flow bit is genius- why do you opt for red lights? I was thinking to put some timed LEDs in the cupboard too

  10. Best place is the most unused place. Wherever they can sit undisturbed as much as possible is going to be better. Kitchen probably isn't the best, but its better than a bathroom. Mine is in a spare closet that we rarely get into. Nothing really special about it other than being able to leave it alone.

  11. Great advice, thank you! I’m worried that bc my cupboard is in my bedroom + I’m in here a lot there’s a higher chance of contam but the cupboard won’t be touched- this gave me the much needed encouragement to get all my supplies + start growing!🙏

  12. I'd tell myself to save as much money as I could then bet it all on Leicester City to win the Premier League in the 2015-16 season (5000:1 at the start)

  13. I think you’d make history and probably become a football mascot somewhere- knowing the likes of Paddy Power, Ladbrokes, Betfair etc I’d wish you all the luck trying to get that cashed out😂

  14. For some reason I thought it was rubber milk or something totally outlandish- the letters fading w/the liquid caught me off guard😂

  15. I had my first 'proper' talking therapies session today after two initial consultations, and I am VERY optimistic for the future

  16. Congrats that’s amazing news! I hope all goes well + sending you all the positive vibes on your journey ✌️

  17. Ooo headphones + edibles is such a good idea- will be giving that a go tomorrow for sure! I’ve used acrylics a few times but decided to brush up my skills tonight aha- I’ve just seen your artwork, you’re v talented (cute doggie too!) sending all the best vibes your way🙏

  18. NAH, but it really isn't your place to warn/coach J. It's your manager's - or J's manager, if you don't report to the same person. They're the one who needs to lay out that this is getting to the point where they're going to have to consider letting J go if things don't improve, and what J needs to do to demonstrate they can actually do this without needing constant correction or hand-holding. You getting out ahead of the timeline on that could complicate things - or if they're giving you a heads up, it's possible they've already had that conversation and J just isn't taking it seriously for whatever reason, which is on J.

  19. This is perfect advice thank you and helps me sleep better at night! It sums up my position pretty well while being realistic and pushes the responsibility away from me.

  20. My role includes HR so I’m involved in the decision and I know I’ll inevitably have to pick up an element of this situation either way.

  21. NTA. I think your younger brother needs a lesson in respect and boundaries. Unfortunately, until he can learn those, he can’t have the luxury of living in a space with such a level of freedom.

  22. I think you exercised far far too much patience with him. You should have said "whatever you think you are insulting a guest to your home."

  23. PREACH- I couldn’t agree more, I’m very much a benefit-of-the-doubt kind of person and always try and see other people’s perspectives even when they are ignorant or bigoted but something clicked that made me realise that precious time and energy could be diverted towards something positive.

  24. You shouldn't have to agree to disagree on your personal boundaries, and being called a slur is not acceptable.

  25. 200% - I do it for my own peace and sanity as that’s the point in which I stop engaging with people on the topic but leave the relationship in tact from their perspective. I’ve been told that “if you argue with an idiot, those watching won’t be able to tell the difference” so once I conclude there’s no progress I leave the conversation as is- respectfully, to protect my energy.

  26. A few weeks ago I asked for some help with finding plant pots as I went through a recent breakup & the pots I had were my ex’s. They were returned but my beauties were without a home.

  27. &obvs I can’t forget your hair😍 looks softer than frank ocean’s voice on Nikes on a hot summer day✨ I literally had to stop & double take! Your vibe made my week so thank you so much for sharing🙏🙏

  28. Sorry I have nothing useful to add to your question other than to say that I love the WHOLE look. The glasses, the necklace, your skin- your whole vibe is magical (I’m also an avid VW fan!) sending you many blessings & good vibes🤩✨✨

  29. Or my fave of leaving messages unanswered for ages then getting anxiety bc people will think I’m being rude and ignoring them when in reality I don’t have the energy to pretend to be normal🙃

  30. this is really random but you have lovely nails😍 they look super healthy! Nice plants too👌👌

  31. Ahhh thank you! It’s been bugging me for quite some time trying to figure it out🤩 I’ve counted the spots so many times that I eventually concluded on 17 and gave up hope😩

  32. Found in the UK, it was about 2-3 mm in size. Incredibly friendly & I counted around 20 spots.

  33. Isn’t she GORGEOUS! I love calatheas, there’s something magical about them💕💕💕

  34. Cowells garden centre have lots of cheap plant pots, I got a few Elho pots from there. Stupid Egg also have some nice smaller pots!

  35. I panicked when I saw the location at first but they deliver around the UK! I’m a new fan of their plant selection + pots too, I think I’ll grab a few bits from them esp their Burgon & Ball pots which are exactly what I’m after🤩🤩 thanks a lot✌️

  36. TK Maxx has some pretty pots😍🪴and plant stands, hangers and misters! sometimes reduced aswell! 🍃

  37. OMG how could I forget TK MAXX?! (tbh I have to refrain from splashing out on candles each time I go there!). I’m in desperate need of a mister too so I’ll pop round this weekend. I think I’m going to end up with more pots than plants at this stage😂😂 but it’s a good excuse to grow my plant family🌱✨

  38. Wow you must have some thick skin- I can barely stomach the topic when speaking to people that aren't actually interested in the policy itself rather how it’s branded and portrayed. Either way many blessings on your travels through life & the Reddit world✨✨

  39. How old were you if you don't mind me asking? I'm really sorry that was one of your first memories- not to overstep any boundaries but it sounds like he committed suicide?

  40. I LOVE this whole vibe- the hair, makeup, everything💙💙💙 (Blue is my fave colour!) you killed this whole look (ps. Love your work, your sneaker game is💯💯👌) sending you blessings & good vibes :)

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