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  1. For my information (I'm from Europe) what does a basic (hand)gun cost?

  2. $250. You can go a bit cheaper to $200 if you catch a sale. And of course you can spend MUCH more if you want. You might be able to get a Hi-Point pistol for under $200 if you shop around. They're ugly but they work.

  3. Never thought about ugly or nice looking guns, but I can imagine it's like picking out a car. Same with guns sale.

  4. "Ugly" also figures into ergonomics, which has a significant affect on being able to use the gun. Sorry for the shorthand, I should have been more clear about that.

  5. Chrysler had the audacity to trim up the panels and call it the Prowler. That was their attempt at cool in the 90s.

  6. I get that and agree but reading through these comments is like readying a failing paper about the shared powers of government. Like he has any power over this other than a pulpit.

  7. God fuck off with your high school civics bullshit. There are no fucking rules, only power, you gullible fool.

  8. "Just vote for Biden and then push him to the left after he's in office."

  9. 6 years on shitlibs still act like they know anything and we're idiots. Day-drinking assholes.

  10. ‘I’m not sitting next to that (trans, christadelphinium, gay, bi, old, catholic, baby, lesbian, asian, straight, asexual, european, disabled, satanic church attendee, handicapped, pastafarian, cheerleader, moslem, weightlifter, Methodist, cosplayer, drummer, vegetarian, bass player, pole vaulter, australian, artist, democrat, scientist, poor) on the bus!’

  11. I'm several of those things but I'm not turning a 20-minute freeway drive into a nearly 2-hour bus ride if I have that choice at all.

  12. I grew up around a lot of Jewish people and usually have some clue, but wtf is "that weird little hut holiday"?

  13. Orthodox Jews have their own courts and practice sharia law. They are not kind to outsiders.

  14. It's "Shakira Law," dummy. It's based on Maimonides' commentary on whether it's permissible for one's hips to lie.

  15. Yep, it reminds me a lot of the followers of this Jesus fella, and the followers of a certain Trump fella, and a Putin Fella, and a Hitler fella, and a Jim Jones fella, and a David Koresh fella.

  16. You don't think there are religious leaders that lead in the name of the dead guy for their own political power and wealth?

  17. Triggers pull is the same as original, slightly less pull but that's all adjustable. Haven't had a single jamb yet

  18. And how can a serious foreign organization conduct an ethnic or religious survey on French territory without authorization?

  19. The CIA does basically everything they do without authorization. It's kind of their thing...

  20. As for the CIA, if they investigate something as intimate and discreet as religion by being hidden, it will necessarily be biased and very approximate.

  21. Why would Pelosi do such a thing and risk losing her position when she can fuck over the middle class while getting rich through insider trading

  22. Erdogan has a price. Is it gonna be Fethullah Gülen's extradition? A weapons/intel deal he wants? A free hand to slaughter Kurds? Or just money?

  23. Omg what is up with highly offendable people today on Reddit. Lol. I get it. Cats need an indoor temperature of around 70 degrees F or 21 C. I have two cats and I understand. They also have a tendency to let me know if something does not suit them. My comment was made in lightheartedness.

  24. My brain just can't handle this. It keeps reasoning that maybe that's a book called "Ken Liu" by novelist Speaking Bones.

  25. Biographer for the author of the other three books? I don't know if there's a Native American or other culture in which "Speaking Bones" would be an appropriate name, but I like that hypothetical better than the reality of some absolute piece of shit doing that as a deliberate design choice when they already had a template to work from.

  26. I wish I could get subtitles only when they are speaking a foreign language.

  27. Subtitles work great for me. Rarely I need to download the file manually. Other than that, I didn't get much out of plugins that was necessary.

  28. Ran like shit for me Sunday night on The Shining. Subs are out of sync more often than not with other stuff.

  29. New cars are too complicated and people who can afford them were never able to program their VCR.

  30. thats brings up another point I never thought of, But does acetylene expire? probably right?

  31. How long until you don’t feel anymore the anti-anxiety effects at this dosage?

  32. Don't know honestly, but 18 months seems to be about the time to add another 250mg to the dosage. 6 years on I'm slowly tapering down, combining with other things... I don't mind using myself as a guinea pig because I'd probably have killed myself years ago if I didn't DIY my mental heath. Current stack combines 1g DLPA and 1g phenibut HCL 2x daily with Adderall in the morning and cannabis at night, but I'm trying to taper the phenibut down gradually to see what effect that has. Honestly I've forgotten what my anxiety baseline was after all this time, but it was basically the difference when I started between being able to hold down a job, and not. Like, I couldn't make important phone calls at all.

  33. Feel you… thinking of trying it because i’m pretty much in the same situation, what DLPA does?

  34. Dopamine precursor. Subtle improvement to overall mood, I find. Less focus on despair.

  35. There is crime in both and it is totally unrelated to the freight industry. In fact St. Louis has a much worse violent crime rate than Chicago.

  36. You can almost always make an accurate guess about the violent crime in a society by looking at the career prospects of a young man with only a high school or equivalent education.

  37. Imagine all the manufacturing that would suddenly return to the us.

  38. 5 years just to train up the people needed to staff the skilled trade positions to expand manufacturing. Not like the 1940s when a babuska could learn to stick weld a T-34 in a week.

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