1. If you roll your own King cones, sky's the limit. You can put how ever much you want.

  2. Your comparing a Rec State to a non Rec State. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  3. As a OMMJ patient, Mike Dewine you better start counting your days because November is right around the corner.

  4. I dont think he cares, Old stale face havin ass dinosaur. Im going to go vote for my first time ever just to vote against him.

  5. I could give a rat ass what that slime ball cares about. Every Ommj paitient needs to vote him out.

  6. How this compared to Klutch ice cream cake for helping chronic pain?

  7. It's been a minute since I had Cake it easy, ICC was good but not better than Klutch Triangle Mints, that stuff took all my pain, stress, anxiety and worries away.

  8. Sounds like what I need. Thanks for the info I'll definitely need to try some.

  9. Dudes a loser. Contact your state reps and tell them you want adult use legalization

  10. That won't work. We have to vote him out in November. It's the only way

  11. NY State will gladly take the money from the good people of Ohio.

  12. I'm down, can we get a piece of Pizza with that too. New York Pizza, Deep dish Chicago Hellll yeah.

  13. Ohio is so misogynistic tho, we never had an elected woman governor. That would be nice.

  14. Not like he’s pro anything that makes sense. Dude is a fucking moron. He’s hoping to get re elected and I’m going to do my part to make sure that doesn’t happen. Fight them at the voting booth.

  15. I'm with you, I been campaigning since November. I'm taking car loads of people to vote him out in November, as a matter of fact no Republicans Governors.

  16. 9 more months guys. Let's vote Mike Dewine out. He's running again. He wants to keep Ohio behind to please his christian Minions. He even approved a map that he knows damn well does not represent Ohio. 😒

  17. Memories it's a good strain. Do do do do do do do do, Get yo lighters, let's get sticky, let's get high, let's get high.. gots some blue yum yum..🎵

  18. Thanks for the info! Just out of curiosity: couldn't I call Uber and have them change my city before I leave, then have them change it back for when I return?

  19. You can't change your city, only your State. That's not a fast thing to do, could take days.

  20. I keep a 9 and 40 you weird woman. Only place a Mace working is a white hood 🥴🤣

  21. What you never been maced and had a taser straight to the nut sac at the same time? Are you even Black? Why are you talking too me 👋

  22. "are you even black" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣I been tazed and maced both at work before little girl I know u not from the hood 💀u from the white hood

  23. You a Opp,. 🤣 Are you bored, you wanna argue, I can't argue right now. You really getting mad over a 2 week old post.🤣🤣 really. Bye Karen. I'm done go harrass someone else.

  24. I highly disagree that this man is a “great doctor.” Refer to the above comments of his patients laughing about lying to get their med cards. You had a good experience, that does not make him a great doctor. You interacted with him… once?

  25. I am his patient🤷🏾‍♀️ you never interacted with him don't know me from a can of paint but you real judgy. She never uploaded her medical records, did you not comprehend what she said? But she expects a recommendation with no proof. It don't work like that.

  26. Well I've heard of many people being able to get a card without documentation so I thought I'd just try. If it was because of that, then he should have told me to try again with proper documentation instead of only saying "try again with a note saying you don't have a history of suicidal ideation."

  27. If you would have shown your Medical history, he could not have wrote you a note saying you don't have a history of suicidal ideation. 🤷🏾‍♀️ Because you would have proof saying otherwise. Do you know how many people try to get an MMJ card without proof of illness? That's fraud to some Drs.

  28. I saw that on the menu a couple of weeks ago, they wanted 150 bucks for a half oz of 15% Thc flower. GTFOH. I'll stick to Layer cake from them.

  29. Thank you!!!! opened like nothing!!!! 6 months worth of keef available now!!!

  30. Dirty stretched out forces is a no no, where they do that at?

  31. Tobacco is disgusting 😒 we don't mix our Fine Cannabis with that toxic stuff. Closes we get is using a blunt wrap that's it.

  32. Bro I never claim Jan is busiest or I am making lotta money. In fact it January is slowest in my opinion. I am not posting this to brag about it. I am posting this to trigger certain people who called me asshole uber shill lying blah blah.

  33. That's the same dude that was calling me a Shill, like wtf does that even mean.🤣 he was so mad.

  34. I'll give you your first upvote.👌🏾 Same thing happened to me this weird dude that's not even in America was calling me all kind of liars because I said I make 2 bands a week. People work 25 to 30 hours a week then get mad at people calling them names because they work 70 - 80 hours a week.

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