Kansans vote to uphold abortion rights in their state

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  1. They have a copy of my summons. They know about it already. But you cant find out whether or not you have to report until after 6pm the night before. Which is today. I called at like 610 and was told to report. So idk. Should i call in LWOP?

  2. Wow never heard of that! Thank you so much!

  3. VA already has Gadsden registration plate, and it’s nice because I can spot the fascists at a distance with their bright yellow plate.

  4. Nearly every time I see a jackass cutting someone off, or driving like a reckless douchebag… I glance down and see that damned “DON’T TREAD ON MAH!!!" plate.

  5. Yup. Let’s just get rid of schools. If they can’t read they don’t need books. Then no critical race theory for 2nd graders.

  6. Republicans have no pride or aspirations for our country anymore. Do they not want any great minds to sprout from America? No cutting edge inventions or innovations? This is so regressive and short sighted.

  7. I love how we’re the only job out there that never offers a hiring bonus.

  8. Right. They are almost as stupid and ridiculous as tr*mp, no way they win an election... oh wait.

  9. Trump actually lost the popular vote twice, which is how the victors are determined in senate least until SCOTUS rules on Moore v. Harper.

  10. Can Moore v Harper affect Senate elections? As far as I know, it's about presidential elections and appointing electors. Senators are explicitly elected by the popular vote as per 17th amendment

  11. Moore v. Harper would give state legislatures carte blanche over elections in their state. In any given local, state, or federal election in their state, they could say, "we disagree with the results, therefore the Republican is the winner!"

  12. Or... looks up most recent example of Conservative rage offers somebody the OPTION to purchase a meat free sausage.

  13. "I ain't eatin no daggum woke, f----t sausage. Cracker Barrel dun lost there goddamn minds! GO WOKE, GO BROKE!"

  14. Well, once the RRECS hammer falls in Oct, we’ll all be carrying H routes, which will solve the staffing challenges. Won’t need a large roster of RCAs when we’re all working 6 days a week (again)!

  15. I don't mean any disrespect to you but why do you say 6 days? What kind of RCA's would like to work 1 day a week? Regulars are going to start doing Amazon Sundays and work 7 days a week.

  16. The privatize USPS hashtag explains everything. She probably doesn’t even know what that means.

  17. People like this don't think. They parrot the grifters who think for them: Trump, Carlson, Shapiro, Hannity, etc.

  18. That works both ways though. The customer is acting like an ass hat but the daily irritation of the mailbox being left open might be the straw that breaks their back. Especially if has resulted in them having things stolen.

  19. So uhh, how are you supposed to deal with inflation when your pay got reduced?

  20. It’s stories like these that really make me thankful I belong to a union. I work for USPS and all of our respective craft unions are…kind of weak, and mine (NRLCA) is arguably the crappiest, this kind of bullshit would never fly.

  21. That's why the Supreme Court is going to implement Moore v Harper next year. GOP now knows for sure they fucked up, but they have that trump card in their back pockets.

  22. Moore v. Harper is that lurking, dreaded specter on the horizon. I wish like fuck that Congress would look up and see it! They're voting on bills to codify abortion rights, same sex marriage, and interracial marriage, and justifiably so. One would hope they could find the time to squeeze in some time on the legislative calendar to, I don't know, SAVE DEMOCRACY.

  23. There's nothing Congress can do about this one. It would be like if Congress passed a law saying nobody is allowed to speak again - It would get shut down for being unconstitutional.

  24. So they couldn’t pass an revised, expanded version of the For The People Act with language stating that state legislatures cannot override the will of the voters? I mean why bother with the charade of elections at all? Could a swing state, like Ohio for instance, just say they’re not holding elections anymore after Moore v. Harper? “We the Republicans are in charge forever here now. Sorry, not sorry.”

  25. I've seen enough: pro-election conspiracy theory state Rep. Mark Finchem (R) wins the GOP primary for #AZSOS and will likely face Adrian Fontes (D) in the fall.

  26. He'll lose by more points than anyone else in Arizona statewide races this Nov.

  27. If they do, look out. It either means they've gone full psycho... or they don't intend to gain power through votes.

  28. Dude. You're 86 years old. How many years do you think you have left on this earth? Is this really how you want to spend what little time you have left?

  29. There's rarely an idea that is so blatantly terrible as arming teachers. You have to turn your brain off completely to believe this would have positive outcomes.

  30. Agreed, this is insanity. Instead of writing common sense gun legislation, they’d rather demand educators be willing to take a human life. What kind of sick, pre-enlightenment bullshit is this?

  31. Fox only gets an average of 2.1millon viewers each night during summer. For perspective there are 214 registered voters in the US, so Fox isn't as big, scary or influential as it was back in the day. By the time something lands on Fox its already been around the rightwing world usually for days, weeks or sometimes years. Its time for Democratic voters to view Fox as the requirement of Boomer Facebook.

  32. I'm surprised this aspect hasn't been discussed more. There's going to be a huge increase in cases of Down Syndrome as a result of Roe v Wade being overturned.

  33. Thanks for your informed factual comment. It aligns with what I have observed at my rural post office.

  34. We should be equally tired of the 50 assholes who vote no on everything

  35. Why does someone always make this point here? Who cares about the GOP. They're a non factor, an irrelevance, a bad faith partner in governing, etc. They're not worth a fuck.

  36. It’s not laziness. It’s hard to find time to vote when you are working two jobs. Also, the polling stations are hot garbage in poorer areas.

  37. FPA would expand the minimum of polling stations as a proportion in each state.

  38. There isn’t much the Democratic Party can do. It is difficult to battle misinformation that is fuel by fear and hate.

  39. Yes there is. They could carve out a filibuster exception for voting rights, and then pass an expanded FPA that includes language that disallows any “independent state legislature” bullshit, and provides federal monitoring of vote totals. It’s 2022. We should be past this.

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