1. Looks low for .85 for sure. I thought I was looking at a .5 in a larger cartridge.

  2. Green Runtz was a dud for me as well. That said, I've been really happy with just about everything else (Northern Lights was meh too for me, sorry).

  3. Sour Papaya is my jam. They were out last Friday when I went in the 11.32 jars so I went with Cake Crasher which was good too.

  4. I appreciate the response. I’m in the same boat where I wanted to go to their dispensary exclusively because their prices are pretty good imo but I am feeling a little discouraged right now

  5. I personally like their flower but definitely do research on here and pick my strains based on the terps. I also go twice during my fill period to make sure I get over 400$ to save the 30% on the weekends. Definitely the nicest facility and bud tenders of all the dispensaries I’ve been to in Ohio.

  6. Good price for a half of LC. I’d be happy, good find

  7. First time trying this one I've had Orange 43 by Klutch before. Looks wonderful

  8. I like Orange 43 better but SSO is good too

  9. Bought an 11.32 jar of smalls of this and i totally agree. Great stuff

  10. I went tonight at 645 and I was the only one there. That’s my normal dispensary and the longest I’ve ever waited was 15 mins

  11. If you are looking for Firelands specific the Sour Papaya is my daily driver and it’s great. Salty Watermelon for sativa and Tally Mon for Indica are both winners too

  12. Yeah he’s just a dick, prolly loves Rapelisburger too

  13. Really? Dude is coming into town for some beer and football and your suggestion is to go to a grocery store?

  14. The Westside Market isn’t a just a fucking grocery store. It’s a market with flavors from all over Cleveland, produce, butchers and desserts. Sorry for giving an out of towner a great spot to visit when they plan on being literally across the street from it. So go shut the fuck up

  15. Love Sour Papaya. I’ve bought 2 11.32g jars over the last couple months and it has been my go to daily strain.

  16. I had some Cresco Live Resin from Michigan earlier in the year. Wasn’t very impressed at all, not even close to being as good as a Luster. I remember the strain Petro Chem from them was probably the worst tasting oil I’ve ever had ever.

  17. Great haul. Can’t wait to try those new Luster strains

  18. I liked this strain a lot too. Try Astral Destiny next time. Stay lifted friend

  19. The luster is dope. Thanks for sharing the flower.

  20. Astral and EBPC are the two best IMO. Gorilla Nut and Lilac Diesel were both fine. Second Breakfast was a big let down for me.

  21. It’s amazing, can’t recommend enough

  22. Orange 43 is usually very high in THC %. My favorite sativa in the program. Definitely buy 2

  23. It’s actually an Indica dominate hybrid …the effects come on really strong and stimulate like a Sativa….Indica’s can do this when you harvest them early or right at the appropriate time.

  24. Every time I’ve bought it it’s been labeled Sativa. Just FYI

  25. All 3 of the suggestions above are exactly what I would have said. Sour Tangie & Strawberry Fields Luster pods by Grow Ohio was real good too

  26. Have you tried the ‘91 Royale luster pod? I just picked it up today its amazing effects 🔥

  27. Got it yesterday and I am a fan of the 91 too!

  28. Firelands is great. I go to their dispensary and like to grab the 11.32 jars for 99-114, 5 to 7 days based on tier. Had good luck with Tally Mon, Northern Lights, Chem OG and I bought Gorilla Strawberryback yesterday and I enjoyed it last night

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