Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade; states can ban abortion

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  1. I work in rubber injection molding. Take that smell and turn it up to 11.

  2. Used to work in the elastomer industry. My favorite smell is peroxide (specifically di-cup) cured EPDM, maybe second would be peroxide silicone

  3. That sub should be cool. It can sometimes, but it sucks. Bunch of people who hate on poor people and advocate for eugenics.

  4. What a weird thing to say, I've been subbed for a long time and it's none of those things 🤷

  5. Almost no people had religious objections to the vaccine because exactly zero mainstream religions object to vaccines.

  6. You said 'many people' in your original diatribe - however this is an extreme edge case scenario and does not apply to many people at all.

  7. That was almost 2 years ago now its time to start hitting those bootstraps!

  8. You’re welcome! Basically they changed up their tactics. IT SEEMS the state focusing on two new things.

  9. Hey stranger! I'm at a lab right down the road from ya. Cool to run into someone else from the industry here, there aren't very many of us.

  10. Right, but even when something is unpopular, if it was erroneous, it doesn't make it right to do. If 3/4 of the country voted in pro-abortion candidates to legislate a change, that would be the correct way to enact that change. This makes me think that 3/4th of the country may not be in support of Roe v. Wade, despite polling?

  11. Have you never heard of gerrymandering, the electoral college, congressional districts, etc?

  12. It only takes a 60% supermajority to fix anything in congress. They can even override a veto. I think maybe you overestimate the popularity of abortion. You are talking about 75%. This is without getting into the ethical debate of it. There may very well be a close majority if Americans who do not believe it should be legal.

  13. I'd say that's a stretch, and quite misleading - there is nothing factual out there that would signify anything close to a majority against choice.

  14. Ignoring a half century of legislative inaction then?

  15. Nope that's some horseshit too

  16. Not just for placement, but also for launch. SpaceX want to monitor launch 'lurch'. Most big rockets want to lean in to the launch tower on launch. Saturn V did, Space Shuttle did also, irrespective of wind loading. Those launch lever arm brackets also need to get out of the way pretty damn fast to avoid snagging the flares on the engine aero covers, or 'cowlings' if you like.

  17. Shuttle lurch was towards the ocean, not really towards the tower.

  18. What an opportunity this is to make the ev auto union. Start fresh, none of the corruption that has tainted previous unions. Do it properly, be a shining example of what a union should be.

  19. 99% of all engineering fields are non-unionized. Programmers are not unionized.

  20. I just seen it on ig. Hold on lemme see if I can find it again

  21. I'm not a big fan of greasy pigs being involved in the cannabis business. Everyone thinks cops are good until they have to deal with them. I hope they lose everything.

  22. A friendly reminder on what the founders of viridis were up to before they started the company:

  23. Well I'd think they'd put cargo on them 🤷

  24. Fun fact: Lake Mead isnt at dead pool yet, but at 1044 ft, its 6 feet below the required height of 1050 ft to keep Hoover Dam operating.

  25. The current turbines can operate and generate power as long as the water level remains above 950 feet, according to the Bureau of Reclamation

  26. Yeah I think it's a misquote -

  27. What about teen pageant owners who like to catch teenagers naked backstage and still brag about it years later to Howard Stern? People like that might be pedos too.

  28. Prequiste for the GOP nomination these days

  29. I know someone who showers with socks on IRL and washes their feet separately. Says having their feet and their genitals out feels equally vulnerable, so they refuse to do both at once.

  30. Some folks with mental health conditions can have paranoia as a symptom. Most of the flat-earthers do not fall into this category. Most of them are just stupid for believing something that's patently untrue.

  31. Why do Karens insist on taking too many Xanax before they fly??

  32. That aint Xanny that's ambien bruh

  33. That’s not always the case. Not even the case most of the time.

  34. Ancient pedophiles hate this one weird trick!

  35. Islam is the religion of peace.

  36. *religion of piece - as in there are pieces of you everywhere after you said something that hurt their feelings

  37. I'll explain in Civ 6 terms. You don't have any cities near the sea. so you befriend a city state near the sea for crabs and pearls, whales. But then another country that denounced you is trying to take over the city state using influence and spies to cut you off from crabs and pearls, whales. So that your populace gets disgruntled and revolts. What do you do?

  38. Meh it's easy to do, I work at DuPont and people confuse them all the time lol Half our lab coats still say dow

  39. Wasn't it literally DowDuPont for a while?

  40. The reporter is Shimon Prokupecz from CNN. He's been down in Uvalde since the shooting and has been doing an amazing job trying to hold these scumbags accountable.

  41. Maybe I was a lil too drunk then lol. I mean damn if that's the case then they really blew that shit outta the water!!

  42. It was a direct hit with a full bottle it was for sure a dick move

  43. Haha yeah never underestimate a Detroit crowd

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