1. Getting crushes in long term relationships can be normal as long as you recognize it and dont act on it and be sure to distance urself from that person and not let urself dwell on it too much. They usually fade. If it is super often and not fading thats a dif issue. But no. Def dont tell.

  2. I kept telling myself i was just admiring their shoes lol

  3. But you could say dating without herpes is easier for women too so ….. hinders both the same

  4. Same unless they were outside in grass/dirt for a little but dirt from public places or walking around a dirty floor grosses me out. So weird

  5. Don't say weird. Otherwise we're all weird. That's just another fantasy. I like dirty feet purely esthetically because I like the contrast of the sole and the top of the foot. Every fetish has a right to exist without being "weird".

  6. Any either way nothing wrong with being weird :p

  7. Thats when i actually started to admit it to myself and others

  8. Your hair is adorable and the outfit is so cute

  9. Avoidant attachment style and substance abuse. I pushed her away and kept isolating myself. Ultimately made her feel unwanted so she broke things off because I was draining her emotionally. The breakup really hit me like a truck and helped me to finally start making positive changes but the regret I feel over losing her overshadows any sense of accomplishment I might get from improving myself

  10. I try to tell myself that it happened how it happened and theres nothing i can do to change it. I just have to learn from it so when I’m ready for someone else, which will happen eventually, ill be better for them.

  11. 8 months since the breakup and I’ve done the stuff you’re supposed to do. No contact with the ex, got a therapist, hit the gym, started eating healthier, connected with friends, engaged in my hobbies. Still miss her every day. Not really sure what else I can do at this point.

  12. 9 months for me and i feel the same :/

  13. 💜💜💜 i feel this. Thank u. ur a babe dont forget it

  14. My cat passed away a bit ago and visiting him and his families four cats was like heaven. I miss them sm.

  15. If I visit her house again I will steal that cat and run! She lost the cat when I was dating with her and it was her fault. She left the window open and closed on him because when she noticed the window was open she immediately closed it. That cat deserves better. My ex was jealous of her cat because I loved that little pus’ more than her. We broke up and I noticed that at the last few months of our relationship I was just visiting her because of her cat. I had relationship with her cat and she was the pet of her…

  16. Lol… I’m sure the cat liked you more anyway :p

  17. I feel you so hard on this. Its been months and i still think about him. I fucking hate it. He has moved on and yet i cant get him out if my mind and have to deal with all this pain even after all the hurt he caused throughout our relationship. Though ours was double sided. He was definitely worse by cheating on me in the end. Our relationship wasnt good,especially at the end, yet i keep looking back fondly and missing him and what we had bc the 30% of the time it was really really good. Ugh sorry for the rant. But i feel you and wish i could get him out of my head ://

  18. thanks for sharing it makes me feel better to know there’s someone else who’s going through what i am. i wouldn’t wish it on anyone:( i’m manifesting that we forget them

  19. its not that i even want to forget bc i feel like it was a time in my life that happened for a reason and i can learn and grow from it. But yeah thinking about it WAY less would be amazing.

  20. Please try ur best to remember she is a stranger and should have no say in ur life. Easier said than done but her words are meaningless. She doesnt know you and she is a bad person. I’m going to eat a couple oreos tonight bc i have a hard day of presentations and a couple oreos is 100% ok so i hope you join me :) and even if you ate a bunch you are still beautiful.

  21. Can i please join you ?? 🥺🥺😍they look amazing

  22. He is going to be very happy and i wont be so.... not rlly. I’m glad hes happy but i deserve happiness too and he took that from me. He wont be thinking about me and hoping im happy so why should i waste more thought and energy wishing it for him :// Trying to still be happy without him ofc

  23. I talk with family or a friend, watch a show that makes me laugh or listen too my favorite playlist. Sometimes a nice walk. Think of this Valentine's day as a day for you 💞

  24. Even if she looked like kailee and was making bank? Wb with no nudes?

  25. Nope. I don’t want a thot as a gf I want a respectable girl even tho nowadays it’s tough to find one lol

  26. Similar situation for me, just after 2.5 years. Trying to convince myself were better apart its what everyone is telling me and sometimes i know theyre right

  27. Completely feel this. I thought I was making good progress. Then these past few days I feel awful again. When will it end?

  28. Same thing happened to me. I felt pretty good for a while. then,for nearly a week i felt awful. finally i started feeling better again. It really comes and goes in waves.

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