1. I got the ghost dawg. It has no flavor, no scent, and it gives me a bit of anxiety.

  2. Super Bowl............Super Browns!

  3. I really don't like the service at one dispensary, but I'll go wherever the best deal is. I know that's probably dumb.

  4. I had ghost dawg, also zero scent or taste

  5. I have a 3090 and I'll tell you that it isn't much faster than a 3080, all of the reviews will tell you that, too. 10% max in some games. I bought it at msrp a few weeks after launch because I couldn't get a 3080 in my cart. Right now, $1499 isn't too bad for a 3090, but at that point I felt pretty dumb for spending 800 more than the 3080.

  6. I'm observing that newer games use more memory. 10GB could be a bigger bottleneck in the future.

  7. Yeah that's a good point at this resolution.

  8. Vineyard Select is what they are referring to. It’s one of their new strains (Grape Pie x Apple Juice). Listed as a hybrid. Main terps are Limonene, Farnesene & Caryophyllene.

  9. Do they have it on their strain / genetics list on their website? I can't find it.

  10. I saw all of the breakdowns of the newer strains in the monthly email that the FiSci dispensary sends out.

  11. Damn I need to get subbed to that. Thank you!

  12. I call this little girl Great White because she has the whitest belly I've ever seen on a little red. This was in the summertime, she's about a year old. I call young squirrels Squirrellings instead of yearlings. I need help probably.

  13. I'm sure that's not what it is, but in the first picture it looks like he has a cigarette butt in his mouth. :)

  14. Never, haha! It's a peanut in the shell.

  15. Crap laptop probably doesn't have DP out

  16. I agree, I’ll always go to herb over bloom if they have what I need but they’ve been consistently out of lusters for weeks now. Frustrating considering they are one of my favorite ways to medicate.

  17. If you go to herbology, have a look at the counter when you are in the back. They have a paper list of stuff that's almost sold out (1-2 units left). Tons of stuff on there right now that's not on the online menu!

  18. Thanks for the tip! I always online order so that makes sense. I get anxious that im holding up the line when I just am browsing lol

  19. I always order online, too. After I checked out yesterday, I asked "is this list stuff you guys have?" and she says "oh yeah, I forgot to tell you about it". Anyways, the place was literally empty so I spent 5 mins reading the list. haha.

  20. Im running out of time on my warranty for my 3418dw, I too am getting some weird flickering as of late, anything special you had to do?

  21. If you can document the flickering, it's covered. Not at 120hz though. Only if it's 100 hz or lower.

  22. Roger that, thanks so much, I will try to get that documented by then

  23. I will warn you, if you're just thinking about doing this in hopes of getting a better monitor, you could get the exact same one you have with up to 5 dead pixels on it, and as long as the flicker is fixed, you now own a monitor with 5 dead pixels. I guess what I'm saying is don't get greedy. You aren't getting new in box screens when you do a warranty replacement, the 3821DW I received has a dead pixel up on the top right-ish side. I was told it needs 5 more for it to be replaced. They only replace for one "bright pixel". If you don't have any problems with your monitor on the daily, and it has no dead pixels, just think hard about it.

  24. What does the cbd stop? I like cbd and delta 8 but people knock it being paired with delta 9 or being mixed

  25. I don't use THC without CBD anymore. It creates the perfect effect. I buy CBD flower from Oregon to mix with THC flower from the program.

  26. Do you care to share where you purchased this from? I am looking for this exact cross & the photos I saw from the disp. near me were definitely not as purple! Thanks, if so

  27. This was 8 months ago, Herbology C falls

  28. You can try many things. Unplug the monitor from the power for awhile then plug it back in. Try running this

  29. Sorry to post late here, but can you tell me more about the Ghost Dawg? The terpene list is covered by the buds. Lol. Would you buy it again?

  30. Ghost Dawg was my fav of three, kind of taste like cucumbers, like a chemy lemonyness, had the best looking nugs of the three too with visible trichomes

  31. Thanks man, I'm gonna try a couple tenths.

  32. Awesome idea, I think I will try to find some CBD flower today! Thanks!

  33. Let’s agree to disagree on that one. I understand THC causes anxiety but different strains also cause more or less anxiety as well.

  34. I have too fought the battle of trying to find out what strains would give me anxiety. I did narrow it down to high limonene strains. However, I have been mixing in CBD flower now with every session, at a 50/50 ratio, sometimes 60/40 CBD:THC flower. Anxiety from use has disappeared. I really like the bubba kush zoe from fern valley farms. I can use strains with limonene now and get that ultra relaxation without the anxiety.

  35. My C1 will conveniently get burn in thanks to best buys warranty. I'll be getting the Alienware for sure...

  36. This was some of the driest stuff I've ever gotten in the program, but one boveda pack later, it's one of my favorites in the program.

  37. You could always add some high cbd flower to the mix. The 1:1 ratio really helps subdue any felt anxiety. A 1:1 sublingual as mentioned or a straight cbd sub would help greatly.

  38. I probably 60/40 my cbd:thc flower every time I use it. I never use thc flower alone anymore.

  39. while your CPU isn't awful in today's world, it's definitely getting a bit old in the tooth. Consider one of the new intel cpus or an amd 5600x, 32gb ram, and at least a 3060ti for that screen resolution. You might be able to roll with that old psu if it's still going well, same thing with your case and hard drives. I'd definitely add an nvme ssd as your system drive, too. You'd also be surprised at how much you can sell that 970 for right now.

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