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Something isn't adding up

  1. Supposed to look over every ticket and verify it’s your name and the product you bought. Every dispensary does it before you leave. This ones on you.

  2. All those numbers mean nothing. They just test a part of the bud and pay labs more money to say they’re higher in thc. That strain is nothing special.

  3. My total on this half at Verilife was 242🥴

  4. This stuff is great it is so potent had me eating for hours . Then got some great sleep 10/10

  5. Klutch steady putting out amazing product

  6. Which one do you like better sherbhead or orange 43 ?

  7. Im just trying to do what's best for me man.. but what I should have done is kept a small position open

  8. I seriously don’t know I don’t even remember writing this but that might speak well for pineapple trainwreck

  9. Hahahahahaha gotta try that pineapple train wreck looks like it’s effects are very strong😂

  10. You’re buying lower end Ohio cannabis. Stick to klutch and Woodward (fire rock farms). I’ve had some fire bud from farkas farms too but not near the quality of the first two I mentioned.

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