1. I spent some time prepping and modding the Winery and YesterHill, and it really paid off. My favorite part of the campaign.

  2. If you want to preserve or create any sympathy for the kids at this point, You’ll have to roleplay the heck out of the scenes in the attic, when the kids ghosts return.

  3. Thanks, it went really well! Note that I didn't have Rose and Thorn be evil, I had Elizabeth be a warlock who created Shadowspawn versions of her children. My players absolutely crushed the death house so it was nice to have a little extra challenge to throw at them.

  4. Shadowspawn in the death house? What kind of monster are you 👹♥️💀

  5. What addiction mechanics are you using?

  6. Yes, I see your point, Strahd could just find the evil methods to do it all over again.

  7. i can see strahd using the warlock to his own advantage by pretending to be his patron

  8. If you want a good scene with how to play the absence of deities I recommend the CoS playthrough podcast by red moon Roleplaying. They do such an awesome job at capturing the horror. One of the PCs is a cleric of lathander.

  9. I ignored a lot of rules in the Baba fight, to try to thread the needle and make it a shocking hard fight but not a tpk.

  10. I’d make them create vanilla dnd races, then get sucked through the mists. Better when everyone in the party is an outsider.

  11. A Gulthias Tree sprouts from the stake that was used on a vampire.

  12. How many sessions do you have left?

  13. He could do it when he knows they are leaving. Probably would have to tail them to know. He could get caught by Martikovs too. Lots of things could go wrong hah

  14. Huge fan of tying other spells to a Glyph. Get creative, and all kinds of shenanigans can occur!

  15. Did you ever listen to the Red Moon Roleplaying podcast play thru of CoS? This fits their vibe very nicely. (They are- Hands down- the best for the dnd horror atmosphere!)

  16. Split parties are THE BEST when Strahd is involved. Have fun! Corrupt away!!!

  17. I ran the hags as a night hag coven when the party was 4 level 6s, and it was a great fight. Very tough. I can recommend some things on how to strategize the spellcasting.

  18. Well… in terms of the Keepers of the Festher… you don’t want to give away too much too soon. Your party has already been tipped off about the existence of wereravens, so you don’t want to just give it away the first time they are at the blue water inn.

  19. Not sure if your party has met Strahd yet, but I’d recommend having Strahd run the dinner first, so that he can ask them directly to find the murderer Van Richten so he can be brought to justice. (VR has the Vistani man’s head in the tower, that is evidence of his crime).

  20. They met strahd and received an invitation to dinner before making it to the tower. I made it very clear to the party once they reached vallaki that the story from then on was theirs to decide and that events would continue with or without the party.

  21. Awesome. Same in my game, the party is forging their own path and ignored the dinner invite.

  22. I think this is great. It’s a good way for them to run a heist mission, and in my opinion the swamp is just such a c00l location that you are lucky to be able to take them there more than once.

  23. Where is Red Moon Roleplaying?

  24. If you share a clean version of this with me I’ll record it for you. I have a harpsichord but piano might work better with those bass notes…

  25. I basically made him a level 8 barbarian, but let him keep his large HP pool. I also gave him a greataxe instead of a battleaxe, let him wear the nice medium armor that the Baron has (because it will actually do Izek some good), and gave him a 1/day fireball from his arm. The rage makes him a lot beefier, the advantage on initiative + the fireball will make a threatening first turn.

  26. This is cool. Do you have statblocks you would be willing to share?

  27. The sword was Sergei’s holy magic weapon in life. It had a crystal blade and was blessed by the morning lord , and to Strahd it represented what a goody-two-shoes Sergei was, as well as how he was a fighter who was on a level with Strahd.

  28. This is a lot of work for you, as it is a very long campaign with dozens of encounters that would need adjustment. And not just for difficulty, items like the holy symbol can only be used by a cleric or paladin. You can change it all but it's a ton of work. Adding NPCs changes every dynamic as you must control them as well as the bad guys. For example if you have the 2 PCs and 3 NPCs controlled by the DM fighting the 5 vampire spawn. You, the DM, are now taking 8 out of every10 actions in a combat round while the players take just one each. Boring.

  29. I have to say I disagree… CoS is a lot of work, period, regardless of party number and type. Reducing the numbers of bad guys in a fight is maybe the EASIEST thing a DM can do in this campaign. Everything else, yes, is very hard.

  30. Though I must not have worded it correctly, that is my point. DMing CoS is a lot of work. Adding in the need to modify every encounter, to change requirements for items, to run multiple NPCs as party members... well that is my point. It isn't just reducing the number of bad guys, it's changing the bosses stats too. It is rewriting a lot of material, and your RP possibilities decrease with just 2 players. Imagine if one is not very talkative.

  31. Cool. High five. Personally I really have been wanting to run a 2-player CoS for a while, so I’m obviously rooting for the OP here 🙃

  32. Following. I’m trying to figure out what to do about this as well.

  33. Good changes. I also just listened to the Dwarven Moss playthrough where they did an abbreviated death house. They ran it theater-of-the-mind and cut a lot of the rooms out, just saving the parents corpses (upstairs), the animated armor (second floor, as you did) and the final battle in the basement. The basement was basically just the altar room, no other rooms.

  34. Thanks for all the really lovely and positive comments. I've plucked up the courage to post these on Etsy for digital download if any of ya'll are still interested :) This is my first foray into selling like this so any feedback is welcome!

  35. I just cross posted your link on the Facebook CoS group. I hope all the dms there throw you lots of dollars! Or pounds or whatever!


  37. Dragna, I’m doubt this would belong in your guide, but I’m wondering if this is RAW:

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