1. It would take more than a pound of material to yield an ounce of solventless. Retail price of a pound is like $5k… solventless is currently actually selling for a discount to raw flower.

  2. Sad thing is this seems like a pretty common way brands treat patients on social media. Klutch blocked me for just my sharing experience and asking them return my emails. I really wasn't even being rude just asking someone to get back with me. They were blocking alot of patients

  3. I picked some up, it's definitely worth the price. I think that's the first time I've said that about a concentrate from the dispensary. I wonder what happened (from the perspective of Standard) that brought this ones price down in relation to any other extract?

  4. Regardless of effects, aroma or overall quality, the concentrated products in this program seem to be judged (unfortunately) based on color. The ICC batch was a bit dark, and we had several unfavorable reviews, so the price was steeply discounted.

  5. If this is a QR code that leads to confident cannabis results, try clicking on the button that says “report”.

  6. Not the same as poison is adding another strain. They call Durban the espresso of marijuana.

  7. Actually, this is Durban Poison. Initially the name was denied by regulators.

  8. Oh really? So what's the difference than and I am surprised they can mark it like that.

  9. No difference... it’s genetic origin is Durban Poison. We wanted that name, but had to live with just Durban. The name Durban Poison was approved recently, so we will seek to rename all existing plants Durban Poison.

  10. This entire thread is the exact opposite of a thread earlier this year. Most people in that thread promoted and defended Delta 8 while down voting and shitting on those that questioned it.

  11. This subreddit isnt your own personal brigading device. I challenge you to find a single cultivator that will refund your money due to you simply claiming "no effects". Spoiler alert, nobody in the world is going to refund you that bag.

  12. So they don’t announce POTD ? Only way to find out is to go there ? If u call will they tell u over the phone ?

  13. It is texted out every night and on Instagram as well

  14. I'm sure you guys give them more than the bare minimum of 12 hours to keep from triggering. Plus cloudy days even during longer day periods. I'm just curious how much natural lighting is used in say June and December

  15. We almost always have the shade curtains open during the days, so whatever the sun gives, the plants get. But in June, I would guess almost no supplemental light unless there’s a lot of cloud cover... in December, several hours.

  16. Id just be curious to how much lighting is used in a state like Ohio compared to somewhere like California. Do you guys give tours?

  17. Tough to draw Klutch, Klutch, and Galenas. We’ll be back next year.

  18. Leaving out the cannabinoid results seems weird but maybe there's a good reason 🤷‍♂️

  19. Hey! Dumb question, I know! Does the syringe come with a little screw on tip? The last few I’ve bought from other companies haven’t so I’ve just stayed away I guess ): thanks! :)

  20. All hydrocarbon concentrates on the market are fine and pass state required lab testing. There isn’t anything wrong with butane/propane when it is done in a highly regulated market like Ohio. CO2 is great for carts but if you want dabs, butane is better. And, I think they’ll do it better than most.

  21. I’m with Henry here... and I’d point out that the BHO room and equipment is probably 10x more expensive than CO2.

  22. This does not appear to be ours... or at least not recent. We’ll happily take care of it though.

  23. How did stuff like this ever get released is the question? I understand mistakes happen but this is basically unsuable. It could be recalled or notify dispensaries to basically give away this batch number because of the quality

  24. https://www.reddit.com/r/OhioMarijuana/comments/iixf8b/ufearandlawyering_this_is_the_dragon_og_shake_by/g3s1ne5/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3

  25. The taste reminds me of lemon lime fruity pebbles 👏 very strong even when mixed with other flower that potent citrus buzzes through

  26. We are working on new labels to include Terpenes and a QR code that links to the certificate of analysis.

  27. I'm loving Standard's flower lately. I really wish they would add TERPS to the label!

  28. hello thank you so much for reaching out. I want to clarify that I did not purchase this product and this photo is not from me but addressed to me and from another user. I will certainly make sure that they and anyone else who mentioned these products will be aware of your offer.

  29. Initially we were selling shake that had some popcorn buds in them. At the time, we figured that patients would appreciate getting some bud in a lower priced product. We were wrong. We received complaints that breaking down the popcorn buds was not what the patient signed up for. I could understand this.

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