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  1. I believe his policies shut down pipeline’s?

  2. Correct ole brandon cost so many people there jobs when he canceled that pipeline. So sad he's destroying our country.

  3. Wow, thats a shame. Ancient roots has been a favorite company of mine and now its even more so. He probably should have been smarter about it but he was i hope giving samples to patients and thats A ok in my books. Hope things can work out for him.

  4. it's around time then

  5. The best Hash Rosin out there(Imo) is Slurribreath by Ancient Roots. Ancient Roots really went from my least favorite company when i first got into the program to being imo one of the top in the program. Lmk what you end up getting.

  6. Verdant columbus. Ohio grown therapies Newark. Both POW locations and Columbia care dayton. Lmk brother. I too struggle from ptsd.

  7. So i do have a question though that ive never thought about. If reddit were to go down do we have somewhere we all can still interact. I rely on you guys for alot of my questions that i then go do my own research on. I just fuck with you guys alot and would hate to lose all of my fellow plague rats

  8. I really love this patch. Light lilac color in it instead of the dark purples, nice taste, great effects.

  9. First FS cart I've tried. Not disappointed lol. Tastes like the name suggests. Heady effects, has the behind the eyes buzz. Got it for less than $50 bucks yesterday, can't beat it.

  10. Brotha you have got to try the hash rosin cart version. I have it right now and its amazing. 2 puffs before work and im good for 4 hrs in a very physical job.

  11. Imo this is the top strain in the program for me.

  12. Ancient roots Rosin and hash are top tier in all my experiences. Then firelands, klutch, and standard wellness all have nice tasty chemical free concentrates

  13. I will definitely be posting here in a little bit after I pick it up. Thanks for you feed back!!!

  14. Oh please do. Im interested in this one

  15. Where did you find this? Ive never seen that strain of rosin before. Sounds awesome!

  16. Lol. you sound like a rabid pro lifer. You sound delusional.

  17. Usually the ones that are okay with killing babies are the ones virtue signaling the hardest my friend.

  18. Even if you tell them that facts these people are so entrenched in fear they cant believe you.

  19. No flower pics. No review of taste/smell. Your gonna have to try harder to get us to spend our money in this program.

  20. Oh sorry. Theres a few posts in my post history showing pictures.

  21. There is absolutely nothing in this program worthy of the name jealousy.

  22. This clip is from him talking about the vaccines killing kids and causing miscarriages in pregnant women.

  23. Coming from a chronic user, I wish I had an ounce of the jealousy myself, as well as the project 007, both are great in the program right now! They’re new strains being dropped from ancient roots and they seem to be on point.

  24. Yes sir. Have you had Oreoz yet? Its some super funk

  25. Bro... try the Klutch Bighead. I've been suggesting it a lot. It is by far my favorite. Super frosty.. sticky.. fat buds. Super dank smell.

  26. Bighead and budino both are ctazy crazy fire too

  27. Is it a true blue strain? Id like to try it if so. Before the program came i had something called blue Hawaiian and man thats what i wish we had

  28. I really liked this strain when i got it. Same great quality and crystal coverage as Garlic Cookies also.

  29. Business insider has a good article where they talk about him saying he has a lead on the "wedding girl" he was defending his scumbag brother and trying to discredit abuse victims.

  30. I'm not read that article. If you would like to provide the direct quote, I would be glad to see it.

  31. "I have a lead on the wedding girl," Cuomo told DeRosa, according to the report. Im not about to dig through this story for more quotes. Enjoy.

  32. I def want to try this, just wondering why the price being so much lower than Galenas other strains. I think Astral Destiny is the best Indica I have tried in the program, hell it's in my top 5 ever.

  33. Its okay. Not the craziest stuff ive ever had but it does its job. If its cheaper then i would grab up 1 couple bags. Def worth it. But qhile we are talking about top 5 can i give you a few indicas to try?

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