1. If it’s an ECM (variable-speed) motor, definitely continuous. One of my ECM’s has been running continuously 21 yrs & the other 17 yrs

  2. It’s a single stage motor. Does that change your feelings?

  3. The blower motor will likely last for decades either way... longer than the lifespan of the condenser unit.

  4. Well, the blower is ~25 years, but the condenser and evaporator coil are both about 10 years. I just had to get the condenser fan motor replaced during a heatwave, and that has me paranoid about other components of the cooling system, which led me to wondering about how best to keep the blower motor going.

  5. I think you’re overlooking the fact that a huge amount of money is coming off the books next year (I think somewhere in the realm of $70 million). They can absolutely sign turner to a mega deal, sign a top of the line starter, fill in some depth, and field a good bullpen with that kind of money. Now, being able to and actually having it happen are two different things, so have to see what his demands are, what the market for pitching is, etc…but…

  6. I doubt they would do Bryce and schwarber back to back very often because they’re both lefties. Maybe flip flop castellanos and schwarber or something. But otherwise looks nice to me!

  7. I respectfully disagree only because it benefited us this season. We would’ve had 0 bryce if no DH

  8. Yeah I was adamantly against the DH in the NL but pretty tough to still feel that way as a Phillies fan.

  9. Haven’t been keeping up on the ins and outs of immunity as much as I used to. Wondering if we have a good sense of the following:

  10. The Nats owe Corbin $59 million after this year

  11. Thank god I wasn’t the GM cause I was so pissed that klentak let him go to the nats.

  12. I’m not sure exactly how close it was, but I know he visited CBP and met with some folks and they had a video they showed him on the Jumbotron and all that. But then it seemed he wanted I think a year more than the Phillies wanted to give or something along those lines and the nats snagged him.

  13. So strange that they released it in the summer, and even embraced a summer tagline. They must not have believed in it much to not release it in the fall. It’s not the only Halloween movie to be released out of season, but one would have thought this would be the one they’d believe in and want to push because of JLC’s return and it being an anniversary landmark.

  14. I'd be fine with Stott and Maton up the middle. Would rather spend money elsewhere. Like starting pitching

  15. Can go hog wild on both a SS and starting pitching with the money coming off the books


  17. Those must have just been the wrong women and children, they missed the ones that the disease is running rampant through!

  18. Saw something special was going on. Saw the game was on Apple TV. It's legit the type of thing that makes me want to quit watching baseball altogether. I already pay for cable to watch sports. If you don't want me to watch your games, I won't watch any of them, ya know?

  19. with information like this out too, a lot of people are going to think they have nothing to worry about because they’re not part of the gay community. it’s dangerous.

  20. It was nearly exclusively concentrated in the gay community before pride began. This has been happening since late April/early May. There was lots of worry about that on this sub and social media in general leading into it. I’m sure that that helped it grow, but it did not change the near-exclusivity of it.

  21. This team is honestly getting me emotional rn. This lineup looks so fun and when Bryce comes back its gonna be amazing

  22. I wonder where Bohm will end up when Harper comes back. Probably somewhere 5-7 I guess.

  23. Yeah that seems about right. In a perfect world castellanos will reclaim the cleanup spot for sure.

  24. I’m unclear what you’re saying. What was in May? This report looked at cases through July 22 by my reading. Maybe I misunderstand you.

  25. Good article. So the implication is that they’re likely to go after a SS big fish. I hope they turn their attentions at Turner. I don’t have much interest in Swanson or boegarts. Correa is a nice player but I don’t think he has “Philly guy” character so it might be a tough fit. He would be my second pick after turner on the SS market though.

  26. “Philly guy character” did Harper have that? What about Wheeler? And funny enough people lauded Castellanos caused he played like a Philly guy, I don’t think that exists, you just have to play well.

  27. I think Harper had it and showed it immediately, or knew exactly how to pretend to have it anyway. Wheeler not so much, he didn’t really seem to have any character from afar, which is fine. He started with a blank slate and won the fans over with performance. Castellanos I agree.

  28. Why are we so concerned about consistent moderation? Mods are volunteers, this sub is rapidly growing, and there's a ton of misinformation going around. Seems like everyone involved is doing their best.

  29. It seems like some sort of strange attempt at trolling or something. I think articles that have good information in them and also have case counts make a lot of sense to post. The spirit of the rule, to me anyway, is not to be spamming the place with monkeypoxcounter or our world in data or Wikipedia every time they update because who cares, but stuff with context and info and demographics and breakdowns, especially from good, government sources should be encouraged imo.

  30. I'd simply like consistency. Its confusing when your UK posts are permitted, 25000 case count posts are locked, and others are removed.

  31. I assume that is where the rule is from as well. But I will add that I have seen the covid version of the UK overviews posted and ostensibly allowed on

  32. They just happened to pick the “wrong” 447 women and 173 children to get a representative sample? I’ll give you that 173 is on the low side, but if it was truly running rampant in the women and children populations like many on this sub are convinced of, you would see a higher positivity rate out of almost 500 women tested. Wouldn’t have to match the men rate, but they would almost have to go out of their way to get something as low as 2.2% out of 447 samples if the true rate was significantly, markedly higher. In addition, those women and children results would be expected to be biased towards positivity if anything because they would have had reason to be tested, such as exposure to known cases or symptoms that could be construed as monkeypox.

  33. Oh crap you’re right. Updated now.

  34. This person had neurofibromatosis, not monkeypox.

  35. Ah yep that’s the girl I was referring to in my other post. Thanks for finding it!

  36. Shocking that Chris turnbull was peddling bullshit. Saw another girl also accused of having monkeypox with the same condition this guy has as well. I guess society is just going to attack anybody who has some sort of bumps because it must be monkeypox now.

  37. I would too but it looks like we're getting Syndergaard and Marsh...probably a lot cheaper in terms of prospects. that combo fits both needs, a starter and a centerfielder. but maybe it doesn't put us out of the running for Rodon

  38. Where do you see syndrgaard attached to the marsh trade? I don’t doubt you, it was my first thought when I saw the marsh deal, but haven’t seen anything one way or the other on Thor.

  39. okay so that’s what i figured. idk, Rodón is a guy you pay imo. i agree with the incumbent team having an advantage if he likes it here. idk what the cost is, but if it isn’t insane, i don’t look at this as a total rental bc the player is worth the contract he will deserve.

  40. Yeah, I think if they go into this thinking there’s a good chance they want to keep him beyond this year, and make him feel good about things, then it makes a lot of sense (honestly I’m fine with it as a rental too cause I’m in full emotional win now mode). I saw somebody else suggest he might get something akin to wheeler’s deal which is around 5/110 million, and I would be good with that. Hopefully he would be as well. They could even try to get him signed before he hits free agency, during the season. A lot of it depends on how dedicated he is to exploring all his options.

  41. Love it too, just not sold on selling the farm to solidify the 3rd wild card. Seeing way too many tweets that the ask is really high for what would likely be a rental.

  42. Wild card teams have won the World Series before. We all remember the wild card cardinals (who had a win total about the same as the Phillies are currently projected) steamrolling our four aces all time great team in 2011 on their way to a chip. If the Phillies get way better, it doesn’t really matter how they make it into the playoffs, as long as they get there. Then anything can happen. I’m all in on ending the drought THIS YEAR.

  43. I’m choosing to believe he’s being used as a mouthpiece to try to lower the prices on those guys

  44. Hopefully a lot of dominos start falling now that this is out of the way.

  45. Honestly pretty underwhelming return for Soto, Abrams and Hassell are good but there is no guarantee any of these guys put it all together to be a star, AJ Preller is a maniac

  46. Yeah I find it hard to believe that this was the best offer. Very underwhelming, especially given the rumors of what they were after (which were crazy too but I don’t find this to be meeting in the middle).

  47. I would do some disgusting things to get Laureano on this team.

  48. Why are you so big on Laureano? He's just not great this year, especially defensively in CF. Would be curious to hear why you seem to want him so badly.

  49. I will admit that upon checking his defense is worse this season than I would have thought. I may be overvaluing him, but based on his historical stats I just feel like he’s the right mix of offense and defense for this team. I could even see him leading off under the right circumstances. Doesn’t seem likely to be happening though, and maybe it’s for the best and I don’t know nothin!

  50. A lot of people are saying something like this but I don’t understand why we want to mess with something that’s working.

  51. Agree. And also, segura has hit leadoff more than a few times for the Phillies (and other teams too), and never really flourished. He seems to do better in the 2 hole or deeper in the lineup. Maybe mental, not sure.

  52. People severely underrate Mahle. He’s got solid peripherals and great K numbers. His stuff is pretty damn electric and I don’t think we’ve seen the best of him yet. Remember how long it took for Wheeler to put it all together?

  53. I agree. Out of the realistic guys we could pick up today, he’s pretty easily the top of my list. Do I think he’s an ace? Probably not. But I think he could be a very good third starter, with room to maybe even be a number two, who id feel pretty good sending out there for game 3 of a playoff series.

  54. I don’t know about underrated, but he’s solid and I would be pleased to add him to the rotation for a non-exorbitant price

  55. Sounds like most likely landing spots for Soto are cardinals or padres with dodgers in third. Where would you rather he end up? I guess just for short term Phillies considerations I would say just not the cardinals since we’re competing so closely with them for a playoff spot. And I hate the dodgers and would hate to see them get yet another superstar. So I guess the padres is my pick. Anybody agree or disagree?

  56. Please don’t wait til it’s 8-6 to bring someone else in

  57. I hope somebody else is already warming up

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