1. Looking freaking awesome! Glad to hear they're taking another look at crafting rules, shows at the minimum that they're listening to player and GM feedback.

  2. Yeah. Though it seems we have to push them for a long time until they listen. Finger's crossed for a small buff to Witch in the future.

  3. Really holding my breath for useable crafting rules. Also looking forward to more Alchemical Items.

  4. Crimson Shroud on the 3DS. Your characters and the enemies are minis, you shake the dices with the stylus. Also the narrator describes the rooms and the stories like a GM would. It's a short game that I like a lot.

  5. Cool. I finally picked up Dungeon Crawl Classics. Too bad the Foundry VTT modules weren't also on sale but that's life.

  6. I totally missed the part of this that's a horror story. Seems like everyone had fun.

  7. I think it's a great idea but personally I would have the membership level be based on something else than money spent. Because at low-level, player's money is limited and items they purchase are also cheap. So for example 100 gold piece for 5% is not worth it a low-level but a pittance granting a huge boon at higher levels.

  8. Haven't played PF2e, but we're planning to start with Beginner Box next month. Anyone know if AV would be a good followup after BB, even if the PC's are all Lv2? Or do adjustments need to be made to keep the difficulty in line?

  9. I played the Beginner Box and then the Abomination Vaults. I didn't have to adjust the difficulty since my players were still getting used to PF2e and AV is quite harder than BB except for the boss of the latter.

  10. That sounds more like a player issue than game balance. Making an OP min maxed character in a game with a bunch of new players seems like a dick move. These are new players learning the ropes. They don’t need some power player spotlight hog stepping all over their first characters.

  11. To each his opinion but I disagree. You yourself say that the problem is making a min maxed OP character which to me means the game has some unbalanced options.

  12. I didn’t say there wasn’t a balance issue. If it sound that way than I should have been clearer. To me the more egregious problem is taking that balance issue and ripping open wider to make an op broken build while the new people are just trying to have fun. Yeah there’s a balance issue but that doesn’t mean it’s free reign to play main character

  13. Oh yeah I agree totally that it was not a cool thing to do. I even asked the player not to make his character too powerful since the others were newcomers. He showed me his character sheet but being a noob myself, nothing jumped out of the ordinary until we were already playing.

  14. To me the reason elves are so few while being fertile for hundreds of years is that between 18 and 100 years they go through a rebellious teenager phase. As wise and patient as most elves are, few are ready for that kind of commitment resulting in few children.

  15. As a GM I'm not interested in romance. I focus more on combat, intrigue and exploration. If you come at my table to explore your sexual identity, you'll be disappointed. Not because I'll shame you or anything like that but I handwave this stuff. You try to flirt with an NPC? Roll a Diplomacy, Deception or Performance check and if it's high enough I'll say you and the NPC spent a nice evening together and keep it at that.

  16. I'm dating a woman with the same first name as my mom. I thought it would be akward but in my brain my mother is called "mom".

  17. I absolutely use music. We're playing a game of make believe so it greatly helps to set the mood.

  18. J’aimerais bien voir combien de ceux qui disaient qu’ils allaient continuer de porter le masque le font vraiment.

  19. Quand même pas mal dans l'école ou je travaille. Honnetement ça change pas grand chose à ma vie. Par contre il y a une gang que je comprends pas. Ceux qui le portent encore mais en-dessous du nez. Rendu là pourquoi continuer de le porter.

  20. The wardrobe change is also pretty striking.

  21. Dark Souls has amazing hitboxes for the most part, not sure what you're on about

  22. I'm playing DS2 and even solo it's hitboxes are ridiculous. The mimic grabs you even if you're standing behind it. I also see zombies sometimes attack the wrong way but still damage me.

  23. DCC and Forbidden Lands have magic mishaps.

  24. Not only that, casting spells in Forbidden Lands requires Willpower points and you only get those when you fail rerolls so not that often.

  25. The video is from Devilman anime, the new one on Netflix I think, Devilman Crybaby. No idea about the song.

  26. I personally would prefer PF2e to 5e for my style of game, partly because it’s got rules for a large volume of things the players may try that 5e does not. That and a lot of its DM-facing tools are better. Sadly, I primarily DM 5e because everyone I know and want to play with these days wants 5e specifically.

  27. Dude. As a PF2e GM, let people enjoy what they want. All you're doing is making people believe the system I like is for condescending people.

  28. Garden is the awful minigame not Stock Market. Fight me!

  29. potency and striking runes are a boring system because you are expected to have them

  30. Yeah I'm GMing my first PF2e game and I'm definitely using Automatic Bonus Progression next game because since it's expected that they get those bonuses, they either need to use all their money to get certain items or they know they're going to pop-up inside a dungeon.

  31. The 2e design team is almost crushingly conservative when it comes to new content beyond the core rulebook. I understand balance is important, but the Witch is terrible and has bad feats, Oracle is chained to a terrible spell list and lacks Divine Font to redeem itself, and Gunslinger is finicky at best and barely functional at worst (reactions requiring a loaded gun are so bad and awkward). Swashbucklers have to contort their action economy and jump through hoops, risking failure along the way to be okay approximations of Fighters. The new Undead archetypes are almost all stinkers. Psychic and Thaumaturgist playtests were pretty awful, and I have pretty low hopes for their reworks.

  32. I have been using my own homebrew setting since about 2011. Golarion for me is like Forgotten Realms. A Swiss Army World designed to include every single thing that Paizo creates. Those kinds of settings just don't appeal to me as the inclusion of everything tends to create a high fantasy game that is higher than I prefer.

  33. Funny I agree with you but come to the opposite conclusion. The swiss army world works wonder for my players. They can take the same character from a haunted castle in Ustalav to a crashed spaceship in Numeria.

  34. Man i dont want him to end alone. Hes actually a funny character.

  35. As long as you mean fun at his expense then I agree. Let the developpers match him with someone who will boss him around and further emasculate him.

  36. It's just wild to me. The company doing the port is more known for doing savage worlds and tinyd6 games.

  37. Yeah but unfortunately, 5e is what sells. I don't like it but I understand why they're doing it.

  38. I haven't played it myself, but Unknown Armies might get you part of the way there?

  39. It's possible, I'd have to look at it. Thanks for the suggestion.

  40. That's pretty harsh but you said your party likes it. It wouldn't work with my party since they have a different problem. The two healers consistently fail all Treat Wounds roll. The medic in the group has gone through FIVE Crying angel pendants and the group is level 5. The Herbalist Druid with Fresh Ingredients needs a 3 on the dice to succeed at Treat Wounds....oops they rolled a 2. They use a Hero Point? Oops, Critical Failure.

  41. This is exactly what had us so intensely frustrated with the combat of EX3, the other systems worked pretty good, even with folding in charms from the various Exalts, and we were using the non combat systems to good effect (i.e. sailing, investigation, social, mercantile, etc). But the combat is such a hot, clunky mess that after several months of use, we came to realize we were doing anything we could to actively avoid combat because it was such a tedious, multiple resource tracking practice that it just wasn't worth it.

  42. Oh yeah, combat in Exalted 3e has so many steps to resolve one attack. I often have to wait a full hour between my turns. I've only played that system for a year but I could list my gripes with the combat for hours but this is not the right place to do so. At the end of the day, I have a great GM so I end up having fun despite the system but all four of us players would switch in a heartbeat.

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