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  1. Khu is one of the worst leakers I've ever seen. Most of his shit is too vague and his behavior is toxic as hell.

  2. Agreed. Every leak is the same thing. Bullshit that’s just vague enough for him to go “I leaked that!” whenever something gets revealed. If we’re lucky, a comment digging at other leakers or reporters too!

  3. He said the fan art of a geyser-Diglett surprisingly nailed the "Regional Fake".

  4. Could be “regional fake” as in something that is it presented as a regional form of a Pokémon but isn’t actually a Regional form exclusive to that region?

  5. Most places like this either have sidewalks on the side or the streets are safe to walk on from speed limits and lack of cars. These neighborhoods are honestly some of the most walking friendly places in the US.

  6. Yeah you can walk to… your neighbors house.

  7. The comment that I was replying to was replying to someone talking about a pool, so I figure they were talking about all the different parks and pools and stuff nearby, not stores or anything.

  8. Please do not use acetone on GW plastic. Acetone melts plastic. Yes I know that Tamiya works similarly, binding the pieces together by melting them, but acetone is not the same thing.

  9. The battle of Canary Wharf was covered up, as explained in the first episode of Torchwood:

  10. I believe you when you say that canon exists, but that's super corny if true. There would never be a situation where you'd want a rifle to simulate recoil when it has none. 40k is weird.

  11. But lasgun is NOT from AoS, it was invented by the AdMech (yes, it was one of very few "invention", not mass producing via ancient STL).

  12. Even better, really. The AdMech not knowing how to properly mass produce something they themselves made is hilarious. Alternatively, it can be seen as another aspect of "AdMech screwing themselves and the Imperium because of their infighting" by not sharing the same Lasrifle blueprints between each forge world.

  13. Are you asking for a 40k conversion of the 30k alpharius datasheet? I think just taking guilliman's 40k statline should work out fine, just give him different wargear.

  14. Yea just take the GMan datasheet, swap the Ultramarines keyword for Alpha Legion, and swap the Emperor's Sword and the Hand of Dominion for the Pale Blade and whatever pistol it was he used in Alpharius (was it Plasma or Volkite?)

  15. So I bought the liber hereticus, do I need the loyalist book if I am not taking any units from it?

  16. This is my own fanfiction about the 1st Legion Primarch becoming a Warmaster and causing a Heresy.

  17. One tiny little pet peeve I want to point out, it's "Lion El'Johnson". "Lionel Johnson" was the real life poet, not the Primarch.

  18. The Ironkin reveal specifically mentions Ironkin working as assistants for "Brokhyr Iron-Masters", so thats probably the engineer HQ name.

  19. Someone else in the thread mentioned the idea of an actual Votann being a Supreme Commander. TBH I don't think a full Votann would even fit on the battlefield, but maybe we can get some sort of "Aspect of Votann" that's like a robot body that a Votann can transfer some of its consciousness to to be mobile? Iunno, just spitballing.

  20. Post it to the local PD's social media, ask the same question. Chances are his SO will chastise him right out of the spot.

  21. Ask the question before posting the picture, otherwise they can just ignore it.

  22. The is also A Feast of Ice and Fire, which I think has some better recipes than that one. I've cooked from both, and both have some good stuff (The goodberry blend is a tasty smoothie!), but I get more use overall out of AFOIAF.

  23. I haven't tried it but there's also a Skyrim cookbook, probably has similar stuff.

  24. And we won't have a PHB for all the classes until they're months away from launching 6th edition.

  25. That's funny because I just got Wildemont during an Amazon Buy 2, Get 1 Free book. I'm not a critter but it was one of the few books I didn't have. I was just flipping though it thinking about cutting it up and using the art as handouts.

  26. I think I might have given the impression that the dog stays in the house all day unless he is walked. He spends a lot of his time in our big yard.. but he won't poop in it. He holds his poop for the walks. He loves pooping (don't we all?) He even holds it during the walk so he can pinch it off and poop in many places, not just one. There's almost an art to it lol.

  27. This is the perfect time to reach your kid what is and isn’t ok with the dog.

  28. You’re completely correct, only really happened once and it was super important (and cool).

  29. Craigslist is kinda known to be the place you go to post ads wanting money for sexual favors dude.

  30. The Votann are sentient STCs, and we know that both STCs and AI can be corrupted, so I could see a bunch of Votann being unknowingly Chaos-aligned by worshipping a corrupted Votann.

  31. Just to hear some opinions about certain player character last session

  32. There's this guy in my friend group that used to play with us but stopped, he been hinting that he might come back but... I don't think I want him to.

  33. To be fair to the SJW twunts whining about this...

  34. When I see stuff like this I wonder 'can someone want something more fucked up than this?'

  35. Out of the 6 visibly male Kin in these pictures, 3 have bears and 2 are at an angle where I can't see the bottom half of their face. Only a single male Kin here doesn't have a bear.

  36. I'm referring to the miniature designs, though. The "idea" of being Dwarf-themed is there for their lore and some basic aspects like the decals, but it isn't really represented on the miniatures themselves much at all.

  37. I'm talking about the mini design too. Lots of the traditional dwarf aesthetic is pretty tough to make fit into the far future, but I feel they've done it just about the best way they can. The armor still gives that "dwarf" vibe, but a more futuristic version (just like how Space Marine armor gives that "future human armor" vibe).

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