1. Clones from the same plant, or just same genetics? Cuz if you popped seeds, you’re not starting with some degree of variance among the phenotypes.

  2. Just same genetics both pineapple chunk from Barney’s farm. May run some more tests with clones.

  3. Word. I’m gonna try mainlining soon. Feel like if you don’t have reason to rush through veg as quick as normal LST, it can produce better but you’d need to add a couple weeks at least for it to pay off.

  4. Nice man would love to hear the results 👍

  5. pineapple chunk mainline 103g pineapple chunk reg 114g gelato 77g wedding cake 101g

  6. Looking good! I see that you mainlined one of the plants and the rest are just normal with a few side branches, is this for experiment purposes? As if so I'd love to know the results and see if there is any difference to mainline or normal growth (if they're same pheno plants)👍

  7. Yes it was experimental. I mainlined one pineapple chunk and the other got topped and LST. They’re looking relatively similar at this point, the mainlined one may be a bit bigger.

  8. Oscillating monkey fan. Could get ‘em at any grow store or online.

  9. what do you recommend? Im tired of my little shitty one but I don't want a super huge one either.

  10. Okay so I’ve heard mixed reviews on this guy, but it seems like a lot of people that are giving bad reviews simply received a damaged version of the product. But this one is great because it’s tall and has a very large tank.

  11. Even if that’s a sugar leaf, the buds are definitely at least 25% amber by now. Which is when i think it is best to chop. Going full amber doesn’t give you a true high, just makes you pretty tired.

  12. There are definitely some amber ones but i wouldn't say this is 25% by now at least not the way I judge it. If this is your preferred window for harvesting then i don't have anything against that, it's just that i would prefer to go like at least a week longer for my preference. Not for every strain but at least for some.

  13. Lsd25 from fastbuds! I’ve got two more in the tent! They’re babies, but hopefully in a couple months I’ll be able to share even nicer photos! 🤝

  14. I have that one. Super hard to use without taking a piece off the plant.

  15. Some if y'all trippin.. id say about 12 zips or so if this is week five. Pound would be solid hopefully I'm wrong and you do get two fam good luck and happy harvested brudduh :)

  16. Agreed, 12-16 is what I’m thinking. They got about 4 weeks left

  17. i really notice the more intense the light the thicker and denser the buds. im wondering if you can bring that light down and really push that intensity.

  18. About 4 months veg yessir. Appreciate the recognition. I’ve been playing w the light height.. it’s very powerful so when i get too close, i get some leaves burning, still figuring out that happy medium.

  19. If it were me, I'd remove both nets carefully, remove each plant one by one, thin out the smaller vertical branches sitting below the canopy, as well as the lower growth on all branches, lollipop style, put them all back in the tent and lay one net back on them with tops sticking through as you'll still get a bit more stretch and growth.

  20. Don’t you think that would be too much defoliation at once for a plant in flower? I’ve heard and seen many just talking a handful of leaves every couple of days to reduce the overall stress. What do you think?

  21. You can take some of the middle out without removing the nets I do it all the time it will be harder to remove the net trust me. I have side doors on my tent not sure if you do. If you are going to defoliate most do it once the stretch is done and flowers have begun forming despite what the others here are saying. Also some strains will react better than others to a defoliation in flower

  22. I agree, they are definitely still stretching lots. I think it would be a bad idea to do some heavy pruning right now. I think I’m going to do so minor defoliation of the fan leaves over the next week and then a heavier session once they’ve finished stretching.

  23. Coast of Maine stonington platinum blend is a great organic super soil if you don’t want to build your own. Recharge is a really good supplement for the soil, has basically everything the soil needs.

  24. I don’t think 60/60 for 14 is too long. Usually 10-14 with those levels. If it’s dry in the room you trimmed and jarred them in, that could contribute to the dryness. Pop in 62% humidity packs, they’ll be fine.

  25. I would lower the light a bit and just keep it going. They still look healthy, you’ll probably get a small yield though.

  26. Put them in 10 gallons and watch the show.

  27. Plants look fantastic, but the growth just looks slow to me.

  28. I did a lot of training both high stress and low stress to get the canopy as spread out as it is.

  29. I wouldn’t trust it lol everything is crazy cheap on that site but maybe it is lol

  30. I’m thinking the same... wanted to know if anyone has ordered from them. I don’t see how it could be real though.

  31. Also after you water let the excess drain off into a pan or something, you might have to hold up your pot for a few minutes to do this. I started doing this with my FFOF and it’s dries more quickly now.

  32. She was stunted early on. Been doing great since. I’m changing to a better light but this one:

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