1. Got an extra one on accident, if you need any extra pictures let me know, but it’s all there. Looking for 350. Brand new. I opened the box to make sure everything is still there.

  2. Man, you guys beat this one to death pretty quick.

  3. You'll want mods or DLC to expand your building repertoire. If you're on PC, definitely try the Northern Timber mod. Some really great build sets to play with there. The DLCs have descriptions of what build sets they add. Buy 'em all, or look 'em up and see which ones you like.

  4. I don't know what fainr is but I sure don't want it to happen to me

  5. IMO me1 has the best protagonist-antagonist dynamic in the series.

  6. Good point. I think the role of Saren as an antagonist develops really well throughout the game as well. He starts off as a rogue Spectre that attacked a human colony. Then, you find there's more to his ship than you originally thought. Finally, you discover he's betrayed all life in the Milky Way and is acting as the vanguard of an ancient race of machines bent on wiping out everyone. That really blew me away when I first played it. Still impressive how well written it is.

  7. Right after saying he’s gonna wait to be asked a question to speak. Really funny stuff

  8. As always, it's a sub with thousands of members. There's lots of people with lots of's not a hivemind.

  9. 🎶 thiccc boy squad thiccc boy nation 🎶

  10. Thank u herb dean for protecting our fighters from major psychological trauma

  11. Love how it's not a clear foul call either. More of a "Hey what the fuck are you doing? Cut it out."

  12. Watched it with my brother. We were cracking the fuck up. Never seen that before.

  13. He always does this. Just never seems like he wants to be in there.

  14. Did Chandler being a former bellator champion have anything to do with him being scheduled to fight champ like that?

  15. Absolutely. He was one of the biggest names outside the UFC for years. He'd had wars with and beaten plenty of former/future UFC fighters.

  16. Even funnier that he's shitting on a guy so far out of his weight class. Like he's not selling a fight or stirring up drama, they're never going to fight. He's just doing it because it's funny.

  17. Congrats! We're brothers now. I have a 2018 in Race Red as well. Mine also came from Canada, but was brought down to the US before I purchased it.

  18. 👌 yep its parked right now because the snow can't wait to get it out

  19. Trust me, you wanna try drift mode in a snowy parking lot while you can. These things are a blast in the snow! I had so much fun this winter.

  20. The PC modding community has done most of this stuff. You'd think if Funcom paid any attention, they'd realize this and bring these features to the base game so console could enjoy them as well.

  21. Finding a Lancia 037 would be pretty special.

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