[Serious] Men of Reddit who have been raped by women, what’s your story?

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  1. I eat more meat than a gay man but this is cool.

  2. Hide change in your couch for when she inevitably checks.

  3. And put rock salt in the carpet for when she inevitably checks

  4. Hey, this looks similar to some of the old leaked screenshots from the canceled Nintendo64 game! I can’t find this one from the old leaks thread. Do you actually have one of the development copies?! Please, please, please say you do! Do you notice a smell on the cartridge? If you can open it up, I’m sure everybody here would want to know if the rumors that they were trying to use tiny pieces of nervous tissue IN the cartridges is true!

  5. I was taken on for training when i didnt have my ss card. Gives u a little bit of time to get one

  6. But like... Why enforce a 20% tip. What if the server/bartender did or didnt do something to not deserve a 20% tip

  7. "While yo bitch is cheatin on ya im the one who beatin im just sayin u think that im playin but i aint got a reason to, 98 benz coupe looking like pikachu, 99 benz coupe looking like beetlejuice"

  8. Honestly I've had a huge range in the potency of raw salvia leaves. Some leaves I could easily "break through" on through 3 or 4 consecutive bowls. Other leaves were absolutely garbage. If I have raw leaves then I strongly prefer chewing them in quids like the Mazatecs do.

  9. Bro I live within walking distance of a 24 hour McDonald’s and I’m known as the guy who will come in fucking fried at 2AM,eat 40 nuggets and 2 large fries,drink 2 large sweet tea,and then moon walk out

  10. I can just imagine this dude holding the hat and everything then he just fucking swings his hand back for the door

  11. Pizza and Lucy go together like long lost best friends my brother 🥂

  12. Facts. Food on acid slaps if u dont eat too much. The wing flavors from chilis on acid 🔥

  13. Same. Go by joey and somehow more restaurants mishear it as jerry than reataurants that get joey

  14. You know its bad when u have blues and hulks together

  15. Ive never even seen the blues. Are they pressies or some super high dose bar

  16. Yea imagine some live pd shit goes down and they just whip the dog out with no reason ti

  17. But... The penis... Is on.. You know what fuckit u do u bek

  18. Nah yea i found fast. I was looking for the one when he kills bobby and the one that plays as he grabs the camera and flips it to bobbys dead body

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