1. Well you picked up their weakest strain lol

  2. Dude wtf you have grapehead 😂 they haven’t released that in ages(drops) you’ve been holding on I see cuz that bottle looks nearly full

  3. People like you who think nothing of their actions will keep getting looked over. They complain about ‘phone number’ but can’t fix their own damn numbers system for our Days and various other things

  4. If you guys want to keep bending over and getting fucked by the board be my guest. This program is flawed and I won’t be renewing unless a miracle hits this program.

  5. How much you selling it for per g? Unless you selling for more than 15 a g you’re not making any profit unless you shorting people 😂

  6. Supposedly the cut selling off shelves is a ‘thin mint’ cut; I bought a jar of it yesterday and it’s no where as good as the cut pictured.

  7. You definitely took a step back in time moving to Ohio, Colorado’s Medical/Recreational marijuana is far more superb I’m sure than Ohio. Flower is much more expensive here and you’ll have to get used to certain strains because they don’t have them by the Leafly name sometime

  8. Hybrid is my go-to, fan of sativa as well. Do dispensaries usually have sales or is it vendor sales? will keep luster pod kit on my list, thanks for the info :)

  9. Dispensaries have customer appreciation sales and last call items sales as well. Dispensaries also have sales on certain cultivator’s; when you have time make your way to every dispensary in your area and give them your email and phone number and they will text and email you when they’re having sales and if it’s any cultivator sales.

  10. No problem! Also look out for these cultivators: Woodward, Klutch, Buckeye Relief, Grow Ohio(Butterfly Effect), Firelands Scientific they’re awesome and have great flower and concentrates

  11. I haven’t tried crushed berries but everyone likes it Burkle is very good but I’m sure crushed berries will be better

  12. Standard wellness I tend to avoid those guys, speaking of Mac or Mac 1 go with klutch’s.

  13. Is that Klutch ? Woodward released Sundae Driver too i wonder who’s better

  14. How is the Sunday Driver, Woodward released their version as well I wonder who’s is better

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