1. Took me 5 years. I should have let it run longer given the interest rate and how 'nice' of a lender the government is, but so be it.

  2. Totally worth it. My entire professional network and career has strong links back to my undergraduate program (Ivey HBA).

  3. I feel like all of these takes are kind of repetitive.

  4. What's the market value of a comparable house in that area? The realtor could have easily listed it below market value as so many often do.

  5. Median FH Town in South Riverdale in May was $1.439M, so it was listed in and around that.

  6. This is a stupid comparison when talking about the population as a whole, cmon now.

  7. this household income is most definitely within top 2-3 % and not 10%. Not sure where you got the 10% figure from.

  8. Literally StatsCan's income Census from 2016. Not sure where you are getting 2-3% from.

  9. From Ajax GO Station to Union, one way is $10.20. A group of 4 people would need to spend $40.80 ($81.60 round trip) to come into the city rather than just sharing cost and driving? You're talking about the people who couldn't afford to live in the city so had to move out far need to pay top dollar and inconvenience of public transit to enjoy Toronto?

  10. I think it's a reach to say $81.60 on transit v $0 to drive in + park, but I guess you need to use hyperbole to make your point?

  11. Who said $0? Let's say a full tank costs $100. You don't even use a quarter of it to get downtown. Then let's say parking is another $20, which is considered "event parking" from what I remember, so it's a generous estimate for just a day in the city. That's still, maximum, $11.25 on cost coming to the city for each person rather than almost double that commuting in.

  12. They can choose it - they just have to now manage around ActiveTO if they want to drive in.

  13. I was 100% allocated to equities on WealthSimple, so its effectively the same. Just a lot cheaper.

  14. How do you allocate 100 to equities on WS? The max risk only allows 90 equity and 10 cash and cash equivalents. Thanks

  15. I totally agree with this, but I’m not close to one. I do a lot of short trips frequently, and I have two young kids. I used to use a car share and Uber before kids and I loved it, but I find it’s not practical when you need car seats, etc.

  16. I've been communauto-ing with a car seat and love it. New car seats are so easy to install quickly I find that it makes almost no difference on time or effort.

  17. They're 25 and both earning six figures (or will be soon.) Does everyone in this city make 100k+?

  18. ~1/5 FT workers makes $100K+ in Toronto.

  19. My first thought is that it’s Madness but when I sit back and think about it, I’d say that’s pretty common.

  20. Do you understand it? When assets < liabilities, your net worth is negative.

  21. He said “your assets are meaningless if you acquired them on a loan”. Which is 100% right. If you buy something for 100 and you own 100, your assets are indeed meaningless.

  22. We are assuming the majority of buyers of RE now are buying 0% down? That's what this sub has become?

  23. Woof. I would not want to live on Greenwood.

  24. It's just too main of a road for me. Similar to Jones, where I also would not buy.

  25. A lot of people were still in denial about the path of interest rates until recently. This recent hike should cement the reality of much higher interests in the minds of everyone.

  26. I'd still be surprised if we get beyond 3% at BOC this year, but let's see.

  27. Isn’t this always true, people with money has leverage and will always do better than the poor?

  28. Yep - downturns are great for people with money.

  29. Nah, a lot (many? Most?) municipalities in QC have land transfer "welcome taxes"

  30. Yeah more or less the exact same - sucks!

  31. It's 30% of Gross, not Net, as the rule, FYI.

  32. Median FT Work is actually $65K but they'll never use that number in articles like this.

  33. DM me your LinkedIn and I'll take a look. Reddit has been good to me on the hiring front.

  34. Sure, let me just put my reputation on the line for a stranger on Reddit!

  35. Tbf I have hired some killer SDRs from this sub lol.

  36. When you say Director, you're talking about first level managers?

  37. First level yes, but hired to actually build out and up to 2nd line.

  38. Gotcha, but you're expecting a different comp plan at 2nd line or is that $500kOTE already 2nd line and you'll be hiring 1st level managers at less than that?

  39. Let me be clear as it's getting lost in the questioning:

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