My friend’s 9 year old wrote this poem for school and her parents were called in to talk about it because it upset everyone

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my friend thought I was afk and I heard her conversation with her mom

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  1. They can, just in beleivable and realistic ways that represent the actual lived experience of Muslims. This just feels gross, like a caricature, the kind of satire The Boys would portray Vought producing. Islam is lived, not referenced endlessly and specifically. If the expositive dialogue were any more blunt she would break the fourth wall, look at the camera, and say "Hi, I'm a Muslim" every five minutes.

  2. This all felt exactly like my home and family growing up as a south asian muslim in north america. Nothing was caricature. I can see how if you're not familiar with it it might be jarring, but bro this is how it is.

  3. In Germany right wingers call „legacy Germans“ „bio Germans“, bio standing for biological, to differentiate between the „natural“ Germans and immigrated Germans (passport Germans, so people with „only“ the legitimate documents, but not the biological german genes). Its practically the same as in the US, just an excuse to create different classes depending on racist classification

  4. Eid Mubarak. Being an Indian muslim, I always feel left out but online community makes me feel happy 😊

  5. I hear you, I'm the same! never really one or the other.

  6. Vibrant present? I thought this was a beaverton article.

  7. I genuinely thought I had finally not mistaken a Beaverton headline for a real one, but nope.

  8. “They wake up to strange sounds of people yelling in pain” and “the people “ being them is a fucking solid line. I hope they will let the kid grow and cultivate the talent!

  9. That's wonderful! I bet this is the first step of you finding out how delightful you are :)

  10. I think about this movie regularly, it really stuck with me despite having seen it years ago. It's great.

  11. I believe he said the locals showed him "aggressive hospitality" , I loved that line.

  12. Everytime I hear this shit from people I tell them about this super fun cartoon with a talking animal their kids will just love called Fritz the Cat.

  13. Getting a dog made me dislike dog people. Adult dogs off leash running to my puppy who is shy. I went from dog mommy to dog owner and I only like MY dog.

  14. The only reason I will never get a dog is bc I don't want to have to deal with these people.

  15. Oof this is a true Canadian animation deep cut. Bravo!

  16. Your dad sounds like my mom, who is absolutely a covert narcissist. She often uses guilt trips to try to get me to do whatever she needs, relentless pushing of my boundaries, this absurd expectation that I am basically available to her at all times AND the expectation that I am THRILLED about it all. If I'm not sufficiently excited to pause my life to help her, well that's super rude of me and the passive aggressive bs starts.

  17. Long, long shot bc this was a movie and I don't remember that exact scene but definitely human sized mouse woman with human hair who worked for an asshole and there was a limo:

  18. Scottie Barnes (Raptors) absolutely has a video of me struggling to walk through snowbanks in a snowstorm while high (but not that high).

  19. If you haven't watched 80s The Real Ghostbusters animated series (based off the movie), SUPER recommend that. There are some episodes that still give me the willies (like the sandman). The animated Beetlejuice series was good too, animated Tales From the Cryptkeeper and Freaky Stories as others mentioned.

  20. Call the rental places near the airport?

  21. Honestly, this was it. We booked a car at one if the airport rentals for early morning pickup, and we'll just take a lyft or something there. Thanks!

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