1. I like using it for crumble as well, heat it up for a second and it sticks to it well

  2. Gotta be a switch hitter when you rock a Chapin like this.

  3. My plants started chugging during flower in my 3x3’s I was watering sometimes twice a day lol. Had to switch to the blumats before I lost my mind.

  4. Blumats are definitely on the list. Did you get the drippers ribbon that attached to the carrot or does it come straight off?

  5. I use the blu soak tape connected to a single 5 inch dripper for both of my 3x3’s and my 2x4 on a 27 gallon gravity fed res. I still hand water in some microbes and extras once a week or so but plain water in the res

  6. Huffman is a crook. It's a back handed way of saying they are helping patients but actually enriching themselves. It's a joke.

  7. How can the allow growing six plants but only 2.5 oz of possession lol What are you supposed to do? Harvest then throw a bunch of it away?? Smells like they're already planning to remove home grow from the bill

  8. Why should I have to pay for a medicine that I can grow myself in a perfectly safe manner? I don’t pay for my produce because I grow it myself I don’t see why I should have to pay for another plant I can grow organically and pesticide free? Doesn’t make much sense to police such an obscure thing imo.

  9. I would agree that 12 is a more reasonable number. No reason to set ourselves up with less rights out of the gate. We have far less of a chance of expanding our plant count after the fact that is why pushing to legalize the right way the first time is so critical. Look at how little change has happened in the medical program, expect that same sort of growth with any new rec laws or even worse seeing that cultivators and dispos will happily throw money at lobbyists to keep our plant counts as low as possible. The level of greed is disgusting at the end of the day

  10. Seems half decent, would like to see some legislation that prevents oligopolies from forming added to this.

  11. I think that was perfect. Like I said we jarred it up and it’s held the perfect RH the whole time. I talked with someone who did 7-7.5 hours and it was over dried so I tried going a little beneath it and it seems perfect.

  12. Aye, one last question. Did you trim before or after freeze drying?

  13. Just ordered a similar blumat system to run my beds on, what size tote is that for the res?

  14. For sure I was torn between a 17 and a 27, def gonna go 27 in that case

  15. For the blu soak tape do you really have to have the reservoir at a minimum of 6ft above the beds? I have a 7ft ceiling and would love to try to blu soak but I’m not trying to order it if I won’t have enough pressure to feed both of my 3x3’s off of it

  16. I reached out to the guys at sustainable village because I had the same concern. I was told “You are shooting for 4+ feet from the top of the reservoir to soil level.” For the Blusoak. However this is with a 27 gallon tote kept over half full.

  17. Yeah I was planning something similar with a tote from like Home Depot or something like that on a metal pantry rack outside of my flower room, I shot them an email about a quote so I guess we’ll see what’s up. Thanks for the response!

  18. Ran into an incredibly similar issue and it’s a bit farther along than this, I landed at a nitrogen imbalance in the soil from chop and dropping too much without adding additional straw combined with a picky eating strain. First run in my bed so I believe the high nitrogen to start then chop and dropping, cutting up leaves etc compounded all of that N during my veg and early flowering time.

  19. I’ve been raising rove beetles using oatmeal as food source and soil as home in a bin hich I wet down. Every 7 to 10 days I am replacing the oatmeal in the bin and putting it on top of my pots but lately I’m having really bad fungus gnats problems.

  20. Look like orb mites to me, would need a zoomed photo to be sure though. Look them up and see if they look familiar. When I forest started I noticed them and thought they were eggs as well because of how slow moving they are. They just eat decaying organic matter in the best as far as I know

  21. Does not move good question been running dehumidfier in basement non stop but I'm sure humidity is still high due to the rain. Good call!

  22. Yeah I’d recommend checking it out with a microscope to be sure, wear a mask to be safe don’t wanna inhale it if it’s fungal.

  23. If so can I just use a fungicide? Did I take the first step by using plant therapy? Or should I be ripping this crop?

  24. I don’t know if that’s what it is for sure, you should look at it up close and try to look into further before you treat your plants with something

  25. If you have concentrate in this area already after cleaning it 48 hours ago you’re absolutely pulling on the unit too hard when you hit it.

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