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  1. What the hell was that with Magda?? Losing her mind over her phone when she could careless about doing her job properly. She should have been fired charters ago and Ryan should have also!

  2. She was having an actual panic attack over not being able to bitch at her boyfriend and get likes/compliments over instagram.

  3. And Roddy the ruin with his winter wolves

  4. "Benny isn't really great at listening, Jamie isn't great at communicating. Benny is really emotional, Jamie disregards any sense of emotion. This is not ending well." There's no comment I could make that summarizes the Benny/Jamie drama as well as Brittini did in that one voice over.

  5. Didn't Jamie suggest to Brittini that she and Culver should talk to Benny about how he isn't pulling his weight? She then did it and Benny's response was to take it to heart when it came from her. Imagine the "Boo-Hoo, you big meanie, intimidating me on the anniversary of my parents' deaths" whine fest we would have been treated to if Jamie had tried to tell Benny that he wasn't doing enough on the night shift?

  6. Exactly, Benny doesn't respect authority. Because Jamie, an ex-cop btw, views himself as an authoritative figure he sees that as direct disrespect towards himself.

  7. At the same time if Jamie had brought up how ridiculously unsafe Benny has been, almost wrecking the tender, leaving the helm to take selfies on the bow (an instant firing imo), and not completing his checklist ever; this is a pretty clear decision.

  8. Was she gargling spaghetti from the communal bowl?

  9. Was this the same for sailors during this time? Were sunburns ever a something that reduced the manpower available on a ship? It seems like an ordinary sailor would be a lot more exposed and have fewer resources to protect themselves.

  10. here a thread answering that question! again it comes down to wearing loose fitting clothing and wide brimmed hats, as well as much of their day being spent below decks.

  11. Is the eye patch story true? That they were switched from eye to eye to help adjust vision when going below deck?

  12. Yeah but it was mostly just kept on one eye to keep it dilated for the dark. So they wouldn't have to wait for their eyesight to adjust when going below deck.

  13. Serious question. How much additional payload can they carry with the rig and how is it carried. Both the pilots hands are covered and as far as I can tell there’s no way to carry another person nor really a large amount of additional gear, though I expect it can carry a lot weight wise, I’ve not seen the way to carry the payload, storage wise.

  14. A pack on his front could carry the basics he need.

  15. He respects women and makes them laugh, while being easy on the eyes.

  16. Probably does when they’re not filming but the film crew are probably using it

  17. Glenn had a bunk added to the cabin he's in because he wanted an extra deckhand on board

  18. Dying at Colin walking out to eavesdrop on Gary & Scarlett’s convo with a beer in hand. The only thing he’s missing is popcorn. Never change, Gossip Girl.

  19. Colin's definitly a "don't mind me ill just be in the closet watching" kind of guy

  20. She was 2 seconds from puking in Scarlets lap lmao

  21. Do quests. The waterfall quest can be done at level 3 and will get you from 1 to 30 in att and str. Go through your quest log and do every quest you have the requirements for and the xp you get as a reward will unlock further quests.

  22. Is waterfall a quest for new players though? His chance of dying to a fire giant seems high.

  23. It's usually the first thing you do on a new account. Atleast for me

  24. Just bring the whole pot with you to the couch, put in some LOTR extended, and just enjoy your night.

  25. You'd enter the food coma before frodo reaches Rivendell

  26. So you’re the guthix-appointed OSRS avatar. I like it.

  27. Kreepstar coming for the Starkiller and the wisest move.

  28. Not OP, but I think helping people whose jobs become obsolete due to technology or some other circumstance out of thier control, (like jobs being siphoned overseas) should be helped with something like a monetary stipulation if finding another job is impossible, or something to help with finding work. Not necessarily UBI I know. I think of all the coal miners suckered by politicians who they want help from, but end up voting against themselves by voting in people who cut regulations that keeps thier lives safe.

  29. I think government mandating a living minimum wage alongside capping the cost of certain necessities like rent and utilities Including internet would be more beneficial.

  30. Minor locations and dungeons will repopulate over time simulating local bandit factions for example, moving back in.

  31. In the name of our lord and savior cage, the elephant

  32. Yeah but that's a game, right? I don't really like strategy games. I just wanna plop down hundreds of thousands of troops and watch them go at it without any control from me :D

  33. You can do custom battles and set both armies to AI control

  34. I wonder what she wrote that he couldn’t say on stream lol

  35. "Please crush a watermelon between your thighs, thanks xoxo"

  36. Jake constantly stripping naked and jumping in the restaraunt fountains.

  37. So the hogs that were pissing and shitting about "vaccine passports" are now unironically doing pregnancy passports. Incredible.

  38. That last bit is surprising, I thought the military was historically majority Republican.

  39. Not when they constantly vote to strip VA benefits

  40. I don’t want to know what kind of masochists make a guild all about how hard you can hit them.

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