1. Wenn du zwei Kindersitze brauchst und einen Kofferraum für zwei Kinderwagen brauchst kommst ums eigene Auto nicht umhin.

  2. Tja wenn man sich dann an dem Wochenende wo mans braucht ein Auto mietet und Kinderwagen und Kindersitz rein klatscht, bist du fertig.

  3. Und wie mache ich es unter der Woche mit meiner beruflichen Terminen in ganz Österreich?

  4. It is brutal. My super-cautious players lost 2 characters there. Being decapitated by the „lord of the feast“… the others tried to pull them out but they were charmed so they stuck the head back in. They then dealt damage to them to make them repeat the wis saves… all fails.

  5. Yes! And if I can give you one advice from my game… use the NPCs to lighten the mood! Make Orvex a little more brave and funny, but be careful! The next opportunity for an NPC is the mirror of life trapping, IF they destroy it…

  6. Hi, take a look into legends of grimrock. Its a puzzle-heavy old school dungeon crawler.

  7. My players had taken out withers and rested in his office. I figured as long as it’s in the secret part of the dungeon they’d be somewhat fine… outside like in the challenge rooms… different thing bc tomb dwarves would be checking those more regularly

  8. Entire mechanics of creating Vistani characters was provided by

  9. Thanks. I am planning to bring him in via the Mysterious Visitors hook? That he leaves them to join the other adventurers

  10. Or one of Stanimir's outcast carnival, born to the exiled Vistani and wanting to travel to Barovia or whose Tarroka has told them to travel to Barovia.

  11. wanting to travel to Barovia as Tarokka readings don’t work on Vistani

  12. Go full drama. Have him put the body of the assassin in a glass case under the table like in Rocky Horror Picture Show. Have Strahd pull the cloth off the table to reveal it at an appropriately dramatic moment.

  13. What about Castle Ravenloft, what will it be? A fort? A mansion?

  14. In case you did not catch it, the Festival of the Blazing Sun is just one of a series of events put on by the Baron, the previous one was the Wolf's Head Jamboree. We can assume there has been a Turnip Time and a Cod Fish Celebration and a Wood Chopper's Ball etc. The populace has grown to despise these artificial happy time events.

  15. Here’s what I have if they really fight them: They TPK and capture and chain them to the wall. To escape, one of the party has to cut off a limb saw-style to get out. That should teach them a lesson in decision-making without killing them

  16. I've heard of people taking the night hags and changing some of them to different types of hags with lower challenge ratings. That lowers the difficulty level of the encounter so that a party at level 4 could more easily survive.

  17. Werewolves become a real threat west of Vallaki if party doesn't have silvered/magical weapons. Also a silvered shortsword is handed to the party in Death house, so party is expected to have at least 1 weapon capable of injuring werewolves when they go out to explore barovia proper.

  18. This. Since they get a silvered weapon in the introductory adventure, it is OK to have one. It follows that there’s no big harm in letting them forge one. Maybe the old ladies at the windmill know someone and are willing to help?

  19. I am preparing a CoS campaign now and in addition to what the ohters wrote I want to add:

  20. Hi I’ve closed this at least until I’ve worked through all applications received. Many thanks for all your interest so far!

  21. 2 here looking for sundays anytime.. you have to understand looking for thursday isn't the best idea

  22. Don’t tell them what they’ve missed. Nothing good can come out of that.

  23. Before: Playing the HR department in my spare time.

  24. It’s good! You got them in the feels. That is one huge goal after all.

  25. I called it the Red Mill and even wrote it on the handout I made for the documents found in the Death House.

  26. Some NPCs know what’s happening. Urwin Martikov and Muriel Vinshaw and other were ravens of the area. Old Bonegrinder is more a moniker used by them than an actual name. If any Barovian or Vistani refers to it just call it “the Durst Family windmill” or “The Old windmill”

  27. The thing is there is this special event in barovia (end of the chapter), where one hag basically collects a child as a means of payment from the parents. To me, it would be even more troubleSome if the townsfolk knew, but would do anything for the quick dreampastry fix … it even disgusts me during writing…

  28. There is a movie where each room is made by a different director. I forgot the name but the concept of a multi-room setting could be good. Perhaps a game show?

  29. Some monsters (undead) are coming out of the forest and threaten the farm. At first there were only a few but now it’s getting too dangerous. The player must venture forth and find the source of this corruption so she and her farm can be at peace again. I’m thinking about a ToA type setting along the lines of a previous answer but with a small twist: if you love life, you gotta hate the undead :)

  30. So that’s what immunity to bludgeoning damage looks like :)

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