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  1. Is 90k to 100k still considered a good salary in Van? Serious question.

  2. He seems like a low key asshole. Gave him the benefit of the doubt on the Mason Rudolph thing but now this. He's probably the baddie.

  3. Well there's two ways to admitting a mistake and learning from it. This is one of them.

  4. I haven't seen her for awhile but used to see her downtown all the time. I assumed she died but I guess she's still alive and somewhat well.

  5. Chill out and rub one out when you get home

  6. That's a grizzly right? Not a black bear?

  7. Sometimes I wonder about himalaya restaurant on Main, its always got a bunch if food inside but no customers. Like ever. The guy behind the counter always seems unimpressed when you walk in.

  8. I took swimming classes when I was a kid 15 years ago, I really need to get back to it now that I'm a parent. My kids will definitely been taking swim classes.

  9. I've learned a lot about fishing locally from his videos, seems like a genuine guy who cares deeply about conservation.

  10. I'm 5'9, this feels accurate. I think the only time it's really noticeable is when you're below 5'9 and fat, so don't get fat.

  11. I was once overweight, not as fat as this couple but I was fat shamed. Nothing major just locker room stuff but it worked on me. I lost the weight and in the best shape of my life. The best thing of all is that I just feel so much better, sleep is better, sex, mental health, attitude, confidence, relationships, etc, etc.

  12. Legit question, what should I do when I hit the level cap that isn't a waste if time.

  13. Isn't it really dangerous to drink alcohol in a suana? Like potentially pass out and cook yourself to death?

  14. Ah yes, known scrub Patrick Mahomes

  15. I think you're thinking about Jackson Mahomes.

  16. I also shoot the x-bolt in 30-06. You're generally getting close to where you want to shoot, so for starters that's good. 180 grains produces a fair amount of recoil and even if you think you can take it, you might be flinching a fair bit. I'd suggest dialing back to something like a 150. I was just at the range and noticed that between shooting 150, 165 and 180 my groups just weren't as tight on 180 because I knew what was coming. I'd still shoot 1 inch groupings, but i had to really focus on the basics. Hornady is what my x-bolt prefers so it could be ammo, but you've started with a good brand. I would suggest watching this video. The core concepts here really helped me zero in what my issues were when I was less consistent and get to the point where sup 1MOA groups are normal.

  17. Thanks for that video, definitely didn't a lot of what he said to do haha, ill try this next time.

  18. Yeah totally makes sense you want to use your hunting round, but -06 is a big kick for people who aren’t used to It. I’d still suggest dialing back til you’re getting consistent results then up the power

  19. Thanks for the advice, I'm definitely gonna try 150 next time I'm out, would you anything less would be pointless? I saw some cheap 125 grain plinking rounds at the shop haha.

  20. There was a big update with the 2020 issue of the CORE manual where chapter 8 on Indigenous Peoples was introduced. There are also minor revisions from time to time. So it might be worth white to pick up the most recent issue.

  21. Thanks for the heads up, I ended up purchasing one. It's being shipped. I already read the 2002 one, do you think I can just read chapter 8 and be fine on the test?

  22. How do you get rid of Frustration? I got a good Shadow Marowak and want to Bone it.

  23. New to the game, will you have 2 hours to evolve after the event like the mudkip one?

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